Wales lockdown: Tesco shopper 'unable to buy sanitary products'

The supermarket has apologised for saying it was unable to sell them under Welsh lockdown rules.

10/26/2020 2:19:00 PM

Tesco shopper in Wales 'unable to buy sanitary products' due to ban on non-essential items under Welsh lockdown rules

The supermarket has apologised for saying it was unable to sell them under Welsh lockdown rules.

The petition is now the largest ever submitted to the Senedd.image copyrightimage captionBooks have been covered in cellophaneMr Drakeford said a review into how the rules have been implemented would be held on Monday.Secretary of State for WalesSimon Hart has urged

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Mr Drakeford to "scrap the policy" while Welsh Conservative leader Paul Davies called for Members of the Senedd to be recalled "virtually" to debate the matter."This is absolute madness by the Welsh Government, preventing people from buying the products which they want to buy," he said.

Plaid Cymru health spokesman Rhun ap Iorwerth said the Welsh Government needed to change the way it communicated with businesses to help them plan.In an interview with BBC Wales, Mr Drakeford said: "The position we face in Wales is really and deeply serious and for these two weeks we are asking people to stay at home and not to mix with other people as much as they can.

"If the rules are not sensible rules, if there are anomalies that are emerging, we will put them right, but the basic underlying public health emergency has not gone away."The basic decision is the right one. If the implementation of it, the interpretation of it needs to be revisited to make sure the rules are sensible, then we will do that."

image copyrightimage captionSome supermarkets emptied certain shelvesTim Batcup, who has had to close his Swansea book shop during the lockdown, said the Welsh Government had made the "right call".But he said that while some supermarkets had stopped selling books, others were still selling them, and the messaging was a "bit mixed".

"I don't really understand the fuss... I don't know why people can't go a couple of weeks without a pair or pants or a candle," he toldBBC Radio Wales Breakfast."I think it's a sincere attempt at levelling up, how effective it will be I don't know. It might drive people towards the online giants, but they all seem to clean up anyway.

image copyrightimage captionThe toy aisle at Tesco on Western Avenue in Cardiff has been blocked offNicky Small, who has had to close her craft shop in Llandudno, said she believed wool and other craft items were essential as the hobbies were helping many through the pandemic.

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"I think there's a balance, what is one person's non-essential could be another person's essential," she said."The difficulty is anybody trying to dictate what essential is, because that will depend on who you are, what you are needing to get, if you have been waiting for payday."

Head of the Welsh Retail Consortium, Sara Jones, said the rules were confusing, and banning people from buying certain items set a dangerous precedent."I think this policy is the wrong way to go about it, because rather than levelling the playing field, it's just creating winners and losers, it's pushing people online," she said.

She said allowing an element of discretion would go against the purpose of the policy, as people would have to approach staff for items and spend more time in store. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Just going by the photos: toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorant not essential It’s going to be a long, nasty lockdown. Can’t even comment on the book ban. It is too sad. Could Tesco explain why in their Aberdare store you can buy as much alcohol as you like, but I was unable to buy a sympathy card today? Christmas cards available but they have decided that I cannot purchase a card in which I can pass on my condolences to a relative? Appalling!

Because it was a crime scene? I love my country, but be carefull if you ever want to vote for an independent wales. fact You still haven’t taken this tweet down. Disgrace You know that’s proven to not be true so stop trying to fuel hatred amongst individuals towards Welsh Govt - Tesco should take out a page in a Newspaper with a big apology & you should correct this misinformation online too! BBC BritishBullshitCorp

TESCO donate large sums of cash to the Tory Party & are deliberately misinterpreting Welsh Government guidelines to try & create disdain amongst the Welsh for its devolved government.........Just more Conservative scummy tactics Rubbish. Oh my goodness . That is outrageous . I can’t believe it. A country like Wales? people have different needs. Doubt that would even happen in a communist country. I don’t know . My ASD daughter would be having huge meltdowns if she lived in Wales. Feel for you all.

orlandonicoara deci nu doar eu nu dorm la ora asta. vicderbyshire Not true Utter rubbish that section was blocked off as they had 20k of stuff stolen in the early hours. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT WILL YOU ALL YOU ARE DOING IS TROUBLE MAKING Seems to be getting a bit Andy Murray now. When it’s a positive COVID story it’s U.K. lockdown but when it’s a negative it’s a devolved government (scotland/wales) lockdown.

