Texas, Coronavirus Outbreak

Texas, Coronavirus Outbreak

'We don't live in a communist country!': battle over masks rages in Texas

'We don't live in a communist country!': battle over masks rages in Texas

7/2/2020 6:59:00 PM

'We don't live in a communist country!': battle over masks rages in Texas

Coronavirus cases are rising, but despite the exhortations of public health experts, many Texans just don’t want to wear a mask

Since reopening on 3 June, the facility had spaced seats inside to meet social distancing guidelines, cleaned surfaces regularly, and only served those who booked appointments online. All workers wore masks, and anybody allowed in was required to wear a face covering. But despite the precautions, a Covid-19 case had been reported there.

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One of the people turned away was Laurie Smith, 50. She is an administrative employee at a local church, where she is also a member, and calls mandatory mask requirements a sign of “sad” government manipulation. “My college-age kids are able to follow the recommendations without questioning it, but my husband and I are of a different generation, and we value our liberty to be able to make our own choices. So we question it more than they do,” she said.

Her daughter shook her head silently in the passenger seat but did not say anything. Neither of them wore a mask.The science of wearing masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus seems to be largely settled, but the politics around it is still raging, especially in conservative strongholds like Texas. Stores, churches, small businesses, government offices and other institutions across the state are grappling with how to enforce public health rules without alienating those who disagree.

Mask-wearing soon turned into a partisan squabble between lovers of liberty who hate government mandates and supporters worried about getting sick or infecting others. The consequences of the deep divisions are starting to appear as coronavirus cases surge in Texas, but a mask remains a public health, political and religious statement.

Covid-19 hospitalizations across the state have more than tripled since the beginning of the month, and hit an all-time daily record of 8,076 cases on Wednesday. according to the state health department.. Greg Abbott has refused to order a statewide requirement to wear masks to protect individuals’ liberty and avoid alienating his core base, but has pleaded with citizens to do so anyway.

Statewide, a patchwork of local regulations, loosely enforced, have sprung up. Nine mayors unsuccessfully petitioned for power to make masks compulsory. The governor’s own health commissioner is recommending masks. Dr John Hellerstedt said: “This is the biggest Covid-19 challenge that Texas has faced since coronavirus hit our state. Every single Texan must be part of the solution and must join in the battle to reserve these trends.”

The vacuum left between the two sides is becoming a tinderbox.“We don’t live in a communist country! This is supposed to be America,” said Tee Allen Parker, who has banned wearing of masks at her bar.The 45-year-old owner of the Machine Shed Bar & Grill in Kilgore, east Texas, has become the face of the resistance fighting mask-wearing among the business community in the state.

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She said: “It’s an individual choice. There’s been nothing scientific that says masks are effective. I choose not to wear it, but I don’t let thousands of people breathe on me.”Parker is leading 22 bar owners and Texans who have sued the governor for closing bars again last week after a new surge in Covid-19 cases. She points out that Abbott met the family of George Floyd without wearing a mask.

She said: “There’s a picture of the governor sitting with his family with no mask on. You can’t tell me to do something you won’t do. You lead by example.”Nowhere is the schism as wide as in churches, in a state where 88% of adults say they believe in God and 63% pray daily. The root of the distrust of official directives among some Christian conservatives stems from government decisions at the height of the pandemic.

“Churches were closed by government order, and it makes many Christians nervous, as it should. I didn’t like it, but I support it,” said Austin-based Jon Stokes, who co-created the technology news site Ars Technica. He has noticed a fear of government involvement in the church within Christian circles, and wearing masks has become the symbol of it.

The CDC, the White House coronavirus taskforce and most of the US government recommends wearing masks to slow the spread of the virus. Vice-President Mike Pence has reluctantly come around, and is now covering his mouth and nose in public as are some GOP leaders.

