Washing your clothes is so 2020; this is why laundry mists are the future

But do they *actually* work? We put one to the test.

10/23/2021 12:33:00 PM

'I just used this spray to clean my clothes for a week and this is what happened.'

But do they *actually* work? We put one to the test.

(Skims’ classic cotton iteration in black, if you’re wondering) straight onto the top of my pile of laundry. Even the strongest and most pungent deodorant in the world can’t protect against a day spent sweating in the same clothes, but this time, there’d be no washing for my Skims T-shirt. There would be just a few spritzes of The Lab Co.’s Signature Mist, which I focused on the armpits and wherever else on the shirt smelled a bit fusty.

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As a born sceptic, I was truly shocked when, after just five spritzes of the spray, the underarms of my T-shirt smelled as fresh as they do post-laundry. Surely this was just a first-time fluke? But by the time Tuesday drew to a close, after another typically harried day which I spent sweating in the same Skims T-shirt, I once again doused it in The Lab Co’s mist. Miraculously my two-day worn T-shirt smelled like a bouquet of fresh flowers, which prompted me to announce in every WhatsApp group chat I’m in that I’ve found the most effective laundry spray in the world and everybody needs to try it.

Steamery StockholmThe week continued in the same way until thirsty Thursday resulted in a suspicious-looking stain, which looked remarkably like the stains of a late-night snack foraged en route home from the pub. This was where the spray fell short (although it doesn’t claim to remove stains, only to neutralise bad odours). My T-shirt may have smelled as though it hadn’t spent six hours in the pub drinking copious amounts of wine, but it now didn’t look it and I instead had to employ the use of my trusty stain spray to banish the blotches from the front of the top. headtopics.com

By the time Friday rolled around, I felt an overwhelming urge to change my T-shirt and put a load of laundry on, but did I actuallyneedto? No, I didn’t, but old habits die hard and all that. In fact, using a mist to lightly spray over areas of clothes that are the most in-contact with sweat worked far more effectively than I thought it would, and in the days since, I’ve adopted it as a new way of keeping fresh. My love of fragrance remains, but this time with an eco twist.

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