Wealthy white cricketers 'significantly overrepresented in the game', study finds

Wealthy white cricketers 'significantly overrepresented in the game', study finds


Wealthy white cricketers 'significantly overrepresented in the game', study finds

State comprehensives often lack the extra coaching and quality facilities available at private schools, says the study.

People from wealthier backgrounds and those who went to private schools were much more likely to make it into professional cricket than those who had less affluent upbringings, according to the study by Birmingham City University.

Results suggested a lack of access to wealth created barriers to participation and development in the game, contributing to an ethnicity bias on a national scale.

It found 43% of those who have played cricket for England in the last year went to a private school, compared with 7% of the general population.

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Dire reporting Oh god ...groan!... here we go again. I blame the media why make this rubbish news? Does anyone mention that white players are under represented in the West Indies, India or Pakistani teams? And.....? That’s it well done. Keep on stoking racial hatred with rubbis. Well done. X2. What about golf ? What about rugby? What about winter sports? Ice scaring umm chess ! Swimming ? Oh here’s 1 for you ? Why is the 100/200 metre sprint winders over represented by non whites ?

Ffs Nothing better to report? fuck off. where does this stop. does anyone say wealthy black people are over represented in nba or nfl? 🤔 phil36pip Racist story! But it’s ok, because it’s only racism against whites! You sacks of shit! Could not agree more. Doesn't help that a spectacle like the World Cup is on a satellite channel like Sky. Rather than the clueless BBC paying Lineker & Shearer almost £4million a year for doing their hobby. 1 year wages could have paid for it to be on BBC. Utterly useless

Sounds to me like a bigot instigated this study! What do you want?.... A poor black game Ffs!

State of Origin 2019 Game 3: NSW v Queensland – live!Minute-by-minute report: Who will emerge from the series decider at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium with the Origin shield? Find out with Sam Perry

Give it a fucking rest. Sympathies are not won over. The game was created when the vast majority of people in this part of the world were white. Accept reality. Can someone explain to these morons that white British still Remain around 80% of the population.. stop the fecking race baiting 😡😡😡 Psst there in the final so I think it’s working..

The strike red balls which is a subliminal racist message too. Replies to this are spot on Wealthy black 100m runners significantly over represented at Olympic games shock! Guilty as charged 🍺🍺😎 I'm surprised that it's such a 'slow news day' considering the Labour turmoil, and 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 reaching the final of the ICC World Cup! Next they'll be doing a study on basketball players, inferring that tall players are 'significantly over represented in the game'.

Yeah Indian and Pakistani clubs are full of them🤔🤔 Who the heck even watches or plays cricket. deadting

Islamic State still dangerous threat to UK and more unpredictable, security minister warnsThe group's ability to use the internet to attract recruits and inspire attacks enables its global reach, a minister says. Damn you Brexit! Obviously... But its the religion of peace remember 😏 ✌🏻

Many of them have sold off their playing fields and cut back on sport That’s because they are professionals and earn their money in a white country. So what ....oh give it a rest....... yawn!! And don’t forget the transgender community and wheelchair users. They too are under represented too and people identifying as a tree

As if in Britain the sport is ONLY significantly meant for white people? Elite sport. What in the India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, West Indies and South African sides? Whatevs 🙄 That’s because cricket is only avaliable if you can afford private school education regardless of colour, not played or on curriculum at state school where I am. No funding, desire or support to get it on there either. Teachers want to go home they don’t have capacity.

Especially in Pakistan.

‘State capture’: the corruption investigation that has shaken South AfricaThe long read: Gavin Watson was a hero of the struggle against apartheid. But this once-powerful businessman is now caught up in a sweeping inquiry that goes to the heart of how a nation is run South Africa, a once great country, has been destroyed by the ANC terrorist movement and is now a mess just like every other black African country. Such a shame.

So is it the colour, or is it the money? And why just cricket FFS? Them bloody whites again. It’s amazing so many millions of Africans, Arabs and Asians move to “white” country’s. Who studies this. What is their agenda? WHAT !! Are saying that englandcricket & cricket in general are racist Bloody unbelievable...is this a joke ?