Joe Biden says he would make wearing a mask in public mandatory. But Trump and the bulk of the Republican establishment are opposed, and many of their supporters are following their lead. “In the faith community, we import a lot of these divisions from politics. This has always been a struggle,” said Stokes. “Because it is a divided issue in the popular culture, it is in church as well.”

His pastor, Rodney Shaw, of the New Life United Pentecostal Church, has had to navigate the sensitivities with his diverse congregation. After the mayor of Austin ordered business to enforce mask wearing indoors, Shaw asked his assembly to do the same.

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“It’s quite controversial and we have every opinion you can imagine represented in our church and our leadership. But we had near total compliance, maybe only one or two didn’t wear a mask,” he recalled.Two church members have died, suspected to be from Covid-19. Another one died on Monday. The crisis has hit home, and Stokes has noticed a decline in doubters.

David Smith of Arlington is among those concerned about the politicization of mask-wearing. “I’m 80 years old, so I’m in the range that it can really strike me bad. My son is in a rest home,” he said. “I don’t want him dying, I don’t want him getting sick and I don’t want people with the virus close to him because he’s stuck there.”

The Texas Republican Committee may still hold an in-person convention next month in Houston, America’s fourth largest city where coronavirus cases have doubled since the end of May. Harris county, which includes the city, extended its mandatory mask order until the end of August. Employees or customers of businesses who fail to wear a mask risk a fine of $1,000.

Lameese Williams, a 30-year-old African American nurse and mother of three, lives in north Texas where masks are not compulsory. She worries about her family. “I believe in Jesus. I plead the blood over my children every morning. I’ve got to work because I’m the sole provider, but these folks are not taking it seriously,” she says.

The Texas Medical Association recommends wearing masks. But with national and state leadership equivocating on the issue, citizens are left to the interpretation that most agrees with them. Read more: The Guardian »

A face mask is a putrid, stinking, fetid, filthy breeding ground for bacteria. For the sake of your health, boycott any business that allows people to wear them. You wouldn't eat or shop next to people wearing soiled underwear - same applies. Wearing masks is antisocial behaviour It will not bother me at all for every one of them to test positive.

Two fat men shouting very American idiot So much brain washing, no wonder they start wars all over the joint They look like they'd benefit from wearing a mask 🤣 Communists don't use masks, either. MASKS? Why should I wear clothes if it’s warm Helmet law sucks Why can’t I piss on the street Seat belts sucks I drink alcohol & drive I’ll masturbate in the park I’ll cough in your face I’ll drive on the left side of the road Freedom It’s just my constitutional right you see!

I don’t understand why people care so much or how it’s become this stupid culture war issue. Mask wearing in public, especially during periods of such high rates of infections should be a legal requirement. Those not doing so, particularly inside, should be shamed and fined. Dullus ...stupidity will kill them off.

COVIDIOTS Undecided... they’re generally just angry people and this is today’s outlet? Masks are a problem? Or being mandated to do something is the problem? Um dia, olharemos para trás, no decurso dos anos,e épocas, e veremos ,pessoas mascaradas, e pensaremos: PUTZ, os chineses fizeram a América de Idiot .E nossos filhos não vão nem acreditar.🙄

Stupid. tlreed Karma: US regime constant bashing on communist country backfired when they have to adopt effective 'draconian' measure to control further damage Those obsese yelling blobs are gonna get a lesson in humility when the covid starts filling their lungs with water. Amazing that nurses have to be professional when treating these fools yet their police cannot behave professionally even unprovoked. These people are depleting health resources for others by flooding the systems

That guy in black won’t last long. Looks like there is more democratic sense in a communist China; and a more communist stiffness in a democratic United States of America. Freedom cannot be taken literally! Look at that guy with his mouth wide open spraying covid-19 everywhere!! I wonder if these....erm...beefy lads will be saying Murica! Mah freedom! when they're fucked in a hospital bed.

