What next for Boris Johnson after the No 10 party video?

What next for Boris Johnson after the No 10 party video?

12/8/2021 4:13:00 AM

What next for Boris Johnson after the No 10 party video?

Footage of No 10 staff joking about a lockdown party has left even the PM's supporters stunned.

Media caption,Watch: Video obtained by ITV News shows Downing Street staff joking about a No 10 Christmas party during a mock press conference"Indefensible", "catastrophic" and "astonishing".Condemnations, not from Boris Johnson's political opponents, but from his own side - many Conservative MPs are furious after

footage emerged of Downing Street staffers laughingabout how they'd have to explain the gathering in December last year, if news of it ever emerged.It's hard to imagine a more toe-curling seeming confirmation of what was going on in there, when socialising was banned for everyone else, the virus was taking hold and families across the country were unable to see sick relatives or loved ones in care homes.

The footage has already been seen by millions of people, well beyond Westminster's bubble, even joked about by on ITV's I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of here. But what are the likely consequences of this deep embarrassment for No 10?First off and most importantly, many members of the public - headtopics.com

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most poignantly those who lost relatives to Covid- will feel intensely hacked off. Not just to find out that Downing Street had a party, but that captured on camera staffers laughed about what they had done.A Whitehall source says: "As an ordinary punter it makes me feel stupid for following the rules."

Image source,Image caption,Boris Johnson has denied any party took place in Downing Street last ChristmasOf course it is dynamite too for the opposition parties, who have for months being making the case that the government believes it can act however it chooses. Expect to hear plenty of the charge of "one rule for us, one rule for them" in the next few days.

On the back ofDowning Street's attempt to change the rules on MPs' behaviourafter former minister Owen Paterson broke them, even some senior Conservatives are making that claim tonight.One says: "The handling of the Paterson affair showed the PM didn't think the rules applied to his friends. This video demonstrates that view is widely shared in No 10 by very senior political advisers appointed by the PM.

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"People who were prevented by the government from seeing loved ones at the end of their life will conclude they were being taken for fools."Making voters feel like idiots is not exactly a winning strategy.And if the government concludes before too long that the rise in Omicron means he has to ask the public to make significant sacrifices again, after this just how willing will some of the public be to comply? headtopics.com

PM: I crashed the car over Paterson caseOne senior Tory MP and avowed lockdown sceptic Charles Walker says: "The No 10 party means that any future lockdowns will be advisory, whatever the law says."Another senior figure reckons the existence of the footage makes this mess more damaging than Dominic Cummings' trip to Barnard Castle.

There's another consequence for No 10, too, which is important to its relationship with the Tory Party and the public- the impact that it has on the faith in Downing Street to tell the truth.Every government I've ever covered has used spin. Every government I've covered has sometimes been less than straight with the facts. Yet footage emerged on Tuesday after nearly a week of Downing Street using various different formations to deny the story.

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As I write late on Tuesday night, No 10 is sticking to its line that wasn't even a party. But with the leaked footage, and rising internal anger, it's hard to see how that can really last.To put it diplomatically, Boris Johnson has always had an

unusual relationship with the truth.His party has tolerated that because of the other electoral assets they believe he has. But ministers and MPs who have been out defending No 10 in the last few days will feel sore that they weren't given the full facts. headtopics.com

One minister instructed to hold the line earlier this week told me it was "like they were in denial". Another senior Tory MP said privately: "After this, I can never again take anything Boris says at face value."'Run government with chaos'

It's not yet clear if any MPs or ministers will be willing to go and defend the government on Wednesday. With Prime Minister's Questions, Boris Johnson can't avoid the issue himself.And immediately the fiasco's prompted pressure on the PM to sharpen up the way he does business.

Calls for a better operation in No 10 have been getting louder since the Owen Paterson shambles. A long-term aide to Mr Johnson went back into No 10 not long ago to help.But there've been private demands from a former minister to sack the chief of staff Dan Rosenfeld, speculation that anyone seen in the video will have to quit, suggestions that the PM will have to make a grovelling apology and send some staff out the door, or try to get ahead of the story and launch some kind of inquiry.

The question being asked, even by one of his allies, is about Boris Johnson himself - "Is he going to be big enough to understand the reason we're getting into difficulties, is because he is trying to run government with chaos, like he has run his life?" they ask.

The former minister points the finger at the prime minister's chosen manner of running No 10, with "cliques running round" and wanting to hear from "people who will tell him he is wonderful, not to tell him that he is not".Boris Johnson still has many backers, many MPs who believe they owe their seats to him. His presence looms so large over his party, that a different kind of party altogether is not suddenly going to sink him or his team.

We've talked on here so many times about this prime minister's ability to ride the political rollercoaster through deep dips. But again he finds himself at the centre of something that many on his own side find impossible to defend.Even with an enormous majority and unrivalled political celebrity, Boris Johnson's Downing Street might be a lonely place to be this Christmas.

