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What was your best purchase during lockdown?

What was your best purchase during lockdown?

7/11/2020 9:45:00 AM

What was your best purchase during lockdown?

One reader bought a yogurt maker, but would love to know others’ thoughts

Our yogurt maker was our best purchase during lockdown. I’d love to know what other readers would say was their best stay-at-home purchase, or any disasters to avoid.Do you have a problem readers could solve? Email your suggestions to or write to us at Money, the Guardian, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9GU.

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A 25kg bag of flour Rose bush. Loads of gorgeous flowers on it. 🌹 Might wanna change this to 'Who cares what your best purchase during lockdown was? The Guardian.' 🤔 This x 3 😁😎✅ Was? It’s not over yet. An exercise bike. Purchase? During lockdown? I barely had enough money to pay my bills let alone splurge out on fancy items. No. Just no.

Rampant rabbit A coffee maker Books & £5.99 subscriptions to Disney plus to watch Hamilton. Lots. Kettlebell (no other gym required), Ecotank printer (sp cheap for the kid's school work), 20Kg of Caputo pizza flour, 22Kg bag of cinema popcorn (they aren't open), Youtube premium via VPN, Speedminton racquets

Kaweco fountain pen Not really a purchase but we were delivered a football which has provided endless fun for my mum with early onset Alzheimer's. It's been her number one activity throughout lockdown Face masks 🤦‍♂️ The lockdown is not over in Los Angeles because the United States has done a horrific job at handling, or rather not handling, the spread of COVID__19.

A Minirig speaker. Bloody awesome sound, wherever I go. Music keeps my soul happy. Yarn . Icelandic to be exact I have been knitting gifts for everyone Kefir + Cadbury’s Dark Milk! an indoor bike Anything from a smallbusiness Noise cancelling headphones ...and salad seeds. You can’t beat a nice quiet salad.

A new phone with a battery that lasts more than a few hours and that I can use for video calls. Ooni pizza oven....awesome Fish. Mackerel and whiting. Gut and clean them and cook them. Delicious A gun Fallout76 from Bethesda Earplugs for when Trump speaks on TV. Coffee beans On line piano lessons I use my slow cooker to make yoghurt and also cheese. Easy. What would these people do if someone did not make something they could but to do things. I must find something to sell to middle class people. Make a Mint.

Drugs and alcohol Rice cooker or print making equipment. That prostitute the night before lockdown was announced. Then there was no escape. An electric piano so I could play with headphones and not drive my partner and neighbours bonkers. My learning has accelerated considerably now that I can practice more. It's exciting.

A Nintendo Switch The food that was left when I got well enough to shop again. A dildo Books A jigsaw puzzle. Haven’t done one of those since I was a kid. Walked by it everyday and added a few pieces. Mind settling. Books, and less of everything else. A 16kg bag of bread flour Beers Mini wine boxes. Lots of them.

Local cakes New toilet seat👌🏼 Jack Daniels Monthly cheese subscription 🧀 🧀 Vouvray white wine and Toscana pasta sauce from Lidl Xbox one x Not a purchase as such, but a donation to breakingbarriers charity that resulted in Juliet Stevenson recording for me three poems that I chose (by Duffy, Wordsworth & Neruda) & a personal thank you message. Beautiful poems beautifully read: I will treasure it forever 💕

Spectator. A salad spinner 🙈 A floor loom. It's hard to tell what was the best, but the worse was definitely a jar of Marmite My favourite purchase before lockdown was Mango, Papaya and Passion fruit Onken Biopot Yoghurt. HOWEVER, now I can't get it at Tesco. Its never there. And it is important because it is a lifeline for people with eczema as it does amazing things to the microbiome and skin.

Skyrim Uranium equites... Jigsaw puzzles CosimaDavies 👀 Animal Crossing. A bidet, we didn’t need any extra toilet paper. A white linen suit, because I had nowhere to go I bought this wonderful Steinway built in 1922. Had the showroom all to myself! Lentils, they lasted long time D&D 5e This badboy. I find it annoys and triggers all the right people.