So if the sensible people wear masks and the stupid don’t. Isn’t this a form of natural selection ;) Male, fat, dumb. First against the wall. Someone please ask them what they think communism is. Please. Are these the same conservatives who are against abortion? 🤦🏾‍♂️ It's strange how the Texan bar owner can 'ban' wearing masks in her bar while if another business states that you must wear masks, that becomes 'unconstitutional' and deprives them of liberty. Just as she made it a rule in her business, any other business can do the same

We dont live in a communist country! Which is unfortunate. Because Communist countries Vietnam and Laos have a few hundred total cases between them. Many Texans will die Note to self: never go to Texas! These individuals don't even understand what a Marxist-Leninist state truly is both historically and in the modern era. Wear a mask it is simple, safe, effective, and most certainly not a 'communist' plot. I cannot wait for the anti-vaxers to protest the vaccine.🙄

This is why America is in the state it is now. If aliens invaded, it would immediately become a Racial issue. Somehow it would be turned into a 'Patriot' vs Communist/'inner city freeloader' issue. And unfortunately this all stems from that 'Settler' vs 'Savage Races' mentality. Thank God the majority of Americans and Brits had a greater sense of duty and social responsibility during WWII or we'd all be speaking German today.

Now wearing mask is politicized. OMG I find it genuinely baffling odd that those who rail against wearing a mask, should do so against those who choose to follow the science and wear a mask. Surely those who wear a mask are expressing their First Amendment rights, are they not? Darwinism Come on, just compare with something else, like cowboy spirit

When they all gotta be looking and acting like that, their immunity invited COVID-19 to move in and living together. An insight into the most stupid nation on earth Nah, actual communist countries have a handle on their pandemic Supreme ignorance I don't know anymore what to think about those usapeople If masks are “communist” then you need communism.

Those fat boys are the wrong side of the demographic for Covid complications. Can’t wait Every public good or collective action is 'communism' to idiotic conservatives In what can only be described as a disturbing sign of the times people are being verbally abused for wearing a mask & minding their own business. Tolerance's gone out of the window as the human rights of some individuals are being clearly encroached by the inflexibility of many!

I will wear a bra next time I decided to show my face and howl at the wind the politicization of mask-wearing is absolute Right!👍 it's just communsense to wear masks And those three is all the best the white race can express? The swords people throw themselves on. It’s amazing. No, you don’t. Vietnam has had zero deaths despite a common border with China

Don’t you love rednecks Liberate Texas! 😂😂😂 Silly Mask wars still going on? Hilariously ironic...started first weeks of January and it’s still going on...frigging buy an American flag to use as your Facemask...an nobody is really gonna wanna mess with you...but...(be ready to get trolled no matter what...)

I know it's easy to sneer at the dumb American caricature however the education system must be absolutely awful. What does wearing a mask to protect health have to do with communism? Being from Texas, I totally get the “Alamo” mentality. What I don’t get is the fact that people fail to remember that most all the Alamo defenders died with that same mentality.

Stupid white people shouting. Again. So they'll die in a fascist one oh my, those idiots There are no words for this kind of stupidity. How something as practical and sensible as wearing a mask during a pandemic to protect others as well as yourself can be turned into a some sort of political culture war is beyond me. Bunch of utter morons.

How uneducated one should be to link a pure medical necessity to politics and to a political & economic term one obviously doesn’t understand at all... Ridiculous. 'We don't live in a Communist country! It is my God-given right to spread disease and contagion! I have no social obligation to consider how my actions may impact others around me!'

Behind increase in number of COVID19 infections & deaths across the USA there is only one cause: Republicans' imbecility supporting a corrupt, inept and ignorant president who ignores reality and science and disdain pursuing the right policies because they affect his re-election. Then stop supporting Putin and Trump

So many dumb Americans. Holy shit. jwomack Stupidity is a virus. Marx/Lenin/Stalin all were ardent mask wearers. They began their intolerable regimes by requiring mask wearing. Anyone notice the Russian Revolution happened around the same time as the Great Flu Epidemic. Coincidence? I think not. What a pity...

