Binmen, Nhs, Christmas

Binmen, Nhs

Waste collections could see Christmas crisis as drivers opt for better paid jobs

Waste collections could see Christmas crisis as drivers opt for better paid jobs

10/25/2021 12:24:00 AM

Waste collections could see Christmas crisis as drivers opt for better paid jobs

Bin lorry drivers on about £25,000 a year can reportedly boost their salaries by over 60% by driving for supermarkets, food hauliers or online retailers

Services in over half the councils in England and Wales are already disrupted by staff shortages, figures from the Local Government Association show.Simon Ellin of the Recycling Association said: “If you’re a driver you can go to the highest bidder and that is often the supermarket hauliers.”

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A council in Lancashire says it lost almost half its drivers in the last three months and problems are also reported in Devon, London and Peterborough.Bin lorry drivers on about £25,000 a year can boost their salaries by over 60% by driving for supermarkets, food hauliers or online retailers, an investigation by The Observer revealed.

Jacob Hayler of the Environmental Services Association said the vacancy rate was about 15%.He said services “will only come under greater pressure as we near Christmas, when waste volumes typically rise by 30%.”The Government said it had upped capacity for HGV tests.

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Daily Sport Mirror it's a great life on the Buses 🚍 I'm sitting in my bin truck right now and I can tell you this is bullshit Pay them a better wage then. Simples Good. Time centrists little liberati I'm alright Jack types start to realise that the working class are more important and deserve decent wages and respect. Get a better job they said. We will then. Collect your own bins hun

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Christmas bin collections face crisis as drivers quit their jobs for better payMany are taking up significantly better paid offers to work as hauliers for the food industry or supermarkets, with offers as much as £40,000 a year A perfect time for some real equality - we need women to fill these roles - drivers and collectors - to show that equality isn't about demanding top jobs .. it's about sharing the worst jobs and conditions too. So Brexit is causing wages for ordinary workers ro go up. And the left think that's a bad thing.

Christmas bin collections face crisis as drivers quit to join ‘highest bidder’ hauliersCHRISTMAS rubbish could be piling up outside British households this winter as bin collection drivers quit their jobs for more lucrative employment. encouraged its readers to vote for this. Suck it up you won.

UK faces bus driver shortage as staff ‘leaving in droves’ for better-paid HGV jobsServices across Derby, Stockton-on-Tees, Nottingham and Loughborough among those affected Plus they don't have to deal with everyday Joe Public, who let's be right, are a pain in the arse. Okay so long as they remember not to stop every few minutes Haha

Christmas bin collections in UK at risk as lorry drivers quitLocal councils face a shortage of refuse collectors who can earn tens of thousands more driving for supermarkets or food hauliers peterjukes So our water is going to be full of shite, our drinking water might contain E.coli, the streets will be full of rubbish, which means rats and the brussel sprouts and policemen are cardboard cut outs. Shaping up to be a good one. peterjukes I can’t take much more of all this Brexit “winning” peterjukes

Households warned of ‘Christmas crisis’ for bin collections due to staff shortagesCouncil waste contractors now offering sign-up bonus of £1,500 to recruit bin lorry drivers We've not had regular collections for 3 months, with our Tory Council in Derbyshire using taxpayers money to bail out Serco who've already been paid to deliver the service but haven't. Private industry and Conservatives doing the same thing, fleecing the taxpayer. Brexit again?