Absolutely ridiculous This is total fabrication & lies Report the news Not Fake News vicderbyshire Just shocking! That poor woman. I hope Tesco are sorting that out. Let’s not also forget the baby food locked off.... Labour have lost their mind........ however one common theme.... anti women, anti children

Appalling headline grab ... clearly a marketing stunt by the supermarket you’ve fallen for. Hope you get commission? This is the most reduculous, disgusting, degrading comment from a company. Period items are non essential. I will never ever give that company my money again. Tesco Are major stores going to refuse to accept food vouchers intended for 'poor' children, when adults buy booze & ciggies with them? It is happening in Bristol! On that point, has anyone seen any 'poor' children in rags and bare feet, running the streets?

Except that’s not true Now that is just plain stupid. Have you cotrected this or are you now a source of fake news? Just grab what you need and stop been cowards ffs It's stuiped the worst prime minister ever not to buy toys wow the prime minister that's killed Christmas well done Boris Johnson sounds like u don't believe in God at all ?

Dear BBC, your headline IS A LIE. It doesn't matter what it says in the article, lots of people don't tread beyond the headline. As a once-reputable news organisation, please correct this now. What the actual........non-essential?! What are we supposed to do, flood blood everywhere? Not sure if it was due to the lockdown, its my local tesco. It got robbed last night and there was a massive hole over that aisle, it got blocked off because the footprints of criminals were still there

Why are you not clarifying this story! Can't wait for the Tory government you keep propping up dismantle you! Don’t tell lies with wrong headlines . One nation, one set of rules! The posts from Conservative tying to cause chaos and confusion to cover England’s ludicrous policy from BJ London 'unable to buy sanitary products' due to ban on non-essential items under Welsh lockdown rules' NOT TRUE should have amend by NOW

When did Wales become a communist state? We checked publicly-available data, to ensure that Wales' Health Board-run 'Test, Trace and Protect' contact tracing scheme is delivering, compared to England's privately-operated 'Track and Trace' scheme. Contacts successfully traced: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 89% 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿62.6% Well, there we are then.

Wtaf 🤦🏼‍♀️ oh what a luxury. A decision definitely made by a man. Wrong BoycottTheBBC FakeNews Jeff Bezos is laughing all the way to the bank.Idiots rattycastle NOT TRUE! Are you going to apologise for spreading misinformation? vicderbyshire WelshGovernment what the hell are you doing STUPID GOVERNMENT

Take this deliberately misleading and false article down. Tescos has admitted the mistake was on their end and that sanitary products are essential. Try all you want people arent going to forget about the Tories smugly deciding to starve poor children Misleading headline, the great BBC reduces to clickbait, what a real shame. Wise up and be real journalists for heavens sake.

USISC1 Stop and make sense! Bullshit!!!! Is incompetent or just shilling a ('cleverly' worded)anti Labour message ? tesco should get their shop in order sanitary products are 'essentials' items for the female of the species. Shame on you Tesco JopublicBrexit Good job Labour are not in control of the UK . Think of the deviation

ahh dont you just love the bbc NOT happy i stopped paying my tv licence a few months ago best thing i did for a while now i stream free stuff and catch up not missed live tv at all Amazon simple Now that is ridiculous. Sanitary towels is an essential item. Like a nappy is for a child. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

BBC totally wrong yet again. Please delete this misleading story!!! Wait so if there classed as an essential item, then you can remove the luxury tax from them right. Because it can't be classed as an essential luxury, can it. There is no gain in everyone being fit and well for them Tesco have since admitted that they made a mistake, apologised and taken the offending tweet down. So are you going to do the same or are you going to continue spreading misinformation and lying?

The money is in what makes people ill so of course you can still buy cigarettes and alchol, it makes people ill = ££££ Let's play a game....the WELSH LABOUR PARTY don't care about women on their period.. The Welsh labour party don't care about babies having new clothes.... See how this game works! BBC refusing to do journalism as usual. Tory crackpots

Can't buy sanitary products but you can buy shed loads of alcohol instead, 🤔 makes sense NOT. Disgusting. They need to remove the person in charge! I guess they had better have their mops and buckets ready for the menstrual flow as that's one thing that will go on beyond the red tape The Labour Party. Say no more.

I smell bullsh*t. Your headline is wrong. Sanitary products are not classified as non-essential under Welsh lockdown rules. Some bright spark at Tesco decided they were. “England Today” reports . Is this not essential ? Its ok every womans period stops in Wales because the govt has called a lockdown, this had to be a mans idea.