And these are some of the same folks who cry America First. If they really felt that way they wouldn't be acting so selfish. What on earth do these meatballs know about communism? Comparing UK life with the USA I start to feel my life has more in common with Communist China than the land of the free. Deeper analysis reveals nowhere is free there are just different degrees of servitude to the state. Non compliance can mean a life spent in prison anywhere.

this is what happens when all educational materials are leveled to make the largest state happy. All these Texans bellowing nonsense may wish they'd saved their breaths after they've been intubated. Stay home if you’re so offended. Really no common sense, because that’s what people who were truly scared about catching it would do 🙄

Not only are people free in America, but so are viruses. Win - win! ah bon et ils crachent sur les copains , Maybe not communist but definitely stupidest, beta grip, if you don’t care about yourself care about others. The proverb in our language is apt for such characters... It means one who is strong below Neck and weak above

Waaaaa waaaaaaaaaaamrl MORONS Build a fucking wall around Texas already... Well they have a Russian owned President, so I guess that's the next best thing. I don’t think they understand that the virus doesn’t care about political affiliation. The guys in the photo are just mad because they can’t reach their dick without lifting their bellies out of the way.

Self entitlement is the American dream 'Tee Allen Parker has banned the wearing of masks at her bar....she said 'It's an individual choice''... The hypocrisy is strong with this one... People like this makes me ashamed to come from Texas.... Jeez Its not communism. If these 'protestors' had any grasp on what 'communism' represents then the chance they wouldn't have access to masks at all is actually more representative of 'communism' than instituting public health measures with use of masks for safety purposes.

You could hide those red faces...!? It's not macho to wear a mask unless it's for another reason. This is a country that NEEDS to carry guns do you think they give a dam about others. Let's blame the Communists, blacks, Jews, martians, everyone except themselves for not thinking Is the requirement to wear seatbelts communist? Illegality of drunk driving communist? These idiots don't know the definition of communism.

If we did Billionaires would be in prison where they belong! You should live in London..Geez, the Germans were supposed to be fascist faddists. You ain`t seen nuthin until you`ve seen the British. The higher, the tighter the better and they bark blue murder at you if you don`t wear one esp if you are a foreigner.

Right! For hillbillies! Dumb asf Man they’re stupid or have a death wish. Unfortunately, they can transmit the virus. Masks, at least the kind most are promoting “face covering” will not prevent anyone from receiving the virus should it be encountered..there are evidentiary studies proving this, Fauci said its “looks good, feel good” thing not a preventative thing. Be aware,do what’s right for u

GOP Texas is all kinds of fucked up Texas is littered with idiots. dont get it y wearing masks=communist country... individualism vs common good vs democracy vs human right What!?!? Shhhhh But I've heard wearing glasses and shunning exercise is also a communist belief. “There’s been nothing scientific that says masks are effective” Has she actually asked a scientist or read anything apart from an anti masker subreddit? 🤦‍♀️

The covidiots are forever entertaining. It feels like Covid19 truly revealed fundamental issue of the country. I can say the same thing about the UK but it’s much worse in the US. That bad boy is about to detonate...pull his little finger and run for the hills... Natural selection, let em die out... Stable geniuses 🇺🇸

Why do most fuckgibbon Vonklownshyte klansmen always look like their sister/mom dressed them? Everyday I’m glad I left this backwards state Idiots 'don't hold with mandating masks, cos 'freedom' but I'll ban them in my bar because... freedom? The idiocy and hypocrisy is amazing and I hope her staff sue her into oblivion if they catch Covid-19

Man in blue shirt has a sweet pair of burgeoning saggy baby moobs. Wearing a mask doesn’t make you a communist you imbeciles. It’s a health choice. To save lives. I despair. It's true. We don't live in a communist country. We live in the land of the brave and the free, where somehow we manage to do a few big things WORSE than any communist country.

