Australia News, Coronavirus

Australia News, Coronavirus

What word would you use to sum up 2020?

What word would you use to sum up 2020?

11/27/2020 8:58:00 AM

What word would you use to sum up 2020?

We’re running a poll for our readers to tell us the single word that sums up this shocker of a year

But maybe for you, 2020 wasn’t that bad? Maybe it was good? We’d like to know.We’re running a poll for our readers to tell us the single word that sums up 2020. And also how they think 2021 is going to be.Once we have enough responses we’ll publish the results in several interactive graphics.

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Dynamic CON-a-Virously crap Cucooned Bet challenge year. عام احرف 😭 Bitter n Sour Distopia Pants Pitiful. Bollocks...... Depressing Surreal Locked and loaded. Shit PandeMOANium ! Challenging Miserable ZOZO ZOOM YEAR Scary Unprecedented The start of the end Relentless! Hell. Depressing. FUCKED A teacher ✌️ shit Uncertainty.. HONKIES

shit Ridiculous Transient Two words: Politically craven. Vaccine (because the world is pinning all hopes on a vaccine that is effective against COVID-19). Demagoguery. Different. And if I’m allowed a second - Unexpected. Fraud. Crazy Add Posh Kay😷in 2020 and hope we all use them above the nose.Sad and 😭😭for those not here 🤣💖because i am love and i love and to much crying so i need to 🤣because its good for the soul,sprites and heart

Gets trump out and vaccinations!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Challenging Catalytic Shitstorm. Nutella Intense Devastating , husband died cancer, no trails available due to Covid. Disabled 27 year old at home full time due to Covid no activities and he is at risk. Son lost his job after compassionate leave first day back.

Uneasy Challenging! Piñera Culiao. No more trump PANDEMONIC Testy Errrrrr? crap It’s unprintable 'Corruption' Hate Cataclysmic. Pandemonical. In it's own meaning and as an umbrella for other words that seem fitting (for some of) the people, crises and incidents that made 2020. Zoom Awakenings Crappola Analeakage Conspiracy 🤣🤣🤣

Horrible ! ! ! Unprecedented ! Humbling sounds about right. Corruption Constant chaos exhausting TitBozo A wake up call for all of us Karma. Tiresome! “UNFORGETTABLE” What word would you use to sum up 2020? Kleptocracy 🤷‍♂️ Covausting! unheimlich Covausted Fatal Not a single word, unless there is one to mean: “end of US biggest mistake”.

Unfathomable. Shit. Shit Disgrace! Rockefeller Christmas tree says it all. trying. Corrupt The worst year with the worst US President ever. Propaganda. Year of deceit! cliffhanger Excremental 0+0=0 ? Annus Horribilis? Year lost? Fuck. FRAUD Nonstarter Glorious Remarkable. Disaffection Abysmal 2020. No other explanation needed. Unless you are in government you need 3-words

Dystopia-one, next year dystopia-two AMAZING think about it amazing people don't wear masks don't believe it exists AMAZING so many people help, work together 2020 exposed the selfish sob's that don't have a care for anyone but themselves. Tragic Kleptofascism. Lost. The whole year has been lost to us and we’re worse off now than we were before. January 20th cannot come soon enough!

Lunacy 360° Tragedy Best year ever & I pray we have more! 👍🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Devaststing. Unreal😔 Inevitable Alarming Bollocks Obviously “dumpster fire” is the most appropriate. Selfish In 🇳🇬, STAGFLATION Daaaamn... Trauma We learned humanity is completely failed again over racism Lies Globalist corruption & reset

MmoooooBAAaaaaa 'Ha!' or some other word I can't use. Pivotal Sh*t Unforgettable Change What was that phrase the Queen used the year Diana died? Toryfuck. Nuisance FRAUD Overrated. Clusterfuck Dustbin Clusterfluck Scary Weird Batshit fucktrump Mask-the-hell-up!! Broken Dystopian WTF There is no such word. Nightmare 😱 Karma ( a bitch)!

Unbearable Bugger! Character building Tedious. ShitefuckingawfulmesswithoutendfuckoffJohnsonyouuselesslumpoflard Clowns Shit Depressing F*CKED Blursday Hindsight 'Purloined' in every sense Brexit helljoke... Defining So much for 2020 hindsight!! The word is “shite” Trumpster *uck Shit year. tonythorne007 Ragbag Failure

Cronyismfreeforall Depressing Surreal Different Fuck! Pants! Shit-storm Political Interesting........ Shitstorm 'Clusterfuck' seems to sum it up quite well Relentless The coronavirus has swept the world within several months and it is unlikely for the world to fully control it until the arrival of the vaccines. If the vaccine is developed, the world will face better conditions and the industries can develop well in the future. Go ahead!

CRAZY! Selfishness Catastrofuck. Awful SHIT! On the whole up 2 November diabolical. But now starting 2 see promise (strangely since trump lost. Like universe is correcting itself 😊) Supercallousfractiousbrexitcovidtrumpatrocious Pain WuhanVirus 'From a distance' Novel Nightmare Unsatisfactory Fubar Revealing or exposed 😊

Amazing😉😂 Exhausting Shit! Historical Pandemic, Covid19 Shitshow. Just bloody same as 2019 It has to be FUBAR. Deadly Depends where you live. In New Zealand, it’s “kindness”. 2020 hindsight - if we’d seen this coming we wouldn’t have run down stocks of PPE, we would have tracked, traced and isolated people entering the country in February ...