That’s racist. Typical play the R card to get a headline Do you ever stop with the continuous faux outrage, virtual signalling over identity politics? This is just getting ridiculous now. Can the white population not be the majority in any situation, sporting or otherwise. Why are the West Indies/India/Pakistan not challenged in the same way ?

Oh go and do one

James Dyson buys £43m penthouse in SingaporePurchase comes months after British inventor revealed plans to move firm to city-state Why not Sunderland? I remember trying to talk my bird out of 800k on a place in London. Telling her “you could get way more for your money elsewhere”. 43m? Is he fucking mad. He could buy estates for that in far nicer countries. So what? He's earned it.

FFS .....give it a rest 😡😡😡😡😡😡 Wealthy white...perfect for DavidLammy lets hear your comments. Bollocks. Windies, Pak, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka..... If people of colour want to play, they will, and good luck to em! If they don't, nobody can force them just to please PC quota setters. Oh no now the snowflakes are crying about Sport

And the point of the study ? Oh, do feck off Sky News with your woke wittering. Sky so-called News, please foxtrot oscar with your identity politics. It's incessant, obsessive and tedious in the extreme. Quelle surprise !! So? Jesus Christ when is all this bollocks going to end?... 🤦‍♂️

Teen LESS likely to use marijuana in states with recreational use lawsThere was no change linked with medical marijuana legislation but odds of teen use declined almost 10 percent after recreational marijuana laws were enacted, a Montana State study says.

Fucking ridiculous 🚮 Silly story Ffs can we stop reporting this utter drivel in the media. What next 'too many Kenyan long distance runners are black'? Cut it out man it's tedious What a load of disgusting nonsense you dish out . I am actually going to cancel my sky package. This is all insane . skystudysuggests

Todays Oxymoron. Sky News. MFL. When is this continual shite going to ever stop. Just leave the nation to have a bit of fun whilst we smash the Aussies for god sake .🏏🏏🏏🏏🏏🏏🏏 More PC BS trying to reinvent the wheel that has been synonymous with cricket & tennis since before the days of WG Grace & Fred Perry - Nothing is sacred & outta the wicked grasp of the modernistic PC Militia nowadays innit?.. 🙄😳

What a load of bollocks.

Labour must be bold, and finally abolish private schools | Steven LongdenThese schools are core to Britain’s inequality problem. Labour should emulate Finland and integrate them into state education, says Steven Longden Not all our students come from rich backgrounds, their parents and grandparents make huge sacrifices to give them an education where they won’t be at the mercy of the state and disinterested and bullying kids. I wonder how many Labour MPs went to Private School and sent their children to one. Is that information out there ? You have no chance of that with wet lettuce Corbyn.

Sky news over represented by idiots...... What a totally sad bunch you’ve become ... go bore elsewhere ........fake news ...... Is David Lammy working for SLY now? piersmorgan Zzzzzz zzzzzz Explain to me why it is not a requirement for teams from other countries to be more 'diverse'? Why is it only western countries that have to play to this multicultural tune? What if I said I think many African & Asian countries are too black or Asian & need to be more 'diverse'?

Here we fucking go. Is it not the point to put out your best players

Nothing to do with them being better players then? How white are they? Ginger white? There can’t be to many of them about zzzzzzzzzzzz Your news channel gets more and more ludicrous by the day! Bollocks!!! 😂😂 FFS So? Wealthy black players dominate NFL, NBA and MLB. You know i was just thinking this the other day. I finished work and was having a few beers in the pub with a mate and we were both shocked at the amount of white players turning out in the Sri Lanka v India match.

Blame white people again

Yawn. Are wealthy black basket ball players overrepresented in the game? I know, have you seen those white people in the west indies team!! I think if you go to Pakistan, they’ll be lots of people from Pakistan playing for Pakistan:) Meanwhile in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. Players of colour completely outnumber white players. Oh the humanity.

ffs your start David Lammy if again Most of them want to play for their Country of origin, it's not rocket science, 🙄🙄 What a racist tweet. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Whatever. More bullshit. Ever thought that the people playing, regardless of colour, are the best ones? No, didn't think so. What is the matter with the PC fanatics; clearly underemployed and overpaid. Next they’ll be complaining that the English strip is too blue and too affluent looking.

