We must rejoin EU single market, urges Sadiq Khan

6/29/2022 12:23:00 AM

We must rejoin the European single market, Sadiq Khan tells LBC

We must rejoin the European single market, Sadiq Khan tells LBC

We must rejoin the single market, the London Mayor told LBC, branding leaving the EU as 'the biggest piece of self-inflicted harm ever done to a country.'

28 June 2022, 22:22 By Fiona Jones We must rejoin the single market, the London Mayor told LBC, branding leaving the EU as "the biggest piece of self-inflicted harm ever done to a country.By Senior Trends Reporter, HuffPost UK 27/06/2022 09:39am BST.Brits must stay"vigilant" on abortion rights, campaigners have urged..

" His comments came after the Government won a Commons vote on a bill authorising a second reading of the Northern Ireland protocol.The development means the fluidity between the Republic of Ireland's border, a single market member, and the UK's border, could be compromised.The protocol will come under scrutiny in the coming weeks and Boris Johnson's goal to override parts of the Northern Ireland agreement, which details post-Brexit trade first set out in 2018, is ever closer.Former Prime Minister Theresa May blasted the Northern Ireland protocol bill prior to the vote, condemning it as illegal and detrimental to Britain's global reputation.Speaking to the Mayor during the annual State of London debate, LBC's James O'Brien asked: "Should the Labour Party at a national level be agitating for rejoining the single market?" "I believe we should.People who love The Split, really love The Split.

Spot on," said Mr Khan, while adding he could not speak for the whole of the Labour Party.He went on to brand leaving the European Union as the "biggest piece of self-inflicted harm ever done to a country." Despite Mr Khan's conviction, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has dismissed a potential return to the single market, which includes a ruling out of EU free movement.Read more: Sadiq Khan says next Met chief must 'get it' after force placed under special measures Tory minister Tobias Ellwood recently came under fire for echoing Mr Khan's views, suggesting the UK should rejoin the EU single market to ease the cost-of-living crisis.In the Government's bid to drop the protocol, which would firm up borders between Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, they have claimed the move is legally justified to "safeguard an essential interest".Her sister Nina is also a family lawyer, as is their mother, only Rose, the youngest of the three isn’t in the family business, she’s struggling to get life together.

The European Commission has said it is not prepared to renegotiate the protocol and took legal action against the UK for attempting to alter the protocol.More optimistically, the German ambassador to the UK Miguel Berger has told LBC to find a solution to the post-Brexit Northern Ireland trade issue after the summer.Read more:.

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No, we mustn't. And from a remoaner crook, even more so. the biggest harm done to this country is by him and the labour councils Yes, time to bin Brexit & rejoin the European single market. And especially more so now as the dangers from Russia & China become more menacing. Let’s put aside petty bickering & stand as one united European front. United we stand... divided we fall... kind of stuff.

Nope “Sounds like that loudmouth on the radio” mrjamesob 🤣🤣❤️ Its about time a government official figured this out. ,Rejoining would certainly solve a multitude of problems! Hmm watch this space, this is good news we need to speak about brexit..let it sink in with the public It was a mistake a big f... Up but a more united🇬🇧 & stable honest gov needs to be agreeable before the EU will negotiate🇪🇺Do have solutions to🇨🇮it's inevitable it will reunite

No single market, but we have boris johnson! No we don’t Natch. Agree

Minister Claims Changing 'Nonsense' Parts Of NI Protocol Will Not Trigger EU Trade WarEven though Boris Johnson negotiated the protocol, the government is looking to rip it up.

Yes yes No From my prospective Britain would be embargoed on if a Syndicate from Britain are held responsible for WTC911 . Coming out of Eu for War Driving & Fraud should of rolled back a NATO membership too , British Deep State & Political subversion in Europe for IMF financiers fault. Obviously.

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