We’ll play ‘dirty Remainer’ and stir up trouble if EU does not stop overreach, warns Poland

🇪🇺 The move could see the bloc’s drive to become carbon neutral by 2050 brought to its knees

Sunday Telegraph News, Poland

10/23/2021 10:20:00 PM

🇪🇺 The move could see the bloc’s drive to become carbon neutral by 2050 brought to its knees

Country’s ruling party could target EU net zero policy in retaliation for move to punish Warsaw in rule of law spat, claims party official

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How Belarus is helping ‘tourists’ break into the EUBelarus is accused of taking revenge for EU sanctions by offering migrants tourist visas, and helping them across its border. WordAboutRapture 당신이 오늘날 거듭나기 위해 치러진 대가를 알고 계십니까?

Stop overfishing or we’ll buy elsewhere, top UK fish firm warns European statesYoung’s Seafood joins calls for sustainable quotas of mackerel, herring and blue whiting to be agreed in line with scientific advice There’s no such thing as sustainable fishing Meantime, please tell UK waste disposers not to dump your wastes to countries whose governing despots betray their countries.

Saudi Arabia commits to net zero emissions by 2060The world's biggest oil exporter will cut carbon emissions, but not stop producing fossil fuels. Good for them. Now we don’t need to worry. That's a big kick on that can lol..IF THE PLANET SURVIVES REALLY...

Inside the life of a celebrity tanner from Strictly slip-ups to body hang-upsCelebrity spray tanner Jules Von Hep reveals how he banned the orange 'You've been Tango'd' look from the BBC show and is now a body positivity champion

English schools must not teach ‘white privilege’ as fact, government warnsComments ahead of new guidance ‘simplistic and unhelpful’, say teaching unions White privilege should be changed to white absolute. I agree white privilege is so 2020. The foundation of learning are basic humanitarian values such as equality, sanctity of life, access to resources, right to peace and security. It must include the benefits and obligations of community. Concepts of 'white privilege' disappear in a sound values framework.

Liz Truss warns Britain should not become ‘strategically dependent’ on ChinaLIZ TRUSS has suggested it is 'very important' Beijing should not be involved in UK nuclear plants or 5G networks. That's right, we do not. Why are you telling us that? You are in Government, tell those clowns that. trussliz Good luck with that. Another Brexit fantasy. No shit Sherlock 🙄