Another fiasco down to lack of clear communication. Another abysmal Tory c*ckup.😕 I would like those that put this rule in and the shop assistant that couldn't make an ethical decision to experience a few days of their life bleeding all down their legs, through their clothes and all over their bed Go to buy books to keep the mind active while beeing stuck in, no where to go but no they're not essential , I'll get paint and paper to decorate, oh not essential , time to start talking to ourselves and walking round in undies.

Why haven't you deleted this tweet as it's incorrect! A male I assume? Dishonest reporting at the behest of the Conservative Government. Shocking but sadly not surprising. BBC now being run under a reign of terror by Cummings and his co-conspirators Johnson Govie and others. This isn’t what happened. It was because of a mistake. This headline is wrong.

tesco even if this is a one off mistake it’s not good enough. Do you discourage your staff from possessing common sense? Outrageous discrimination against women and humiliating treatment of a customer. Wake up. But beer is available to purchase! Ridiculous tesco Correction: prevented due to idiotic interpretation of sensible rules by Tesco 🤔

Nothing to do with the ban on non essential products What an appalling thing to say. None essential. Hiw do theh justify this It shouldn't even of happened by accident. piersmorgan Theworldsgonenuts 😷😷😷 This is total control...unbelievable and unnecessary. COVID19 Sanitary products are a necessity not a luxury. Must have been a man to make those rules

Idiots How can you not be aloud to get sanitary towels. They for health reasons. Are you kidding?! What in the world Why aren’t sanitary products essential-this is ridiculous!! Shucks that’s a problem. Super stupid restrictions The Conservative broadcasting bull... Machine strikes again. Tesco have since deleted the tweet and apologised

Wow! BBC outright lying. Helping the Cons to undermine devolution by sowing doubt in our institutions. Never would have guessed it. This is actual fake news. Shame on you. Scotland are right to see you as a mouthpiece of Westminster. How much worse will you get? The BBC yet again using in appropriate wording 😡😡 Please Take Note it is called Sanitary Products

The rules do not ban this. This tesco's chose to stop the shopper itself. To devote more coverage to the ‘inability’ to buy a kettle or whatever in Wales , rather than the travesty of the equivalent of the population of Wales having been ExcludedUK from any parity of Covid Financial Support from RishiSunak is beyond comprehension.

It's been an hour since the Welsh Government linked their guidence in this thread, yet the tweet remains and the story remains This is deliberately misleading! The UK Government propaganda (British Bulls**t Corporation) machine strikes again This is discusting !!!! That's complete......FactCheck Lunacy BBCnews Lord Reith spins virtually everyday you touch the keyboard.Acting as state broadcaster is very George Orwell

Utter lunacy! Ok so it's an employee error in one Tesco store but I am a bit baffled as to how no other member of staff in the entirety of this Tesco store queried with a supervisor or a manager that they thought this was somehow incorrect 🤯 Gosh! The wearing a mask issue in shops looks a minor compared to walking around in blood smeared isles!

Facts, BBC, ever thought of reporting the FACTS It’s not true, the rules never prevented period products being sold and Tesco have deleted their tweet. coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) COVID19 Maby you can stop taxing them as luxury you assholes Follow these 3 steps when writing a new Covid19 rule: - 1) Make sure the rule makes it look like you're taking things seriously. 2) Overcomplicate it so that it cannot be explained in a way which makes sense to anyone. 3) Ensure the rule is unenforceable.

How absolutely absurd and ridiculous!!! Why is this still on your website after government clarification- at lunch? This whole policy is ridiculous and wrong. Even if this was a mistake what about a replacement light bulb (banned) or a fire extinguisher (banned). Should people live in the dark and ignore the risk of fire to please these lunatics? They just supporting Amazon.

Insane! You really need to take this propaganda down now it’s already started to cause people to panic buy. Dangerous COVID misinformation at its worse. I never thought I would see shit like this from the bbc. This is not only fake news, it is false reporting. BBC UK doesn't care a fig about Wales until there is an opportunity got outrage and clickbait. What are you even for anymore? You're a non-independent, state courtier.

Frankly this is a disgrace. Such products are essential. Very few products sold in a supermarket are non-essential. All part of the dictatorship attitude of politicians and officials which is doing absolutely nothing to prevent further COVID cases. So misleading. Well, she’ll have to go back to newspaper, but she should save the Guardian for bog roll. I think somehow you would have to be extremely vindictive to not class Tampax as essential or stupid.