Better tell the Indian cricket team🤔 What is this shite? FFS! the india, pakistan and sri lankan teams are too black if that's the case 'Dam white people and their'...... *shakes magic ball....... 'Interest in a sport they invented' Are you being intentionally dense? Yes next time your tempted to say something stupid? Don't. A simple comparison with the teams of every other nation shows this to be the BS it truly is.

DunnLd15 Sky again Race Baiting every day IM WHITE IM ENGLISH AND IM FUKIN PROUD and my Black Boss yes Black Boss gets paid more than me who gives a fuk If people can’t see the MSM agenda by now, well there is little hope! How long until Wimbledon is targeted in the same way?

So bloody what? Ffs it’s nothing to do with someone’s colour it’s the fact schools have sold off the playing fields to make ends meet and sports just aren’t played, stop making it something it isn’t Wealthy black basketball players significantly overrepresented in NBA, study finds. Stupid world really.

You have to blindly racist to think the way Sky News does. That's my daily chuckle delt with thanks 👍🏻 This shit is beyond tiresome now. Give it a fucking rest. A bit like arsholes at sky news Has anyone asked black kids if they want to be wealthy cricket players? Get a grip!!!

Is this shit reporting ever going to stop? Hmm last time I looked West Indies, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan had zero white players 😳 It’s kinda who mostly play the game in fairness. Still, this sensationalised garbage doesn’t help. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz What a load of bollocks.

Oh for gods sake. Get lost with this rubbish. Which idiot thinks of this rubbish? Omg - everything is racist. Here we go. Race card dealt in a game in which there are no winners. And so 'back to back they faced each other, drew their swords and shot each other'! But is that not the purpose of your ideological reporting?! And (if that be true in cricket) - so WHAT! It works both ways.

Not enough women playing in the Men’s game either! FFS.

There was a clear underrepresentation of white players at the Pakistan v India game a few weeks ago. What’s happened to Sky News? Nothing wrong with that! Who invented the sport? We'll wait for your answer. Like saying White cricketers are not represented enough in the Pakistan and West Indies teams.... give it a break.

It’s cricket mate. We can’t have anything now can we, sorry but we don’t want stabbings at lords if we can avoid it. So what?’!! Utterly absurd. Ever loooked at nfl and nba in America? Or is that ignored because it’s the other way around?

'State comprehensives often lack the extra coaching and quality facilities available at private schools, says the study.' It took a Universiry Study to come to this conclusion....🙄 Racist comment , I wonder in many sport do we just book it down to colour first , but it’s ok the other way round , is this reporter part of the panthers , or black tie mob , if we were in India and said oh there all Indian and come from more educated family’s ,

Is it about colour ,class or creed or simply ability? Nothing to do with ability then...... 😳 Wealthy white male tennis players Wealthy white F1 drivers Wealthy white MotoGP riders Wealthy white Olympic cyclists Wealthy white Tour de France cyclists Wealthy white downhill skiers Wealthy white badminton players Wealthy white Olympic rowers Wealthy white Olympic sailors

Oh shut up Breaking news 2050: the straight white man is close to extinction That’s rich when the millionaires of the premier league are mostly black It’s an international sport 🤷🏻‍♂️ I noticed watching the World Cup that Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, India etc were full of White players but England had no players that wasn’t white?

Equality of opportunity....NOT equality of outcome, is what we want. Social engineering leads to worse state of affairs

Nothing new there,I was at school in the 40s & 50s ,it was the same then,but the reverse is true in regard to football! In my country it’s cricket and rugby. Wealthy black athletes significantly over represented in the Olympics study finds. Can you see how stupid that sounds? The cream always rises to the top...no matter what your skin colour.

We just can’t escape being racially divided 😡 Cricket is over represented by white people in a country that is 83% white imagine my shock I can’t wait for the results of the same study of basketball and netball Surely there's to many brown men in the Indian & Pakistan teams... it's just so deplorable. We should ban all sports world wide, until all teams have equal colour pallets.

It's almost like they invented it. This isnt the case with the teams of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan.

