What Death in Paradise's surprise exit means for the show's future

1/29/2022 1:20:00 AM

How will this affect Neville?


What Death in Paradise's shock twist means for the show's future: deathinparadise

How will this affect Neville?

au pair, but a murderous drug trafficker.Death in ParadiseBBCNeville and Commissioner Selwyn Patterson (Don Warrington) were quick to prioritise Florence's safety, while the woman herself delved further into the case and discovered just how dangerous Miranda really was.

Death in Paradise's Florence makes tough decisionThroughout the episode, Neville had been coming to terms with the fact that Florence would almost certainly have to leave Saint Marie after her involvement in such a high profile operation.

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One of the better shows on TV which isn't hard as nowadays TV is poor. Not fussed about Florence leaving, as long as Neville is there along with the Commisioner then the show is in good hands. Next week's preview looked a tad boring lol. Characters come/go and it's better for it. Will it become remotely watchable.? Thought not

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Woman who stabbed abusive boxer ex boyfriend to death jailed for eight yearsKayley Mahood was convicted of manslaughter, but found not guilty of murdering Oliver O’Toole. The parents of the the victim are unbelievable he was an abuser after all.

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They eventually cleared the air, and on an ongoing case. She posed as an au pair for a woman named Miranda Priestley (Victoria Ekanoye) – no, not the ruthless magazine editor from The Devil Wears Prada , but a murderous drug trafficker.” Initial analysis of vaccine effectiveness against the Omicron sublineage called BA. A fatal shooting meant the team were forced to cross paths with Florence without breaking her cover, and soon they were investigating not just one but three suspicious deaths. Following the sentencing on Thursday, relatives of O’Toole, including his mother, said their family felt ‘disappointed and let down’ by the outcome. Ultimately, the events that followed led to the detective leaving the island for the second time. “After two doses effectiveness was 9% and 13% respectively for BA. But what does her exit mean for Death in Paradise going forward? Be warned, we're unpacking some major spoilers as we delve into what's next for Neville and co… Florence's exit explained BBC Following the murder of Otis Benjamin (Marcus Onilude) back in episode one, Florence was now embedded in prime suspect Miranda's world. Bryant’s widow and the mother of 13-year-old Gigi, Vanessa, shared a sweet family photo taken at a Lakers game, with the athlete holding their young daughter and kissing his wife; she captioned it simply ’81’.

Originally based in Jamaica, Florence joined Miranda and her family on a trip back to Saint Marie, but their stay at a farm led to the death of owner Harley Joseph (Ben Onwukwe).2, after 25+ weeks,” the UKHSA said. ‘If you choose to pick up a knife then you have already made up your mind to cause serious harm, even death to that person. Initial evidence suggested it was suicide, but of course, the police had reason to suspect foul play. Neville and Commissioner Selwyn Patterson (Don Warrington) were quick to prioritise Florence's safety, while the woman herself delved further into the case and discovered just how dangerous Miranda really was.1 and 70% for BA. It transpired that she had killed her own mother, and Otis knew the truth because his ailing aunt had seen everything. His three young children will never have their daddy to look up to and share their lives. Harley had proof of this too, which explained why Miranda had taken the lives of both men. He said that he would spend the day celebrating Bryant, and to ‘say thank you for the battles & the friendship (Sic)’.

Related Story Death in Paradise's Florence makes tough decision Just as Neville had his weekly moment of inspiration and solved the mystery, Florence found the evidence and revealed her true identity to Miranda – leaving her trapped as the criminal held her at gunpoint. To everyone's relief, Florence had thought ahead. Stafford Crown Court had heard the couple had a ‘tempestuous’ relationship – with violence by both parties. She knew where to find another gun in the house, and took it as a precaution in the short time before Miranda caught her out. As a gunshot rang out, we saw that Florence had fired it, hitting Miranda in the arm before arresting her for all three murders. Throughout the episode, Neville had been coming to terms with the fact that Florence would almost certainly have to leave Saint Marie after her involvement in such a high profile operation. But prosecutors claimed she had intended to kill or cause really serious harm.

Mayor Catherine Bordey (Elizabeth Bourgine) suggested that staying on the island might not be what was best for the young woman after all, referencing"difficult memories" for Florence after her fiancé Patrice was killed in season eight. BBC / Red Planet / Denis Guyenon In the closing moments, Florence confirmed she was indeed moving on, and thanked Neville for his support as she overcame the trauma of her past. In turn, Neville told Florence she had"made this island a home" for him, and declared how much he was going to miss her. ‘I know no sentence or time in prison can ever bring back a loved one and would like to reiterate our sincere condolences to Oliver’s family and friends. They shared an emotional and heartwarming goodbye, and Florence headed off for her fresh start. While we recover from all the drama, not to mention the loss of fan-favourite Jobert, we're left wondering what's in store for those left behind.

What does Florence's departure mean for Death in Paradise .