Surely this is an essential under health and hygiene!!!! vicderbyshire vaughangething suggests you can only by limited none essential items from supermarkets, but he also suggests to protect the small retailer and by other items from them. So to go out not to buy items under one roof, but several and possibly spread or increase the risk bonkers

unbelievable! This is a (deliberately?) misleading headline, isn’t it? - that falls WELL below the minimum standard of reporting that the public are willing to accept. Do better! Quite ridiculous, I feel sorry for the Welsh, restricting the sale of goods is absurd, all it achieves is conflict & confusion in a time where cohesion & cooperation is really needed. Sort it out WelshGovernment this is a farce waleslockdown WelshLockdown

vicderbyshire Delete this tweet and do some research in future. vicderbyshire I bought Ladies essentials in Morrisons in Wrexham on Saturday for the local food bank. So this isn't correct. This was an error by the store. Misleading story and headline - pointed out to BBC - but it's still here. MarkDrakeford is a complete spaz.COVID-19 Tweets from UK authorities talk through their arseholes.COVIDIOTS uksciencechief CRIMINALS. You know what happened to Mussolini.

vicderbyshire Just a jobsworth in Tesco over reacting. Clearly not government policy 🙄 kennethwilsonuk Old news Just a mistake by one store and one twitter reply. All sorted by the Welsh government immediately. The BBC is nothing more than Pravda these days. It’s not due to the ban though is it. It’s due to a daft staff member stuffing up. Stop shit stirring.

This is extremely poor reporting. I'm so deflated that the one channel I grew up with can no longer report factually correct information about Wales I've watched Channel 4 since beginning of the lockdown and the difference is immeasureable Britain has lost its mind. Confused why it is OK to buy Classic Car and Private Eye but not Mary Berry.

What the hell is happening in Wales. Sanitary products not essential 😳 I’ll just bleed all over the floor then! waleslockdown People in Wales are mostly kind and generous I am sure if someone was desperate for a non essential item they would only have to put it on Social Media and someone would come to their aid and walk to put it on a doorstep !

Wow not too long ago sanitary products were considered luxurious items hence the tax on them. Now not even essential? Ridiculous! Rubbish People in Wales are mostly kind and generous I am sure if someone was desperate for a non essential item they would only have to put it on Social Media and someone would come to their aid and walk to put it on a doorstep !

CLJWrites The welsh government have handled the situations very poorly Bloody hell Fury as SKY News fails to check facts but prefers to misrepresent the rules in order to whip up criticism from those too dull to know better. BBC repeat the nonsense - thereby falling into the the latter category This whole country is seriously fucked up. Since when is beer essential, only if you're an alcoholic I suppose.

‘She’s a Woman’ ....! This is wrong. Fake news You are lying. Disgraceful 'fake news' headline from BBC Phoebejoy1611 unbelievable the world has gone mad! This is untrue: Tesco made a mistake. should remove this tweet at once. Sorry I did laugh; obviously some one though it was a towel hence not allowed. Just because they know what it was; doesn't necessarily follow those that don't use them; will. Common sense prevailed when realised. Job done.

Jesus christ, BBC, you just keep on stooping to new lows, huh? What a joke! How long before Mark Drakeford resigns and the Welsh nation revolts..............? Delete this. Because of course periods can be switched off. If only. Phoebejoy1611 That didn’t happen when i was shopping this weekend at a different supermarket. This was an error on Tesco’s psrt NOT the Welsh Gov 🤷🏻‍♀️

It was a mistake & it was rectified, Tesco apologised. Does this really need to be news? I'd take my pants down and drag my bleeding vagine across their floor like a dog Amend the headline. It is a falsehood. Tesco misinterpreted the guidance. Sanitary products are an essential product. NotOk this is essential shopping for people who need this Wales

The signs should say Tesco In line with Welsh Government guidelines Bloody ridiculous 😡 Wrong Wales has taken the insanity to the next level. Payback is coming though, and it's not far off. Your headline is misleading and serves to cause even more chaos. You're meant to be impartial. Why are you acting like a tabloid newspaper?

This is an outright lie. Irresponsible. We need devolved media now. Stop stoking things. Tesco made a mistake. We're in a 2wk firebreak not the bloody blitz. Sensationalism!! This newsie moment reminds me of the following; if men were getting pregnant and carrying to full term rather than women, Wales would reconsider 'essential' and 'non-essential' [?]

