What's the evidence for 10pm pub closing time?

Covid rules: What's the evidence for 10pm pub closing time?

9/29/2020 3:01:00 AM

Covid rules: What's the evidence for 10pm pub closing time?

A number of new rules have been introduced for pubs and restaurants, but why?

However, he said this also applied to the nationwide lockdown which occurred from 23 March onwards.Image copyrightGetty ImagesOn Tuesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson explained the logic behind the 10pm closing time."What we've seen from the evidence is that the spread of the disease does tend to happen later at night after more alcohol has been consumed. This is one way we see of driving down the R [reproductive rate] without doing excessive economic damage," he said.

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The Department for Health and Social Care did not show us this specific evidence.- referencing alcohol at football matches - said that"specific activities such as hugging and singing/cheering could also increase the risk of transmission, and may be enhanced by alcohol use".

Is the earlier closing time causing crowding?On Thursday, the first day of the 10pm closing time in England, a video quickly emerged from central London of pub-goers crowding around the entrance to a Tube station once the pubs had closed.Ultimately, any kind of gathering - whether it is in a pub or Tube carriage - where people are tightly packed together and social distancing is not enforced risks spreading the virus.

Media playback is unsupported on your deviceMedia captionCrowds in York formed after people left pubs and bars at the 22:00 curfewBut Liverpool and Newcastle's transport authorities said they did not experience a surge in passengers around 10pm.Greater Manchester's Mayor, Andy Burnham, has warned of

a rush to off-licences following pub closing timewhich could lead to an increase in outside gatherings or house parties.In Wales, pubs and restaurants have to stop selling alcohol at 10pm but, unlike England, off-licences and supermarkets must also stop selling alcohol at the same time and it cannot be delivered either, including hotel room service.

Are pubs and restaurants spreading the virus?At this point, we have some initial data but it does not tell the full story.First,of coronavirus by the type of institution.This showed that between 3 August and 20 September:97 outbreaks occurred in restaurants or food outlets

357 outbreaks in educational facilities508 in care homes329 in workplacesBut this data requires two or more cases to be tracked down to the location via Public Health England's Health Protection Teams.Image copyrightGetty ImagesThis means these people must get tested, report accurately where they had been to the government's Track and Trace programme, and for an investigation to conclude that these places had been the source of outbreaks.

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This might, therefore, be easier to do with closely monitored or prioritised places like schools, hospitals and care homes.New data from the Track and Trace system attempts to find out the places people visited in the week prior to showing coronavirus symptoms.

Of the 87,128 events people said they had attended in which there was some contact with others between 10 August and 24 September:12,734 were eating outabout 6,000 holiday tripsjust under 5,000 school visitsThis data only highlights where people went prior to getting the virus but this may not be where they actually caught it.

Public Health England does say it is helpful in indicating"possible places where transmission is happening". Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Here they are shutting at 8 and 9! Like does the virus get stronger after 9 and is going to chase me down street! 🤣 Put simply none whatsoever. Indeed the idea seems to have led to large crowds gathering on the streets post 10pm rather than individuals or small groups leaving throughout the evening. UK Government treating their inhabitants like children. Sweden got it right.

Where is the evidence for any of the rules? We’ve seen nothing but false PCR results and an absurd graph from vallance. The closing time is not really the problem is it? The evidence that street & household parties are not a good idea is pretty strong. Hmm, a bunch of women saying just close the pubs again... Think of men's sanity dammit!

Ask the Palace of Westminster..oops. Can nobody see that pubs and restaurants should be closed altogether? Boris is enabling them to keep going but shortening their hours! Young people are spreading the virus, no social distancing in pubs, clubs and parties! There is evidence just the government full of bullshit

There is no evidence. Govt lurches from one badly thought out rule to another. They're making a damn fine job of wrecking this country. See how Sweden is doing, then see how we're doing. Same virus, different and better way of dealing with it. 10 pm is to avoid people being shit face fully. Because they can't control themselves at that stage at all. Problem is the they will just drink more till 10pm. Close pubs fully, it's like with the universities. It was to be expected. Biggest contribution.

the main logic behind closing at 10pm '. . . reducing the overall period of time that people spend in close contact with each . . .' plus, following all the other socially distancing and wearing masks rules OR close pubs altogether Going back in the old days! Only an hour difference! Not helping the covid 19 situation is it really. Its quite amusing watching it all fold out with the way its being handled! Feel for anyone who is suffering because of whats going on. Just hope none of my family suffer.