Agenda Lies Humbling Awfully distopic. Wank Q Devastating! Never been so tough nd damn. But still, we hv to be always grateful Shite In one word “SHIT” Bullshit Bodge Very Bad year Corruption ToryCorruption Grarhahfjggagshhdgrghaggagah (it's a word) Ghastly Beginning of an end and the end of beginning Bullshit Shit...💩💩💩

shit! Evil Shite. Cruel FINALLY! pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis lockdown Disappointing 💩 Media (neither rare or well done) Shitshow Year It doesn't need any other word to sum up... '2020' sums itself well (it came and went like 2020world cup) Damn2020 Nightmare. Compliance. Corruption. Cronyism. Collaborators.

CronyVirus Clusterfuck crap Pause Tyranny Hell. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Strange ...n e v e r e n d i n g... Jank. Nightmare Apocalyptic Archenemy perfect Twentytwenty Brilliant Retribution crap! Karma Horrible The Reckoning Johnsoned. F.U.B.A.R. Shite Challenging, just a little 😂 I could tell you, but you wouldn’t be able to print it. 🙂

Year Cuck. Tragic COVID19 I think Joe summed it up nicely! Fucked! Led by scientific idiots, you can run a lab with science but not a country BorisJohnson truemagic68 fteconomics CBItweets talkRADIO Conservatives SirGrahamBrady Überfücked Boring. Incontinent. Dystopian Shit. Shitshow Divisive Shitshow Distancing.

Kafkaesque Bobbins GASLIGHT Monotonous CALL-CONTACT Cyrus Vance Jr & Letitia James of NY (DAILY) to PROSECUTE 45 for ALL of it! He shouldn’t be allowed to get away with DECADES of his BullSH! Dude needs some PRISON time... for COVID deaths at the very least ! Rudy G too...& ALSO..Happy Thanksgiving 🦃! Dumpster Fire. 🔥

Clusterfuck is a good one Horrible NHS carehomes DawnButler Depends which year you compare it to. 2019 or 2021? Let's wait and see. 'Fuckstrating' acrimony Bareback Fuct. Bollocks. CF Fucked Wipeout Overlong The year when men who should know better tried to prove to women who did know better, how to lead a country through a crisis.

Azerbaijan is a country rich because of its historical, cultural and multicultural values. M. Yevdaev reminds that Jews have lived here in peace and security for almost 2,000 years. KarabakhisAzerbaijan DontBelieveArmenia COVID Depressing 1933 Evaluation. A much needed reality check has given us time to properly analyse how we can make our planet more sustainable and safer for the future/present generations.

Unprecedented The beginning of the end Broken. Pretty much everything and a large proportion of everyone I know (I’m a teacher). torytnucs Never-ending! Wank. Surprise Hell Shitshow Transitional Anxielicious 😬 FUCKED. 2020: Viral 2021: Viralite Wasted Pandemic Obey Indifférence Sobriety Sorry, can't post it! 😁 😂 Definitely the word 'woke' sums up 2020. A term used by right wingers and left wingers to entail they 'know' what goes on behind closed government doors.

Cattywampus Supermegaclusterfuckstorm. Shitshow Nightmare. Indelible Omnishambles. Fraud, lies, exposure of fake mainstream media Repulsive Whatthefuckening ChinaLiedPeopleDied Vexed Chaos Challenging Disaster. Enlightening FUBAR Phobia EngLangBlog Loss Catastrophuqingdemical. Unpresidented COVID19 Lies Damn! Protofascist

Dangerous Shit Superkalfuckalitiousexpyaldonkeyfucked. Murder China virus only word to sum up 2020 Treason Kaygı. Historical 2020 - transformational 2020 - pandemic year - Dumbfounded Tumultuous Enlighten. Shite Pish. Catastrofuck. What emoji? Dross Tragic Tragic Exponential Virtuous 'Awesome' for friends of senior government

Omnishambles Scam Kismet Discriminatory Oligarchy Fuuuucccckkkkked Isolated. BillyVacant Fascist. Undemocratic Cagado💩 Shit. Kafkaesque CONvid FUBAR Alex, what is “shitshow”. Apocalyptic. Wreak havoc on! Resist Anger. leap year Abyss. Apocalyptic Ballardian. A grind I used the term 'WTF' FRAUD stopthesteal Pull-out Shitstorm

COVIDiocracy Is horse sh*t one word? Weird Catastrophic May I use 3? “Wasn’t expecting that!”. Wakeup Leftywoke. Ugly. Clusterfuck. 2020 Deadly Wearing. Meh Lonely Scam Fubar.... if you know you know Ask me when it's over Omnishambles verdammtschlimmdassesnichtfrühgengseinkann dumpsterfire “Annus horribilis” Sobering and eerie

I defer to the Germans. English doesn’t have a sufficient term. GermanyinUSA garconanokin sargent65 Relentless FashnActivists Discussing Not one thing was done to improve our society. OVER BOBO ongoing.. ScottyFromMarketing Diarrhea brainwashed Smaug Surreal. Shit Storm kakistocracy Surprise Moron-a-rama TrumpVirus

Worthless Simpletonistic Isolated Interesting and adventurous. The COVIDー19 year. A meat grinder Reboot Depression A great year with exploding news.. Omnishambolic or clusterfuck Trumpvirus y2000. The real year 2000, when sh*t hit the fan. Sucks Surreal Yummy? Toxic. Hell