What’s the secret to living past 100?

What’s the secret to living past 100?

12/2/2021 7:51:00 AM

What’s the secret to living past 100?

Why some people join the century club and others don’t is still a bit of a mystery. But, as Richard Faragher and Nir Barzilai explain, science is getting closer to the answer

But astonishingly, this needn’t be the case.One studyfound that up to 60 per cent of Ashkenazi Jewish centenarians have smoked heavily most of their lives, half have been obese for the same period of time, less than half do even moderate exercise and under 3 per cent are vegetarians. The children of centenarians appear no more health conscious than the general population either.

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Compared to peers with the same food consumption, wealth and body weight, however,. There is something innately exceptional about these people.The big secretCould it be down to rare genetics? If so, then there are two ways in which this could work. Centenarians might carry unusual genetic variants that extend lifespan, or instead they might lack common ones that cause late-life disease and impairment. Several studies, including our own work,

have shownthat centenarians have just as many bad genetic variants as the general population.Some even carry two copies of the largest known common risk gene for Alzheimer’s disease (APOE4), but still don’t get the illness. So a plausible working hypothesis is that centenarians carry rare, beneficial genetic variations rather than a lack of disadvantageous ones. And the best available data is consistent with this. headtopics.com

Centenarians comprise less than 0.02 per cent of the UK population(Getty/iStockphoto)

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