What were the key points in Sue Gray’s initial report on Partygate?

5/26/2022 12:54:00 AM

A summary of the civil servant’s findings published on 31 January

What were the key points in Sue Gray’s initial report on Partygate?

A summary of the civil servant’s findings published on 31 January

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What does Sue Gray’s Partygate report mean for Boris Johnson?Police in London issued 126 fines to 83 people over lockdown parties, including Boris Johnson. The police did not name any names themselves, but that is unlikely to be the case with Sue Gray’s report SO metpoliceuk What fines you issued to the Thousands of Protesters who broke the Law/Rules during Lockdown & the UKLabour MPs who went on BLM marches? Do tell us as they did ‘Exactly the same? BorisJohnson Conservatives 10DowningStreet SkyNews I like the man, Boris Johnson. He's done well for his people despite constant push back from politicians. I say the rest need to back away from miss sue. It means nothing when your country doesn’t follow the rule of law!!!

Partygate: Tory MPs criticise photos of PM at lockdown drinks ahead of Sue Gray reportPhotos show the prime minister with a glass in his hand and multiple bottles of wine on a table with several other people as they appear to be toasting a colleague. The government is awaiting a report into lockdown parties. Why are Conservatives criticizing? This is old news Will anybody resign? Who gives a fuck! Sort out inflation

Sue Gray report 'will find Simon Case responsible for Partygate'Head of the civil service Simon Case is bracing for a 'brutal' report which will levy 'stinging criticism' towards his leadership and conduct during his time in Downing Street, reports say. Is that how you spell scapegoat? Many of us take a different view Ok. But what about boris ATTENDING a party when the rules clearly stated no one should? What about the misleading of Parliament? What about the shitshow who's leading this country? Levelling up? Cost of living crisis? HS2? Nothingm nada. Ziltch.

Partygate: Pressure on PM mounts over No 10 lockdown parties with Sue Gray report expected todayBoris Johnson has asked the chancellor to bring forward measures to help the cost of living crisis as more details are revealed about lockdown breaking parties in Downing Street ahead of the publication of the detailed Sue Gray report. I am so sick of hearing about this now 🥱

Partygate: No 10 braced for Sue Gray's report into lockdown partiesThe senior civil servant's report into Downing Street lockdown parties is to be sent to No 10 later. It will make no difference, apart from raising the blood pressure of anyone with a sense of morality. None the the charlatans and grifters in power will give a flying f**k. BorisJohnson will wait until tomorrow to release a redacted version, as Parliament goes into recess again on Friday. Hopefully get the report today, MSM frenzy tomorrow and by Friday partygate will be over and we won't have to listen to the anti Boris gang going on about beer anymore!

Boris to hold press conference TODAY over damning Sue Gray Partygate reportBORIS Johnson will say sorry to the nation over Partygate in a grovelling No10 press conference this afternoon. The PM has a punishing day of awkward questions over the Sue Gray report into Downing…

Partygate: Full timeline of government gatherings and Covid fines • Firstly, the initial report is very short, just eight and a half pages long or 12 if you include a number of blank pages and the title page.UE GRAY , a senior civil servant, is at the centre of the biggest story in British politics.Image: Pic: ITV News Senior Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat said the photos shows a lack of"seriousness" at the top of government in its attitude towards the pandemic.Simon Case, head of the civil service, is set to come under pressure, reports say.

This includes annexes simply re-stating the regulations at the time and the terms of reference of the inquiry. This short length may reflect the Met’s demand that key details be left out of the document. The pressure on the prime minister increased on May 23rd, when photos emerged of him, drink in hand, toasting a departing aide in November 2020, while the rest of the country was banned from socialising. • The conclusion of the report simply says that “a number of these gatherings should not have been allowed to take place or to develop in the way that they did”. Of course, they were and they were doing all they could. Ms Gray adds that “there is significant learning to be drawn from these events which must be addressed immediately across government”. An interim report issued by Ms Gray on January 31st was damning enough, finding “failures of leadership and judgment” by the prime minister’s office. Notably, she concludes that: “This does not need to wait for the police investigations to be concluded”.

• Ms Gray says that it is “not for me to make a judgement on whether the criminal law has been broken” and that is properly a matter for the police. Asked to look only at potential criminal activity, officers gathered testimony and photographic evidence from 12 events between May 2020 and April 2021, including a notorious bring-a-bottle party in the garden of 10 Downing Street. "We know that many people were turning up at times when they were extremely worried. • She says the police have indicated to her that they are investigating parties 12 of the 16 reported parties, with the exception of those noted on 15 May 2020, 27 November 2020, 10 December 2020 and 15 December 2020. These four events were not thought to reach the threshold for criminal investigation. Mr Johnson was fined only once, although he attended several rule-breaking parties. • The report also makes clear that Ms Gray considered that due to the police request that she not prejudice their investigation, she sees herself as “extremely limited in what I can say about those events and it is not possible at present to provide a meaningful report setting out and analysing the extensive factual information I have been able to gather”. He accused the PM of misleading parliament by denying a party had taken place. She also decided not to publish factual accounts of the events. The police report was criticised by some for its expense (£460,000, or $578,000), duration and opacity.

• Ms Gray says that there was “too little thought given to what was happening across the country” by staff and that there “were failures of leadership and judgment by different parts of No 10 and the Cabinet Office at different times”. Recommended . The police were concerned only to discover who broke the rules and when. "There is now photographic evidence that when the prime minister stood up in parliament and was asked directly was there a party in No 10 on this date and he replied 'no', he lied to Parliament," she told Channel 4 News.