This is misleading, isn't it. They better had!! Fake News How so? Evidence please. But while we’re at it - tesco - do you make profit on these lines of essential items? How much? The BBC narrative is to undermine the Welsh Govt at every opportunity, as they’ve done for years in Scotland. Remember, is run by Tories for the Tories. DissolveTheUnion

That's a lie. Please correct. They need to think what is essential. Milk, water, basic ingredients, fruit and veg and meat. Are essential, where as confectionery, alcohol, cigarettes fizzy drinks are not!! Just rip the plastic down. Get what you WANT. Aswell as what you NEED. Fuck their control 🖕🤬 Having sat here at home watching the bbc news and listening to the person talking about face coverings and shields that man is a fool saying you should wear both masks how about those of us that cannot wear a face mask but can a shield becouse health reasons .

How can this get into the news? One person has a freak encounter with a supermarket. Not news worthy. Remove this This seems like an odd policy. If a store is open, why limit what can be purchased? Perhaps require masks and limit number of people in store instead. Can someone introduce the BBC to journalism?

this gov defo have blood on ther hands I do think this is a particularly dumb headed move. It’s bad enough people having to deal with navigating shops during covid restrictions without having their shopping policed plus you can bet whichever jobsworth decides what is essential will be wrong as we see here.

But labour would solve every problem!! No? No virus! No death! No starving children! Bigger money trees 🌳 We would live in Utopian with magic unicorns 🦄 & zero death & disease 😂 This Fire-break is turning into a bloody mess😂. Bit of a wrong headline this This is incorrect and a misleading headline. Please correct immediately

It's not true actually, but even so, telling a store what they can and can't sell sounds like North Korea. That's socialism for you. Had days notice to get stocked up ... stop being idiots The fact that the Welsh government have placed non essential bans on products, is causing this confusion. They need to address this and change it, and give people the freedom to buy what they want. This stance doesn’t help the little shop that is already shut, power trip

Wrong wrong and wrong I would steal if they couldn't sell the product if its not for sale its not stealing is it Shouldn't this tweet read 'Tesco shopper 'unable to buy sanitary products' as one of the retailer's stores misinterpreted fire-break regulations'? But then again this wouldn't be as interesting or inflammaTORY would it? And why deal in boring truth or details anyway eh?! 🙄

If you can't sell them then we shall steal them LOL This is wrong and has been wrong for an hour, you need to change this straight away Keep fireing up the hate on the lock down Why have they covered the books? When there's fuck all else to do? Whoever in that Tescos make that call seriously should be reconsidering their job role. So a basic stupid mistake

Tesco seriously? Non essential item? Except they were were able to buy under lockdown rules... Tesco messed up here. Not that you'd be able tell that from the headline. Its stupid. What is an essential for 1 person isn't essential for another. I don't understand how blankets aren't essential, especially if people can't afford to put heating on.

But that wasn't the reason, was it. There is no ban. so, sanitary products are non-essential but a litre of Smirnoff is? What kind of a fucking planet are we living on? Those are essential items... No women in Wales? Only men and sheep? They ARE an essential item. Talk about making a premenstrual woman worse.

This just beggars belief. What a totally stupid, irrational policy. Proof that common sense is not that common amongst politicians! Bloody piss take... You haven't changed the misleading headline yet. Why not? Fake news... why does the BBC make this rubbish up from!! 👎 Is this just some Tory nonsense, or are the ministers simply stupid?

I'm confused by the people saying this is lies or it didn't happen, it did happen. Confusion by Tesco or not the woman was refused sanitary products Men make me laugh. Obviously no women in that meeting. Just order online ? Have you heard of shopping online ? Tell you what-try and act like a journalist- ring up the FM of Wales and ask him if this is true- if it is a mistake let us know...

Can in Swansea Tesco Are these people sane? Oh, I forgot, they are men. Madness! The lunatics have taken over the asylum. I've got some old drip trays in the shed of anyone wants them... Tesco did this in 'error'. Nothing to do with the fact they are pissed off that the Welsh government didn't want small businesses to be at a disadvantage this next two weeks, eh? This tweet needs deleting and an apology issued, like Tesco's have had to do.

Just seems a bazaar situation, also books as well no harm ever came from reading a book. If they are worried about the virus on the product. Do what I do as a transplant patient, buy some rubbing alcohol 70% isopropyl or quarantine the items for a few days. 🤯🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡's Utter madness ! The Welsh Mafia at its finest.