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OUT He must RESIGN He did say at PMQs today that he is fully accountable and responsible for what happens at No.10 Therefore he must RESIGN! He has no honour, no integrity, he just constantly lies or trys to change rules he isn't willing to keep himself We live Boris Do you want fries with that? buggeroffboris

Jail? Party or business meeting? What business was more important than (mis) handling the pandemic? Maybe a vote of no confidence or a resignation. You just can not trust an habitual liar and cheat. Cyber?

Boris Johnson's new 10-year drugs plan promises to close down 2,000 'county lines' suppliesAs part of a 10-year plan for tackling drugs crime and taking on the 'kingpins' behind supplies, the PM is warning criminals they will have 'nowhere to hide'. And he is also pledging the largest-ever increase in investment in treatment and recovery for addicts. I just wanna say a big thank you to Dennismayson9 I was nobody until a friend of mine introduced me into investing with you, Since then it's been nothing but financial 💰 Success for me. I will invite my friends and family into your company Dennismayson9 you are the best💯🤞 What about the parliamentary line Were they not pushing voter id a while ago? This plan could remove voting rights from anyone caught in possession.

Labour activists will seize the opportunity to swing the focus to Corbyn and as a result deliver yet another decade of Tory rule. Better the Devil you know !! Reminds me of the Cummings eye test hysteria. Slow news. A party at number 11 OUT OUT P45 . A party at no.11? - This guy needs to go, as well as the whole party....

Retirement? Hopefully he enjoys his party this year

Downing Street party: No 10 staff joked about party amid lockdown restrictionsThe video obtained by ITV comes after days of questions about the event that took place last year. Is there any more actual news out there...... Taking us for mugs. Are you allegedly saying about the pm having a party during lockdown because the BBC is losing money and credibility?if not please provide photographic evidence of the fact

Can confirm of deny if bbclaurak was at the party at No10 on the 18th She herself stopped communicating at 6pm during a time of high interest news (WA and 1 day debate) Please confirm if she indeed broke the law Horrible man A press conference on the back garden like the Cummings one. This is Castle Barnard part two

ellerby_dave . don't care and nor do ToryCriminals ...who the Hell is going to take them on ? Let’s just survive this, we can judge after!!! Boris has done amazing, he took the shitty sick when he got elected not knowing this would be part of his agenda!!! There was no instruction booklet for Covid!!!!

Wow can you see all the food drinking dancing boozing apart from some silly people talking can this video be varified as to the date sorry this is a witch hunt lead by the media and sorry to say rhis all leads back to brexit trying to turn the public against boris The order of the boot. BorisJohnson needs to go he’s been misleading the public bottom line

Possibly dogging on Hampstead Heath. Damn I was so wrong to judge the UK as ideal and interesting most of my life. I even thought of leaving 🇺🇸 for it during the trump years. To all Americans who think britons are smart just because they have an accent, please know they have their own problems

Leaked video shows No 10 officials joking about holding Christmas partyExchange between Ed Oldfield and Allegra Stratton took place last December days after alleged party took place

Business as usual I'd imagine.. It's not like our Laws and Constitutions, hold him and his ilk to account, is-it.. 🧐🇬🇧🤑😷💩🌎😵💔😔 He's got to go how can we trust this man. Keunssberg sounds like a disappointed fan. It's a eulogy for the 'good times' she's enjoyed. Relatives of those who died from covid will simply be 'hacked off'. What a massive failure of journalism she is.

Why wait a year BBC to drop this,maybe you have had this for a while. Being the hateful BBC you just wanted to piss off the public once again spreading division and hate. Pepa pig & Co. What is the procedure status. On the Mansfield area of church Warsop. Meening 4 Birch Street!. What a load of shit dear 10 Downing Street. That is What I say as Derek.

He’ll carry on doing his job as one would expect. He takes no heed from sewer press That he is economic with the truth ? just ignore it , the rest of the people seem to ignore their own covid lockdown rules

Journalists 'at No 10 Christmas party are trying to bury story'Dominic Cummings has accused senior political journalists of trying to ‘bury’ the story about an alleged Christmas party in Downing Street – because they were there 😳 Imho Nolan’s principles of public life require objectivity, transparency and honesty. If there was a party BorisJohnson need to accept responsibility. EmilyThornberry DominicRaab HouseofCommons UKHouseofLords OneNationCons OliverDowden pritipatel metpoliceuk sajidjavid Susan5918 Imagine a country where just 1 person out of 70 million is suggesting that someone independent retrieves the CCTV footage and logs from Downing Street to prove it did, or didn't happen Susan5918 10 Downing Street must have CCTV in every single public room, right? If so, the truth whether the infamous Covid Xmas Party happened or not can be solved in seconds The fact that it appears not one MP or journalist has suggested this shows how utterly useless they are

Snake oil salesman? bbcnews Lame Duck Lake? bbcnews My god, get over it, people are so petty when it comes to politics. So there is no video then? Leadership challenge or a vote of no confidence hopefully. What a disgrace Keep calm and carry on 🙃 They don't have rules, 10DowningStreet Parliament He should resign

I'm AGAINST Johnson for his extremist Brexit, trashing EU relations, damaging British SMEs & farmers et al! The Christmas🎅party would be so utterly TRIVIAL in comparison HAD it not been that other people were fined!😡 I guess it comes down to telling the TRUTH! night

Newspaper headlines: No 10 'party clowns' and 'a sick joke'Wednesday's headlines focus on a video of No 10 staff joking about a party in Downing Street last year. It's Noam Chomsky's 93rd birthday, as the BBC obviously had journalists at the party, perhaps it's time to revist Manufacturing Consent. Imagine being Allegra Stratton right now. Holy fuck Is it just me or are other members of the public angry with this Con party I guess that’s the right word ((CON))I’m getting sick and tired of their blatant disregard of our country when will they start to behave like sane people running our country it’s appalling.

