War fears surge as Putin plots ‘full-scale invasion’ and may attack Ukraine ‘at any point’

War fears surge as Putin plots ‘full-scale invasion’ and may attack Ukraine ‘at any point’

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1/19/2022 8:25:00 AM

War fears surge as Putin plots ‘full-scale invasion’ and may attack Ukraine ‘at any point’

VLADMIR PUTIN could be on the brink of invading Ukraine as UK defence chiefs fear he has opted for a 'nightmare scenario'.

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Get that you’re just a bunch of warmongering US glove puppets, but are any of you OK? Try watching “Threads” or even “Dr Strangelove” (if you want some laughs)... It's quite important to know that 1/4 of Ukraine self identify as Russia. Yes after 8 Years Daily Lier at Work xD PS: Do you really Suppport facists?

Ukraine says Russia is behind cyberattack that defaced its websitesUkraine accused Moscow of continuing to 'wage a hybrid war' and said the cyberattack was part of a plot to 'destablise the situation in Ukraine'. It should have better cyber security then Sure...I mean how could anyone not believe the US and Ukrainian neo Nazi regime eh? Nazis never lie do they? 🙃 paranoid!

Russia moves troops to Belarus for joint exercises near Ukraine borderMove likely to stoke invasion fears as war games also planned near borders of Nato members Poland and Lithuania This is not a good thing...not a good thing at all. Rook to Bishop 3. I hope the people of Belarus are ready for their country to become a battlefield for Putin's hubris.

British troops sent to Ukraine amid fears of pending Russian invasionWarning President Putin against 'what could be a very, very bloody war', Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told MPs: 'The UK is providing a new security assistance package to increase That will help us drive the price of energy down from Putin wont it. We arent in the EU are we However, another Boris blunder, do we really want another war. Why does the USA President sort out his own mess? What ever nobody win in the war...killing each other for nothing lol ..🤐

UK sends troops and weapons to Ukraine amid fears of a Russian invasionThe UK has sent troops and high-tech anti-tank weapons to Ukraine due to fears Russia is planning to invade. Putin has stated a number of times that his motive is to obtain a promise that Ukraine will not join NATO. He has said he is concerned about the likely placement of military weapons next door, if Ukraine joins NATO. Wait, wtf?

Ukraine: Washington and Kremlin's top diplomats to meet as Russia ramps up military drills in 'extremely dangerous situation'Washington and the Kremlin's top diplomats are set to meet for talks in Switzerland on Friday, stepping up efforts as tensions escalate amid fears of a possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia