What does my baby’s poop colour mean?

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Worried about your baby's green poop? Check out our baby poop colour chart, with expert information from newborn poo to baby poo when weaning.

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, part of HCA Healthcare UK, 'many babies occasionally have green poo, and it is usually nothing to be concerned about.

If you're concerned that the green poop could be caused by something else, here are some other possible causes of green poop to consider:your breast milk changes over time starting with low-fat and high-sugar “foremilk" and later high-fat, high-calorie “hindmilk”. Too much foremilk can cause green or frothy poo.- if it seems more like diarrhea, it could be that your tot has a bit of a tummy bug and it's worth checking with your GP.

This is a normal colour of poo from a formula-fed baby. When a baby drinks formula, their poo tends to light brown or orange. It may also be slightly darker and solid compared with the poo of a breastfed baby.'If your baby’s poo is any other colour than an ‘earthy’ tone, it is worth seeking medical advice from a GP or paediatrician.' Says Dr Yiannis.If you notice your baby’s poo to be a lot paler than it normally would be, talk to your GP or health visitor immediately.

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On another note. I am a PhD researcher at Ulster University. I am researching how families choose their nappies using focus groups this month.

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