Apple Mac Pro A sewing machine to make masks (in France), and that has opened a lot if DIY horizons ! Not having to full the car up Water flosser Another gun. A wireless vaccum cleaner Serious walking shoes. Nintendo Wii, and sports games fresh sourdough bread from a local bakery. I live in a third world country and small I appreciate the little things in life🤣. oh yes the next best thing was a Second hand Lenovo think pad laptop for my freelance illustration work, Thank you hubby!!!!

My little garlic pot A Fiat Punto! A trampolim for my kid to jump and spend some energy and I joined him Four 500 piece jigsaws. My best purchase was (by FAR) not purchasing anything and learning in the process that I do not need to buy stuff to be happy and that most of the stuff I buy, I really don't need after all... A real epiphany!

Masks. Orwell’s collection McDonald’s home delivery Not buying stuff Amazon Prime subscription. Alcohol. Veg seeds Eggs These daily £6.99 from qualitysave for the first few weeks. Then they sold out 😒 A Nintendo Switch Resubbing my world of warcraft account 🤓 Will not the scaremongering rag that is The Guardian

Vegetable seedlings until they got too hot and 'bolted' according to an expert. A jigsaw set and lots of books. All old school stuff. A subscription to BylineTimes Refurbished second hand high spec desktop PC bundle. I was nervous about using it from the security point of view but the company I bought it from has a good reputation and good trade history. I saved thousand of pounds (for now at least 😂)

A 2020 calendar wall planner, binned last week The reduced price French red in McColls. Kayak and painting by numbers for wet days 🥰 Peace An archery set. I started out trying to buy Swingball but Amazon had put the price up to £80. Hair Trimmer. 👍 A keyboard. Relearning how to play has been a challenge, but a good one.

Oh, and gloves and a face shield. Time spent with my daughter Masks Masks and gloves Weihrauch HW44 PCP Air Pistol Hair clippers. I made such a mess of my hair with them, I'm happy to estivate until autumn when the patches of gleaming scalp should no longer be visible. Green screen. My husband Footrest, Wide screen monitor, puzzle

Complete kit for gel nails; lamp and all. A fairly profesh looking manicure never has been more fun. And a second parasol for the patio so I could work outside most of the time. Nespresso machine My ring light. Definitely the shopping trolley to haul local goods home A facemask. Two therapy blankets and a bottle of gin

ducklings! This book Flour Cannabis, get baked and chill A skipping rope. And many many bottles of wine. A weighted blanket 🥰🥰🥰 A divorce lawyer. Divorce papers ebike! 160 packets of SeabrookCrisps 👍 Your mum All the vodka An OO Gauge Battle of Britain class loco, which I have stripped and I am in the process of rebuilding.

Grass seed Kindle Unlimited New vacuum cleaner Plants for the garden An Afro comb your keep my hair tamed😂😂 A standing desk for my home office. I have a bad back and it helps a lot. Basketball net-stand for my son! 15 pallets to make my new garden furniture out of. Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner V10 and Aerofit Treadmill.

Flour Rosewater, suffering from hidradenitis supperativa,its fair clearing that up Telegraph Measuring spoons in cup measurements (was tired of converting, easier to follow american recipes now) Chickens I'll decide once I'm sure that this is all over. I turned into a peppermint tea drinker and got the best from ChashTea

A piano A blow up sex doll - no question. 👍🏿 Flowers I bought this amazing anal probe from lovehoney. Smashes the g spot every time. DeFi cryptocurrencies 🤑 Just went back into lockdown. Checking out these sweet deals on Wayfair. A offset the affects of my second favourite purchase, sainsburys triple chocolate cookies...which were to offset the saltiness of leisurely long lunches. Etc etc. It was a vicious cycle of offsetting. The bike hasn’t really worked though. I was expecting too much of it.