Honestly i never thought to earn as much as have earn now Though i didn't know the bitcoin process at first Brandonkaren11 thought me steps to earn from Bitcoin mining whit out me sending anyone one money or bitcoin I have been earning massively with her DM her Brandonkaren11 Cancelling the BBC House of Lords probably. That's how they work. Make the current leader the personification of the party's fundamental flaws then go back to the electorate as if their track-record didn't happen.

Nothing will change as usual, this government will just ignore public outrage as they know there is nothing anyone can do and they would probably still win an election if one was held now. Should be a visit to the 1922 committee. What next for the BBC and MSM ? Not just politicians need bringing to account !

I bet Laura klownsberg will be wetting herself with this news London keeps him around. Because that's all that matters. Nothing the party think he is too much of an electoral asset to ditch. It will need the polls and the media to go massively against him then he might be removed. More likely No 10 admin will be blamed.

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Prosecute him! Sort out the MSM especially BBC . We are not interested let’s get on with making Britain great post Brexit we are doing well thanks to PM & gov . A job in cyber? He just doesn't know it yet. artemis0801 'Those who lost relatives will feel intensely hacked off,' HACKED OFF? I'm 'hacked off' by a delayed train. I'm not 'hacked off' when family dies alone, because rules, meanwhile dozens of Tories have an orgy, in front of police, at no.10 Downing Street, and laugh about it later.

The next alledged breach of rules . Move on Nothing to see here Censor the British Gutter Press and Media Click Baiting the British People with Misinformation Misrepresentation and plain fake news. Out out out ffs 👍 Who didn't have a secret Christmas party last year? Resignation, then prosecution. More lying and then probably re-election cos the British people can't get enough of incompetent leadership apparently.

Absolutely nothing will happen. BorisJohnsonMustGo Seriously who gives a f*?& , On and on , no-one cares , is BBC news a news site or old wives cossip circle Name the person who leaked the footage 47 years ago, Richard Nixon was brought down by his own secret audio tapes... will Johnson now be hoist by his own petard, the video tapes recorded during a mock press conference, a vanity project costing millions of taxpayers' £££ but not wasted after all 🙏

A hangover? And how many other people had 'private parties' during lock-down? People in glass houses springs to mind. Some people, stressed out, sometimes, just sometimes, need to let go. So good that the rest of the country abided by the rules! மணியடிக்க இம்புட்டு சிக்கலா Sacked if the Tories have an ounce of empathy or backbone?

A man with a shred of integrity would resign, he has none so he won't A credible press would hold them to account but won't An electoral system that wasn't out of date would see them voted out, but we don't have one, so a minority ofvotes gives them a majority in parliament Seems a bit of a stretch to involve Boris. Is he responsible for these idiots?

A party 🙄🙄 totally bored now, I guess the media has nothing else to report on…meanwhile Russia invades Ukraine 🤔 Recognize that poor people get exposed to Covid by working and Rich people get exposed by partying I can’t be the only person who is amazed that the story of a possible Xmas party last year is the top story on the national news. Good grief. has surely lost the plot. What next - another media created petrol shortage?

Resign and prison. Resignation if he has any integrity, so no doubt the lying spiv will just try to bluff it out. There's always IT Hopefully his P45 No Plan B - remains BorisJohnson's motto. Still, whilst he continues - to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory - he may as well - Throw Himself a Party If the rumors are true that his own MP's they need to get their letters in to Graham 'Santa' Brady and do us all a favor.

he should resign. Is this a picture of the Christmas party? Was Boris there? Cokegate, where we see footage of him and Gove trying to do as many rails as possible in under three minutes Perhaps the truth from bbclaurak and yourselves. Instead of trying to sweep it under the carpet. Wonder why? I think he’s done. He’s just so toxic. It’s hard to look at him now.

animalrescue Cocaine and hooker's no doubt Its not quite a smoking gun, staffers admin & civil servants who all work at No10 talking about end of work drink in a briefing room. Wheres the drinking , & party games especially wheres the actual Gov't ministers videod at the 'event' I think the words you are searching for are: 'Johnson has lost all authority and trust I fail to see how he can continue. To restore trust in politics there must surely be an independent inquiry into standards in office and possibly a criminal investigation arising.'

Nothing, absolutely nothing as the oleaginous oaf doesn't care what people think and doesn't think he should be held to account for anything ever.