'We're fed up with it': Trump signs executive order aimed at curtailing social media companies

Donald Trump has signed an executive order aimed at curbing protections for social media giants

5/29/2020 1:52:00 AM

Donald Trump has signed an executive order aimed at curbing protections for social media giants

It comes after Twitter flagged one of the US president's tweets about mail-in ballots with a fact-check warning.

The executive order points out that social media companies, such asFacebookand Twitter, should forgo their legal immunity from the law, should they edit users' content on their platforms.Currently, Section 230 offers legal protections to social media platforms, and makes it clear that those companies are not responsible for the content posted on their sites, and therefore should not interfere with it.

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AdvertisementHowever, they are allowed to act when content is violent or harassment.The order will direct executive branch agencies to speak to independent rule-making agencies, such as the Federal Communications Commissioner, to look at whether new regulations can be enforced on the Silicon Valley giants.

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You can in the US You can shut it down cos they showed you were talking rubbish. Stop being a child 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The way you are threatening people Twitter will shut down your account Trump . If we could legally get rid of Trump, we would. But how would he run the country without his Pointless tweets 🤔 Let's distract from the fact that 100k people died on your watch.

And this is what the president is worried about, not the fact that the country is a mess with dying, the world think's is run by a mad man Only cowards say such things we should rather be finding solutions on the current situation not cheap threats How about you stop using it then!🤔 Despite sending 52 thousand messages realDonaldTrump now wants to ban it. 🙄

Twitter, please delete his account 🙏🏻 Mr Orange could just shut down his account. I have a big willy... Doesn’t stop him using twitter tho so that shows them Mr trump is right here In December trump is out of the Whitehouse and the people / world we be happy😀 again .! Come on Twitter - block him All the idiots who think this order limits free speech must be drinking “occupy democrats” kool aid. This order promotes free speech, which the social media giants censor and ban based on their left wing political bias.

SocialMedia started as platforms for free flow of views. They dreamed of a world where ideas can be exchanged fearlessly. But, something changed in the middle. Now, censorship is creeping up in these oasis of freedoms. President Trump is bringing back the freedom to social media. Yep, we are definitely fed up with Trump's lies.

Long overdue 'ACTION' & 'SANCTION' against the social media companies are required. They claim they are not publishers! - twitter Facebook Youtube . Your time is up! Ffs cause Twitter didn't like his tweet . pathetic indeed Когда будут хорошие новости? All these major platforms need more competition,not more restrictions,even though the likes of Facebook / YouTube -Google / Twitter are purging more Right wing views.

He's got a point Before big techs grow into giant monsters, I hope the US government can ASAP take effective measures to prevent them from doing evil. Youtube puts covid information on many videos. Isnt Twitter allowed to do same? This threat makes no sense. It is scaring me. Twitter is my main source of social that I dont want to lose because some pretty face doesnt like ads, Tweeting is a privilege, not a right.

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And...along with everything else he’s done is a waste of time brought about by his stupidly & thin skin. The bloke is an ass.

Donald Trump furious as Twitter fact-checks his tweets for the first timeTwitter said Trumps claims about mail-in ballots were false and had been debunked by fact-checkers, with the US president then accusing the social network of 'stifling' his free speech 人挡杀人,佛挡杀佛! Lol kuku27 Twitter has done no wrong, it must be appreciated, all are equal on this platform

Donald Trump threatens to shut down social media as Twitter fact-checks himPresident Trump hit out hours after Twitter added a 'misleading information' tag to his tweets to flag up inaccuracies 'He's a fool' ~ Joe Biden. Keep up the good work Twitter. You have a responsibility to the community to make sure your platform isn't used to disseminate lies, hate speech, and misinformation. Guilty as the Tories

Donald Trump: President accuses Twitter of 'stifling free speech' for flagging his 2020 election tweetsThe president said the social media platform is interfering with the 2020 presidential election by placing a warning on his tweet. If it's not leftard mentality it gets censored. No, just stifling a fool

Trump threatens social media after Twitter puts warning on his false claimsPresident vows to ‘strongly regulate’ or shutter platforms that ‘silence conservative voices’ a day after Twitter added warning label on falsehoods Ha ha what a big baby doesn’t like it when Twitter question his fake news what goes around comes around foolish man He makes conservative people feel ashamed. Trashy man makes the good people look bad For more cartoons subscribe to

Donald Trump threatens to shut down Twitter amid fact-check social media rowIt comes as Trump is expected to order a review of a law that has long protected Twitter, Facebook and Alphabet's Google from being responsible for the material posted by their users, sources claim Thats because twitter is shutting down the voices of anyone who has alternative opinions to the government of the worlds opinions and this crazy insane culture we live in today where insane ideologies are free... Thanks Dude! Let's hope he does it. These companies need to be held accountable

Trump signs controversial executive order that could allow federal officials to target Twitter, Facebook and Google'The First Amendment is what allows companies to say whatever they want in response,' Democratic congressman says A long time coming. Trump is talking too much. He must spend his whole time being angry. Sucks to be you Donald