The one on the left is definitely high risk. He should be at home. Look a bunch of fat angry white guys shocking I would say fine, let them die out, but it doesn't work that way. They will kill people who will do their best to stay safe, just because they feel their liberty is threatened. Do they wear shoes to protect their feet? Hats and helmets? Sunscreen? Masks are even MORE important.

Let them go without, Natural selection. They won’t be living anywhere shortly Funny, in Sweden people say “we don’t live in an authoritarian/fascist country” when they say they won’t wear masks. It has to do with stupidity and ignorance rather than left or right wing. And there seems to be plenty of stupidity in the world unfortunately

I am pretty sure they don’t even know what is communism. Haha just see the numbers. China has the virus in control whereas in US we are not even seeing any change. How stupid that we fight over wearing a mask! Shame man shame! I don’t know what it takes to wear a freaking mask! I bet they think this only happens in winter..

Masks are communist now? I did wonder why they all keep trying to seize the means of production. sometimes you just want to say to people to follow the rule and S**t up ! Wow! Wearing a mask to protect fellow humans is communist? LOL! FirstWorldProblems If you'd told how incredibly dumb a stupid some Americans are. I would not have believed you! It absolutely beggars belief how some of these folks can't get it that it's about saving there's and possibly friends and families lives.

They're still convinced they live in the land of the free... to do anything they please. Everything else must be communism. The woman with the “my body, my choice” poster as it relates to mask wearing is particularly anger inducing. These same people are likely anti-abortion. So you get a choice when it comes to a mask but not when it’s your uterus? Fuck right off.

And yet I’m sure they’d die for the right to wear a white pointy hood... Hey, if they don't want to wear a mask I guess they're living in the right place. Just stay TF away from me. “Remember the Alamo” I feel like I should take partial responsibility for this. This is the kind of stuff I have said in the privacy of my own home, while making fun of Trump supporters. But I still said it. And then the bullshit drifted up, into the ether, and landed in Texas. My apologies!

Muh freedumb What a strange people some Americans are! Americans are so dumb, not all but mostly. What a country 🤦‍♂️😂 everyday on the news for the worse scenario. Responsibility from the images you can not say: my mother what people ....... The president is a puppet of the Russians. What communism got to do with masks?

“I love the poorly educated” - Donald John Trump Ever wonder whom he might be talking about? 💩 Fascinating to watch the USA - the lunatics clearly run the asylum... Cant force ppl to wear them. Get over it. Free to wear one if you want. Other things raging in texas : covid 🤷‍♀️ What is the link between communism and wearing masks. If it proves anything it proves how empty headed whoever is thinking this way is.

Put 'lovers of liberty' in quotes --- the article presumes they're the rational ones. We call them Cantbreathers. MaskUp How stupid are these people? People are sucks if you gave them opportunity, they will don't disappoint you. two neurones Survival of the cleverest in action. Thanks realDonaldTrump. You did it. Killing everyone

Yes..looks more and more like nazi germany Fully deserve what's happening to them. Shall be more and more. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ These people are morons It's a piece of cloth. Get over it honestly. put on the god damn mask God how I hate my country. Bunch of psychopaths killing us all. “We don’t live in a communist country! This is supposed to be America,” said Tee Allen Parker, who has banned wearing of masks at her bar. She said: “It’s an individual choice.' Clearly not as picky about choice at her bar then... 🤦‍♀️covidiot

Sometimes you have to let them die on the soapbox they chose to scream out of Morons You also do not live alone on your own planet. You live in a society. That comes with responsibilities. You have a responsibility to the safety of others. Not wearing a mask is on par with going out and shooting a gun randomly. For all you know you are killing people.

See what we got after politicizing a pandemic. I'm reminded of driving through Wyoming a few years back and noting that around half the motorcyclists didn't wear helmets. If you're over 18 it's not compulsory. In 2016 about a fifth of highway fatalities in the state were motorcyclists - more than in all but two other states.