Flaming hell, get over it , pubs used to close at 11pm so it's hardly a massive difference to something many of us have dealt with in the past. It's so good to close the pub and get home early. 10pm close could be forever. It’s bullshit Like most the things the governments brought in, it's a big cock up.

Simple rule: R 1.0? Close pubs. R 0.9? Open pubs. Everything else is just a con. cancelthecurfew The evidence ? The Prime minister, Big brother, what more do you need. Bbc reality check At the bottom of the page seems faulty i pressed it but no reality there Have you asked Paris why they are doing it too ? Don’t use our scientists do they ?

It doesn’t inspire confidence in their ability to identify problems & the ideal solutions when they can’t work out if you tip 5000 people out of pubs at the same time there’ll be mayhem. They couldn’t work out closing eating establishments meant supermarkets needed more stock. Do what you’re told ! The doubling of the infection rate where I live coincides with two universities in the city welcoming students for the new academic year. They’re locked down for now & as young people within a fortnight the ones with it should have recovered, or at least ceased being infectious.

Hint: NONE. There can’t be any evidence because Covid19 isn’t carried by vampires, werewolves or zombies that only come out in the dark. This has come from theorising by Tory MPs who are never out at night other than at dinner parties. They are imagining what drinkers are like. .Drink enough warm water, Stay drated is important to prevent covid-19 infection(1) Peter Chew 周贻德. Please like the video and subscribed if agree, Please also share to others

alcohol served all day is alcohol profits around a clock - why did we create big ben ? oh ..to stop alcohol profits from influencing the economic equation .. 😳 Student / youth bad. Must blame. Now the BBC is talking... Labour won't like this as they like pubs to be open 24 hours a day. I AM JESUS ​​CHRIST AND I DO NOT SUPPORT RACISM !! DONALD TRUMP IS THE OLD SERPENT 'THE DRAGON' 'THE DEVIL'. I WILL DEFEND AFRO-AMERICANS !! I came to step on the snake's head. WHO VOTES IN ('TRUMP DEVIL') GOES TO HELL. 'Revelation of the Bible' APOCALYPSE ......

Pressure mounts on government to change ‘shambolic’ 10pm curfewTory MPs, hospitality sector and city nightlife officials unite in criticism of new rule What is the science for a 10pm curfew ? Definitely should be 9pm. Just close the pubs. Why this surge in drinking and attending pubs? They weren't like this before March!

Pub curfew backlash: Boris under pressure to make U-turn on 10pm closing timeBORIS JOHNSON is under mounting pressure to make a U-turn on the curfew imposed on the hospitality sector by leading MPs and Industry chiefs, amid fears the early closure is doing more harm than good in preventing the spread of coronavirus. It's very clear, across the UK, that this ill-thought-out 10pm curfew, has pushed everyone out of venues with socially distanced measures, into the streets, into off-licences, supermarkets, overcrowded public transport & house parties. These are privileged under 45s the government think are fit to run the country while locking up the over 45s 🤔🤔 ... Think yourselves lucky he didn’t shut them down which seems would’ve been better all round 🤷‍♀️ ... what’s the difference between 10 or 11pm🤷‍♀️🤔🤡😡

Pub curfews cause social distancing CHAOS as 1,000s spill onto streets at 10pmTHE new pub curfews caused chaos last night as thousands spilled onto the streets and poured onto public transport at 10pm. Social distancing went out of the window as the hoards mingled in shops a… Why have the corrupt old Bill got their batons out for them then Shock horror! Didn’t see that coming

Boozers hit the town early as nightclubs open at 3pmto beat 10pm Covid curfewBOOZED up revellers made the most of pubs and bars before the 10pm curfew today. To get around the new Coronavirus rules, Brits got on the lash early, resulting in some pretty messy scenes up and d… good stuff

Brits swamp empty streets and dance around police after 10pm pub curfewAs pubs shut, a spontaneous street party started in York with crowds jeering and booing police who tried to break it up. niceone But drinkers don't care after they've had a few. The Nation of Covid pissheads will be the cause for more and more cases I wonder how they will be feeling if because of this they unknowingly give their parents and grandparents Covid19

Brits rave in the streets after spilling out of pubs at 10pmThe party continued after the pubs kicked out with large crowds singing and dancing on the streets. Absolutely what did they think was gonna happen 😂 This government couldn't predict the time while surrounded by clocks Hope they enjoyed their early Christmas bash as the rest of us will suffer even more with another lockdown