Wetherspoon pubs set out post-lockdown plans

Wetherspoons outlines plans for reopening hundreds of pubs once lockdown restrictions are eased

5/22/2020 2:09:00 PM

Wetherspoons outlines plans for reopening hundreds of pubs once lockdown restrictions are eased

The pub chain has said that staff will be given face masks and protective eyewear when pubs reopen.

Close share panelImage copyrightGetty ImagesThe JD Wetherspoon pub chain has outlined plans for reopening hundreds of pubs once lockdown restrictions are eased.Staff will be provided with face masks and protective eyewear and the chain will run a reduced food menu.

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Wetherspoon boss John Hutson said:"The safety of our staff and customers is paramount".Most UK pubs have been closed since 20 March, although some have recently started to offer takeaway drinks.Wetherspoon said that it planned to invest an initial £11m on the new measures to protect drinkers and its workers.

Stopping CovidUnder the new rules, each pub will have about 10 hand sanitiser stations, including one at the entrance for customers to use.Pub-goers will also be asked to use the firm's app to order and pay, or use contactless at the bar where possible, in a bid to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Bottles of ketchup and mayonnaise will also be replaced by individual sachets.They will also be encouraged to sit outside in pub gardens, while some indoor seating areas will be separated by Perspex screens.Image copyrightImage captionJD Wetherspoon operates 875 pubs across the UK and Ireland

Bar staff will have their temperatures taken on-site and will be asked to sign a daily health assessment.The firm said it is also planning to hire two new full-time employees per pub, charged with sanitising door handles and hand rails as well as ensuring that customers are sticking to social distancing measures.

The chain's 875 pubs across the UK and Ireland will not, however, reduce their trading hours.Mr Hutson, the JD Wetherspoon boss, added that although the government has not yet confirmed any reopening date for pubs,"it is important that we are prepared for any announcement."

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Because that’s what’s important in everyone’s life. First McDonald’s, then pubs. What happened to spirituality? Community? Health? Wellbeing? We should consider Sunday closing and half day closing while paying workers full pay. wetherspoons R_Williams87 alchi's assemble BBCScotlandNews ITV could have made a fortune. Instead BBC offer free advertising to a government supporter.

Not going to spoons ever again Wouldn’t bother if i were him. We have long memories BoycottWetherspoons Great to know and where to avoid at all costs! Where not to go.....ever! Leaving no amenities in the locality. There is a small village, a few miles away from where i live in Leicestershire, all it has now is the pub, the only shop closed years ago. If the pub closes for good, the next closest is 3 mikes away, a shop even further.

If people want to go to Wetherspoons once pubs reopen then that is their choice. However the true 'local ', whether it be in a residential area of a town or city or a village pub need our support more. I fear some of the smaller village pubs may not reopen leaving no amenities Lockdown is the best thing Wetherspoons has done for us. They’re fucking flea pits.

My one and only Wetherspoons experience was whilst away in Brighton waiting for JamesBlunt just before the weird happened, the service in thebrightoncentre was 100% better I will never set foot in one ever again after the way he treated his staff... BoycottWetherspoons Good, so that we can finally boycott them.

Witherspoons has a lot of loyal day time drinkers, mainly people on low incomes, looking for a cheap pint And? So are all pubs. Absolutely pathetic & ridiculous! When will the majority in this country come to their bloody senses & realise this IS ALL A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME & MONEY!!! the sooner the majority of the country has had Covid-19, the better! FFS!

Facemasks compulsory too? Still won’t go in one BBCScotlandNews Well there will be plenty of out of date beer for the robbing bastards to flog as usual! Why give them publicity? All bars and restaurants are planning to reopen. Martin is a blight on English society. He needs his license (s) revoked. I won’t set foot in one after what he did to his staff.

can’t wait ! Might as well BBCScotlandNews Stop with the free advertising BBC. Especially for a loathsome owner Hope everyone remembers what CEO Tim Martin, did to his minimally paid staff. I for one, will never step into a Weatherspoons again. Disgraceful man. My post lock down plan is to avoid weatherspoons. They are all a bit shit and full of jakies.

I'm afraid that the doors will open, the public will flood in & it will be business as normal. Nice one ,just bought some shares 👍 We all know who will be frequenting these cess pits... the same people who don’t respect others, best leave them congregate together in these holes and maybe nature might take advantage !

I will never cross the door if a Wetherspoons ever again. I originally heard he'd sacked a lot of his staff but according to this report, 99% of them have been furloughed. Anybody know any different? BBCScotlandNews After their attitudes. Cheap beer or not. I won't be adding to his profits. Boycott! Gammons will rejoice

You call what they serve food Get in. Can’t wait. Here come all the trendy coffee sloshing lefties who have never drank in a spoons telling everyone they're going to boycott it And the award for most predictable replies to a tweet goes to..... Pubs are supposed to be friendly, welcoming, social if you have to sit in perspex cubicals and served by people in protective gear it will be none of that. Would rather drink at home than in a sterile atmosphere.

