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What is narcissistic abuse? These are the 12 signs you might be dating a narcissist

Are you getting Joe Goldberg vibes from someone you're dating?

10/16/2021 3:02:00 AM

As one of Netflix 's most prolific narcissists, Joe Goldberg returns in a third season of You , it's time we talked about narcissistic abuse and the many red flags that Joe exhibits 🚩

Are you getting Joe Goldberg vibes from someone you're dating?

7. There are consequences when their demands are not metThey can’t stand disappointments or rejection at any stake. If they want you to do things their way, you must. Otherwise, there are consequences. They become rude, fight with you, or worse, might

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. These are all the tactics they use to make you do whatever they want.8. They don't 'do' commitmentYou might have fallen in love with their charming and charismatic personality, but you won’t get a serious relationship out of it.They often have commitment issues

. They often take advantage of their relationship with you but keep an eye on the options outside, and you might catch them looking at other people intimately.They want to keep you, use you and then ditch you for someone else. But because they can't handle rejection, they're afraid it might not work with you, and that’s why they never make serious commitments.

9. Always breaking the rulesNarcissists tend to believe that they make their own rules. They seldom care about what the regulations and boundaries are around them, and believe everyone should follow their rules instead.Signs to look out for: cutting a queue, stealing office supplies, disobeying traffic rules, and breaking multiple appointments. And, above all, they will feel pride in it, and don’t care if their behaviour is affecting society or others in any way. If something goes wrong, it's always somebody else's fault – they never take the blame.

Read More“Never let a partner trick you into skipping protection”ByCharley Ross10. Constantly putting others downTheir gratitude and superiority come from putting others down constantly, making jokes or comments to make you feel embarrassed or inferior. Consider if there have been any changes in your personality – your confidence has slipped, you don't think you deserve anything good – as these thoughts and feelings are likely a result of the narcissist putting you down.

11. Gaslighting is their go-toOne of the most common traits of a narcissist is convincing others to doubt their own instincts or sanity.s on a subject by making you doubt your own memories and thoughts by denying that they have value or ever occurred.

This is emotional abuse, and can be really hard to identify because of its manipulative nature.12. Lack of long-term friendshipsOf course, there might be a number of reasons why a friend or partner may not have any (or many) long-term relationships. But, it is something worth looking out for.

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The reason for this is a narcissist may not see the point inmaintaining friendshipsonce they feel they have served their own needs, or perhaps they are too pre-occupied with their own self image and are worried about how said friend(s) might damage it. What they might do is convince or manipulate you to spend less time with your own friends to spend more time with them. This is a red flag.

If any of these warning signs ring a bell and you'd like further information and advice, visit, a not-for-profit organisation who provide support and raise awareness of narcissistic abuse. Read more: British GLAMOUR »

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Ohhhh, I have waited for this, YOU is finally here. Lets see How Joe thrive in a family setting tied up with a wife and kid. For Narcissists it cannot be good because they have to be the centre of attention. If you are then i have the perfect song for you

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