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What Does Cheugy Style Really Mean?

If you watched ‘Friends: The Reunion', you should probably click here.

6/19/2021 6:24:00 AM

If you watched ‘Friends: The Reunion', you should probably click here.

If you watched ‘Friends: The Reunion last weekend, you should probably click here

aren’tit, however. In reality, the spike in awareness of cheuginess is far more nuanced – it succeeds in holding a mirror up to the times that we’re living in, as even the most entrenched capitalist ways face fresh scrutiny from the under 24s.Beyond semantics or comedic effect, the reason “cheugy” hits the virtual nail on the head is that it delineates the aftermath of the aggressive consumerist marketing that millennials, as a generation, endured. Social commentators who alleged, back in 2017, that those born between 1981 and 1996 consumed avocado toast en masse, while wearing designer sneakers, and paid through the nose for self-care experiences in Pepto-Bismol pink surroundings, didn’t foresee that homogeneity itself would become a generational battleground between the world’s younger echelons.

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Consider the censure powering the current definition of “cheugy”, not as a caustic put-down of bad taste, but a rejection of thephenomenonof cookie-cutter likeability that rose out of the invention of social media, when being ‘liked’ became quantifiable.

Gen Z are, rightly or wrongly, seen as stakeholders for a grassroots DIY approach and myriad sub-cultures, which actually shares some of the traits of the young adult boomer experience and informs everything from making and selling clothes to burgeoning political movements. The yearning for approval, which has typically been a cornerstone of the average millennial’s experience of young adult life (and lit the touchpaper of movements such as ‘girl boss culture’), doesn’t apply quite as literally.

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