Loads of pubs in waymouth miles better at spoons Not worth the hassle. I'll stay in and drink. If I had my way the disgusting places would never open again. Tim Martin is an obnoxious individual who cares nothing for his staff and sells nasty cheap beer & horrible food 🤮 This article really has brought out the snobs.

And Priti Patel to announce 14 days isolation for any person using a Wetherspoons pub....?! Please remember what he did to his staff and stay away! I think the public are already deciding for themselves what post lockdown should be like and as the government have screwed the the economy and possibly not saved any lives as they screwed up the lockdown too it’s gonna be the real VE DAY

Boycott Wetherspoons. I used to visit our local one, about once a month. Then Tim Martin appeared on Question Time and I've not stepped into one since. Pizza Express will get the same treatment too. Thanks BBC for exposing these creeps for what they are (even if that wasn't your intention). How will they open with no staff?

After he sacked all his staff,,,,, no thanks Ha ha Texas bars are open today baby BBCScotlandNews I’ll never step foot in one of their shitholes again! Owner is a disgrace binwars Even more excuse to not see you when you're waiting to be served!! A lot of Wetherspoon's former customers will not be returning, because of the appalling way they treated their staff before lockdown - and it serves them right.

Get everyone outside drinking Throughout this crisis, BBC NEWS, led by Laura K, seems to have decided that huge number of deaths is really FAR less important than lost profits. Hammering away, day after day, about 'restrictions to trade' rather than 'ensuring public health'. It's a crudely ideological stance.

CalebMaddox101 here we go Everyone should boycott Wethersppons due to their response and attitude when this all kicked off! If people boycott then the only ones who'll suffer are his staff. Ironic really. I think it is time people started to support the traditional pubs aswell, even if it's not the cheaper option. There are other brewers around that will need support.

Even the gammons posting on the Daily Heil want to boycott the whole chain. Neverspoons! I think it would be sensible to insist all Wetherspoons customers wear a face mask...... Boycott Wetherspoons!!! Please read this- I work at spoons and they have never done or said anything the media have told you. He hasn’t sacked any of his workers. He did not refused to pay when the furlough scheme wasn’t in place and he never said he is opening in June. I’d say more but the word count.

BBCScotlandNews Won’t be in one ❌ BoycottWetherspoons Brilliant news and it sounds like the pc brigade and woke folk won’t be joining us so that’s a bonus 👍 how much tax does it owe Do they not realise that you don’t have to have a temperature to have it!? ... it really is time to call ‘last orders’ at Wetherspoons!

Boycott the bastard. But no masks for the customers lovely place to get covid 19 with every free pint? BBCScotlandNews Of course it does, cos the moneygrabbing viper at the head of it has missed counting his profits. Not been in one in years. Won't be in one ever. Lots will boycott, but with the size of there pubs, prices , ordering app, they are better prepared than any other pub chain to reopen, they’ll be more successful than ever. Hopefully the backlash will mean there staff are treated better when they do.

I won’t be going anywhere near one of those stale griefholes. Fuck Weatherspoons. That’s good news!! Unfortunately all the people who vowed to boycott them after the way he treated his staff will have short memories once they reopen Dont bother we wont be coming Bastard. Send to Coventry Do they have any staff anymore?

Can’t come soon enough. If your priorities include going to Wetherspoons once restrictions are lifted then we need to be put in hard lockdown for a good few months Finally I can start boycotting them again. BoycottWetherspoons BBCScotlandNews Fk Wetherspoons Didn’t he say he was opening on June 1st? Boycott Weatherspoons - go to your local instead.

Money on that he makes the staff pay for the PPE themselves. It will be good to know exactly when to boycott them. Aha Lets not forget what these heartless bastards did to their staff. After the way Martin behaved I hope they aren't open long. I will be amazed if he will have that many pubs by the end of lockdown and rightly so

As are all pub,s pack it in with this free advertising your the BBC you don't do advert,s Free the drug dealers Will always drink elsewhere. The owner is horrid. theSNP AUOBALBA scotgp boycottwetherspoons Never again. Bastards fired so many of their staff rather than furloughing them when this kicked off and I hope they bloody sink.

Is that the same Weatherspoon's that told all its staff to look for new jobs? Do they have any staff left ? James___Whiff good OPEN UP NOW!

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'Furlough is too generous: we transformed our pub into a supermarket instead''Furlough is too generous: we transformed our pub into a supermarket instead' 👉 Hertfordshire pub has turned itself into a profitable shop during the lockdown EU is not in my zone so there isn't any question of commenting old fake correlation...Don't carry baggage of 2006 I have moved ahead and broken all past with it

No buffets, cutlery or drinking at the bar: How pubs and restaurants will reopen after lockdownNew report lays out future of hospitality industry anyone remember back 3 months ago when the world made sense in a kinda weird but not parallel dimension kind of a way? There should always be one spot to squeeze into a corner of a bar.... or it’s not a British Pub!

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