Japan,not a communist country, everyone wears masks less than 1000 dead despite being very densely populated. USA, do not wear masks not a very densely populated country 130,000 dead. Luckily for the sane world all the idiots are in 1 place & are banned from international travel. This may sound like a cliche but, yeah...we can't fix stupid. Let's hope the virus will.

Has the fat dude with the Texas TShirt and big gob been ID’d? I’ve seen this pic constantly over the last week. Would have thought the media would want to get his take on this picture... Sadly, it is the person wearing the mask and taking responsibility for others health who is at risk. The ones shouting at him and not wearing a mask also at risk. No leadership, no collective responsibility - out of control.

The bar owner says it's an individuals right to choose whether to wear a mask. The bar owner has banned the wearing of masks at her bar. Sums America up quite nicely! Welcome to North America. Anything I do not agree with is communism/socialism. My ignorance is just as good as Fauci/Tam's expertise. Taxes? Gun control? Climate change? Them's fighting words.

🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂 As usual the problem is the buffoon disguised as a president, his ego gets in his way of common sense and scientific advice. His refusal to be seen wearing a mask, his dismissal/ridicule of those who do. Remember guys covid is a indiscriminate killer its not just about u. Howl the people from behind their seatbelts

LOL nice point of view, that’s why they are so free to get infected and die. Todo el mundo es libre de ser ignorante. Por ejemplo, en la Edad Media no había aparecido el comunismo pero sí había pandemias. Y ya sabían que había que cubrirse la cara, no tocarse, ni acercarse. ¿Es normal este tipo de razonamientos y comportamientos en el siglo XXI?

China have their infection rate under control. So is the rest of Europe—I guess they are all communist as well. Just look at these lobotomised pigs, amazing. Jesus ! Put a mask on their Jesus. That will do. Oh wait. They don't progress. With the size of his mouth, I'll bet the fat guy in the black shirt is a future heart attack or stroke.

Also 'Battle over institutionalized stupidity rages in Texas' Can anyone recall the USA being a world superpower? Now it is simply a laughing stock for bemused outsiders... FrackHazReveal If nothing else, the mask debate has highlighted the collapse of American education. But look at THIS The Conservative concept of what is and isn't communism seems to be made up on the spot.

But they were ok with Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets, Tasers and bean bags against the Other Protesters.. 😂 and some were begging for military action against civilians.. GTFOH Is this the new visit America poster campaign? If only they realised how ridiculous they look, and understood how ridiculous their stance is in the face of this virus. But then, they probably have a complete lack of self-awareness, so neither is likely to happen.

bet they wear seatbelts They’re just as thick as 💩 There’s a particularly unpleasant strand in US politics that claims any effort to help your fellow man is un-American. idiots are running the show! the president called this another dem hoax and they ate it up and now they refuse to follow their teams own mandates! they are acting like they have never had to experience a minor inconvenience!

Darwinism in Action The old problem of people used to telling others what to do not liking being told what to do. Even if it will save them. Ain’t that America. Our individualism is our undoing. 'Hi I'm Coronavirus ! Some folks say they won't WearAMask because they 'aren't Communists' You can rest easy! I'm a free market capitalist virus! I'm all about supply & demand! We have an endless Supply of morons who won't WearADamnMask so I'll be in demand for a long time'

“After seizing the means of production, the proletariat will all wear face masks to minimise the spread of an infectious pathogen.” - Karl Marx, Communist Manifesto Communist doesn’t mean selfish nor it’s above science. It really is extraordinary that something as sensible as mask wearing can be made into a political issue. Some of the far right in Ireland are now engaged in a campaign of resistance against mask wearing. It is not enough for them not to wear masks, they criticise others.

I bet the people refusing to wear masks also claim to be pro-life. Our mass extinction event seems to be coming along right on schedule. COVIDIOTS My God, these people are morons. Look if those guys don’t want to wear a bra that’s up to them Soon they will not live. So Trump is a Communist now? If we don’t wear mask to flatten the curve, no one will allow Americans into their countries. We’ll be leper’s made to isolate by ourselves.