I've been watching the world cup. Not seen any white players for India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, west Indies. Are they all institutionally racist? All about race and wealth. Are they good at the sport? I wonder why we have a envy driven mindset. Color and gender driven divisiveness. Are we in kindergarten under 5 years old and need to be told about such frivolous ideology.

Wtf is it with this worldwide anti whiteness? You haven’t met the Indian league players then. I’m guessing wealthy white polo players “significantly over represented in the game” as well? Bet you don’t do a study on that coz of the royals participation! Sky news- stop trying to stir up concerns that don’t need to exist!

Well the ‘millions of kids’ playing on the streets of india must be shit then 🥴🙄 The study comes from people paid to make the study..... But like bacon being the best sandwich filling says pig farmers study. Was it a 'study' by DavidLammy, by any chance? Because I'm sure he'd find evidence that the West Indies team was over represented by Whites too, given half a chance! 🤔

Are sky propped up by the joos asking for a friend ? You don’t say?

Oh do f%ck off with this race baiting. It’s okay to be white How is this an issue? It took a study? Look at America. When sports were finally desegragated, teams got more diverse n color. Thr are still holdouts tho: equestrian teams & countrymusic. Lol lol. Dependn on country & $$$ needed 2 play it will EVENTUALLY diversify. MyDNAOnTheRightSideOfHistory

They did a study about this🤔 More race baiting .You're on a roll today Sky .Climate hysteria & race baiting .Carry on What a load of bollocks! ...Why can't people just allow players to play the game without bringing into question the players creed, colour or religion Press shit stirring again The Pakistan and India team is too brown

Tennis ?

100m sprints Don’t show it on Sky sports then Loads of balance from Sky You can 'find' anything if you have an agenda. Boring..maybe do football stats in London India and Pakistan have NO whites so are they over represented? Give it a rest God I hate this race bate why dont we look at the real issue your trying to hide The government are screwing us all over no matter what colour you are

oh please stop

Ffs are white people allowed to exist anymore Despite being only 13% something something... 'Overrepresented' 'Report' All this white shaming by the MSN and liberal fuckwits . My message to you is drop dead . I’m proud of my race heritage and country’s history . I’ve seen mothers with there breasts cut of in Africa so they can’t feed children but keep on white shaming.

It’s where the game’s played. You need a massive oval of grass that’s tended regularly & they don’t have that where poor people live. Is it a conspiracy to make sure poor people just keep working whilst rich people play games and sip Pimms? Here we go again 🙄🙄🙄 Yawn yawn yawn.....here we go again!!! Tread on the white man, there are dozens and dozens of cricket clubs about.....why don’t they go and join in at one! Never seen 1 at mine.....!

Black British Olympic sprinters have been massively overrepresented in the past, Iv found. But who cares! Shock, what about Croquet? Smells like white privilege too. 🤣

Pathetic article. WE ALL KNOW THAT... Can’t wait to log onto Twitter tomorrow and see what the latest sport/craze/job the ‘whites’ are overrepresented in 🙄 Asian cricketers are overrepresented. so nothing to do with competence then... so poor white children who also enjoy cricket 'need not apply' either Really !!! which bonehead wrote this article....

Where do I sign up for the latest 'victim' club? Oh gawd. Just stop. Oh look, here's a MSM article pushing some anti-white hatred. Imagine my shock! The English people are white so it stands to reason that the vast majority of the ENGLAND cricket team would be white. But hey, don't let obvious facts get in the way of some anti-white hatred.

White white white white white. Make sure that you mention WHITE all the time, and that you disparage WHITE, and that you sneer and tut at WHITE, and express disgust and outrage that too many people are WHITE. Make every article about how awful and vile and wrong it is to be WHITE This is so dumb.

There's a West Indian and potentially two more players of Pakistani origin about to line up for England in a World Cup Semi-final today. What absolute drivel. Boring Oh I know...I know. For goodness sake, this is ridiculous nonsense! Maybe because they're the only people that watch it because it's boring?

Race on everything, here we go again You mean like wealthy tennis players... wealthy yachtsmen etc etc Yes yes I get it, White people bad, we should be ashamed of ourselves. Really Sky news trying to stir the shit for a non story. Nothing new there.....

What ? India a british colony for years yet no white players. Oh never mind

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