I can't imagine that this is true for one moment.. Change this misleading headline Fake News 😂 DefundTheBBC People who bleed will not be happy. Look at the absolute state of Wales 😂 They've deleted it now. However it shows how much confusion the Welsh government have caused. This isn't the govt's fault, it was Tesco's misinterpretation. It's a one-off. This is a misleading headline.

Disgusting 😡 🙂 Not happening at our local Tesco store. that pesky covid only going after folk that need sanity products, good call Tesco, every little helps. FFS 😳🤷🏻‍♂️ Time to stop the world and let’s get off So it was a mistake in one and it makes big news on this, come on BBC you used to be better than this. I was in Switzerland when this first hit and the same thing happen with non-esentials not being allowed to be sold in supermarkets and there was not all the crying we get here.

Why is everyone repeating the tweet above ? Doh ! 🥴🥴🥴 We were always told that Welsh women don't have a menstrual cycle? I'm genuinely shocked at finding out this news, as I'm sure a lot of other English people will be. Remains the most perplexing policy of the entire covid period Wales have now a communist regime in place. Appalling.

The Welsh government disagrees. Can you be less Tory please? This is inaccurate!! Riot now. If you think fem protection products are not essential, you are fucked in the UK. Or should women go back to making rags for their periods. They've apologised, one of their stores made a mistake.... Disgraceful, what a joke

My guess is that this must be men making this decision! Also never had a sister, mother, daughter or wife! Must be soy boy gender freaks! Or from another planet! shut tfu bbc stopppp Why are you not reporting this as what it is: preventing supermarkets cashing in on unfair lockdown monopolies yet again. It’s absolutely right they shouldn’t be selling items that no one else is allowed to.

Maybe if you stop promoting the PCR Pandemic and do what is right, this will cease to continue. CrimesAgainstHumanity Misreporting BBC. Tory supporting Tesco giving the Welsh government the blame when they are at fault. Please correct. This is wrong! It's not Welsh lockdown rules, it was Tesco making a mistake and the tweet has now been deleted!

Too much too far. Enough! We will be all shopping at that well known British online store soon 😉 BBC peddling misinformation again. You should delete this tweet. This is a lie. The Tesco store made a mistake. They have corrected it and their customers are able to buy pharmacy and sanitary products as per the Welsh government lockdown rules. Keep up with the news!!

Sorry - is buying these ‘forbidden’ products spreading COVID? Omg how pathetic and archaic... I thought it was only in 3rd World countries that women couldn't get sanitary products Supermarkets can still sell items that can be sold in pharmacies. Really Good to know the person that thought up that rule was a man. Truely shocked my that revelation 🙄

Furious Tesco shopper rips sheets off 'non-essential' items in WalesA FURIOUS Tesco shopper ripped off coverings from “non-essential” items in Wales as he raged about the “disgraceful” lockdown. Today is the first full day of the “fire… Another attention seeking pillock being given the oxygen of publicity by a downmarket tabloid. Children’s clothes wow things must be bad

Police in England to patrol routes out of Wales during firebreak lockdownGloucestershire Constabulary confirmed they will patrol routes into the Forest of Dean area and pull over vehicles they suspect of making long journeys. Advise all you want mate, but I for one will go where I like, absent private property of course. People are rising to this tyrannical agenda caused by Dr Fauci and co. Time up Party time for criminals

Tesco, Asda and Marks & Spencer update delivery rules - supermarkets issue warningTESCO, Asda, Marks & Spencer are among the retailers offering home delivery of groceries. These are the latest updates from the supermarket chains. I don't shop there anymore after what happened to me so it doesn't bother me

Police to stop drivers leaving Wales during lockdown despite lack of enforcement powersOfficers in England will ‘encourage drivers to turn around’ because they cannot enforce Welsh laws This is illegal police state activity Well done. ‘Chilling effect’ Scum Media fake narrative to make people self-police and snitch.

Coronavirus: Supermarkets in Wales have cordoned off 'non-essential items' - shoppers are furiousShoppers in Wales have criticised government measures which mean 'non-essential items' have been put behind metal barriers or covered with plastic sheeting in supermarkets We need more heros like this Labour run Wales, here's a glimpse of life for us all if they ever get in Pathetic!!

Black Lives Matter: New hidden slave trade sites in Wales revealedTwo new locations in Wales linked to the slave trade are now marked by high-tech history barcodes. There are a lot more in Africa, China, India, and the Middle East. Give it a rest will ya