Well done guys and I won’t wear on either.. Fucking face nappies. Pero que cenutrios son... But your health supersedes rhetoric. What a bunch of nutters... Angry, fat, white men. Wow, wonder if those guys realize how stupid they look... that's rhetorical. TyphoidTrump We will soon Same people are more than happy to try to make little kids carry bulletproof backpacks to school because of their precious 2nd amendment right to bear arms.

Masks are communist now. Good to know. Was it communism when they were forced to use seat belts? Because communists have always worn masks. Masks are not, and never should be a political issue. If you have a problem with the facts (Masks stop airborne viruses from spreading) maybe the problem isn't with the facts. Honestly, this all leads back to a fundamental misunderstanding of how to educate children.

Democracies around the world have embraced masks and stopped the spread. Only in America do we have this sense of entitlement coupled with sheer ignorance. Go ahead, don't wear the masks. Economy will continue tanking, people will keep dying. Has nothing to do with communism. Has to do with public safety and health. People who don’t wear masks and put others at risk of getting severely ill are risking the lives of others. And if you do that we should have the ability to sue you for damages, hospital bills, etc

That's a weird way to phrase 'I don't care about anyone but myself' 🤔 turns out the 'communist' countries have much fewer death and disease Sign a waiver then, saying you won't go to health centre of hospital if you get the virus Decrying everything around them they don't like as 'communism' is the final, desperate scare tactic of right-wingers. It's lazy. It's insincere.

If many Texans don't want to wear masks in crowded public spaces then many Texans are going to get sick and die. The virus doesn't care who they are, and they don't care about pesky realities like viral load, or painful death. Idiots, stupid, dangerous idiots. Can’t get my head around this widespread US attitude that being told to wear masks in a pandemic is some how an act of imposing communist rule 🤦‍♂️

Plan B: Tell the unmasked morons that you've recently recovered from COVID... Look at the state of that bastard. Hard to tell whether the COVID, the hypertension or the clogged arteries will get him first. Do some of these morons think communicable diseases are governed by political ideology? I knew the US education system was pretty poor but this is taking the piss...

These people are so far gone the don't even have the will to protect themselves or family from deadly new virus, propaganda kills

Vanilla Ice to perform for thousands in Texas despite rising coronavirus casesVanilla Ice encourages fans to attend 4 July concert, says 'we didn't have coronavirus in the 1990s' nobody like vanilla ice What's the matter? Couldn't they get Ted Nugent? Can’t argue with that logic.

Texas bars sue state's governor and alcohol commission over coronavirus closuresLawyers claim businesses have been ‘relegated to Abbott’s loser category and sentenced to bankruptcy’ Nice BarsLivesMatter That is the stupidest thing I've heard of recently. Are they insane? ‘Merica

South Korea: incidents of Covid-19 'mask rage' flare as summer heats upHot weather is making mask wearing increasingly uncomfortable, prompting some people to refuse face coverings in defiance of government advice So you can imagine how Mississippians are taking it ... It’s hitting 30 in Canada. Suck it up, buttercup Such hot weather should reduce the spread anyway, especially if people still wear masks when indoors.

Black author Emma Dabiri on why you shouldn't say 'I don't see race'Following the Black Lives Matter movement, Emma Dabiri, author of Don't Touch My Hair, spoke about why saying 'I don't see race' isn't such a good idea.

Black author Emma Dabiri on why you shouldn't say 'I don't see race'Following the Black Lives Matter movement, Emma Dabiri, author of Don't Touch My Hair, spoke about why saying 'I don't see race' isn't such a good idea.

Black author Emma Dabiri on why you shouldn't say 'I don't see race'Following the Black Lives Matter movement, Emma Dabiri, author of Don't Touch My Hair, spoke about why saying 'I don't see race' isn't such a good idea.