A hot brush has been invaluable. क्या आप Tcc Coin के बारे में जानते है अगर जानते है तो केवल 100 ₹ के Tcc Coin Buy कर के अपने Tcc के wallet में रखे क्योकि Tcc का रेट अभी बहुत सस्ता है । हो सकता है ये आपके भविष्य को सुधार सकती है ।। “अपने लक्ष्य को ऊँचा रखो और तब तक मत रुको जब तक आप इसे हासिल नहीं कर लेते है

This - discovered I had to be really specific when describing my new hobby to people.... Tweezers! A couch 1)my first guitar (£60) and started lessons. Need to upgrade the guitar already. 2)The electric scrubber 3) a variety of lights for online discos Native instruments traktor S5 Bushmills New pillows for my sofa.

£1000 worth of storable food, for up to 25 years. The Times Samsung Galaxy Smart ⌚ A tent so I can camp in the garden with my 4 year old. Discovered Odoban Concentrate and will never go back. 1gallon makes 22 gallons of odor, mildew, virus and bacteria killing bliss. You can also use it to soften and make your clothes smell nice.

A copy of the guardian. Do I win something? If not. It was really a KitchenAid stand mixer 3 bedroom house Largely ill-advised and purchased late at night. Best: pyjamas for my granddaughter; The Night Fly by Donald Fagen; Go Tell It On The Mountain and chocolate covered figs for a friend. I bought that crazy Burrito/Tortilla blanket and let me tell ya! 😆

Must be nice to be able to afford anything other than food essentials! Sure as Grud wasn't spuds. I anticipate some beautiful new baby spuds from my compost heap! This book about making bread without all the fuss and myths: 2 grams of class A's Oculus Go. I’ve been virtually all over the world 🌎 A years supply of bog rolls

Nespresso machine Liforme yoga mat A Discworldshoppe jigsaw puzzle. An electrically adjustable gaming desk for work and for fun :) A new house A flight ticket to The Bahamas. A pair of sneakers that don’t fit Ableton Suite, Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate CE + S49mk2, Reason 11, Valhalla Room, Udemy tutorials

I enjoyed not buying anything except essentials So food ( every 10 days) Condoms Hair clippers. Hair clippers. And the self-styled crude mohawk cut looked rather good I thought. Best purchase is no purchase. Save your cash. Bike ^-^ Hot tub Echo dot ❤️ Our allotment! Took it over in February. A swimsuit Subscriptions to various quality independent investigative journalistic organisations. You know, the ones that have presented the truth about the coronavirus, instead of the one-sided, govt.-following sternographers like the .

Bigger cafetière Buttermilk 😂😂 The Plague. By Camus. Hair Dye AcornTV Not purchasing was my best purchase. Get off the consumer conveyor belt. Tea £1.50 large plastic black bucket. Add on to get free delivery from a website. It’s been a bath, a one child paddling pool, a mud kitchen, a cricket wicket, a step, a potion cauldron and much more. Incredible value for money.

A gun Coffee machine Dried worms for the birds. Concrete slabs Two new curio cabinets, one for the guest bedroom, and one for the dining room. A cider press Dominions 5 - Warriors of the faith A mask. All the flowers for my garden. Aero Press - coffee like I remember Fleshlight This sign. A brand new Kindle (old one on its last legs). Books are my oxygen and they've saved my mental health during lockdown.

A massage collar. a rope and a stool Some zcash mudderfarkrs A desk and a bottle of uppers. Food This, and the rather beautiful piece of furniture on which it sits. A can of beer. Cargo bike. The question implies this is over. It isn't. Not by a long shot. Posing these types of questions with this sentence structure plays into the Govt narrative that it is business as usual. I'd expect better from

“Was”? It is all officially over with now then? Exceptionally confusing times. Lots of hand sanitizers Toys for my little girl. With all normal development opportunities removed, we had to put in a lot of effort to keep her happy and occupied. 30g of weed just before a 3 week lock down, saved my sanity.....

A fucking mask. That should be most people's responses. Cannabis A mask PASTA Trampoline 16 grams of coke and a massive dildo off amazon A new bra. This cat brush a hollyday 2 bottles of Johnny Walker Black.

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