Waitrose staff told to make up time off for virus

Waitrose staff told to make up time off for virus

4/6/2020 8:38:00 PM

Waitrose staff told to make up time off for virus

The firm expects staff to recover time they take off for sick family members.

Waitrose said:"Where possible we are asking Partners to time bank, however we are being flexible about when time can be paid back."Self-isolating problemsThe problem affects workers who self-isolate because a family member displays COVID-19 symptoms.

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The supermarket chain said:"If they are physically well enough themselves to work, then we will explore the option of working at home in the first instance."But few supermarket workers can work at home.It means while they are paid in full during the time they take off, they are forced to pay that time back by working overtime for no extra pay when they return to work.

They have to cover the days they miss in full, up to two week's worth of hours.Technically unpaidA Waitrose worker - who asked to remain anonymous because of fears for their job - told the BBC:"It means someone on a 35-hour contract would have to work an extra 70 hours if they had two weeks in isolation.

"They would be technically unpaid as the company would say they've already paid them for it."Image copyrightGetty ImagesThe worker also claimed that John Lewis staff - part of the same business - are being treated differently."Front line Waitrose staff are being pressured to work back hours in order to protect the business, at least that's what they're telling us.

"But some John Lewis and Head office staff are being paid 100% salary to stay at home."Meanwhile another member of staff told the:"My biggest concern around this is that really vulnerable people will not self-isolate or shield, and those who need to self-isolate due to family illness will put society as a whole at risk due to these punitive measures."

Flexible about pay-backA Waitrose spokesperson told the BBC:"We are being flexible about when time can be paid back, including into 2021, and we understand that isn't possible for everyone - particularly where partners may need to isolate for more than one period.

"So we are being as flexible and supportive to our Partners as we can and everyone will be looked at on an individual basis and discussed with their manager."The Waitrose worker who contacted the BBC said:"The message is that time-banking is being translated as being mandatory at store level, with paid absence only for exceptional circumstances.

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"But nobody has been able to discover what these circumstances are as it doesn't appear to be up for discussion."What are other supermarkets doing?Other supermarkets appear to have been more generous when it comes to supporting staff during the coronavirus crisis.

Marks & Spencer said:"Any colleague who needs to self-isolate for seven to 14 days can do so on full pay."Colleagues who are pregnant, 70+ or with the health conditions specified by the Department of Health, are already on leave for 12 weeks on full pay."

At Asda, boss Roger Burnley said:"We've committed to supporting our colleagues that have been identified by the government as needing to self-isolate for 12 weeks, ensuring these colleagues receive full pay for their isolation period."The supermarket is also offering 12 weeks fully paid leave to those over the age of 70, or who are pregnant and classed as vulnerable, as well as the carers of extremely vulnerable people.

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Why shop with Waitrose! They take customers for granted and seem to not value staff anymore. How times change! Is not the first time. Knew someone who was made to work in open food counter despite their feet being in sewage water. All i can say. Its good to see some of their unfairness being 'exposed'. Those poor employees. My heart truly goes out to them.

That’s a nice humane touch! waitrose call their employees 'Partners' but certainly don't treat them like that. I'll be off to Tesco thanks. What is wrong with these managers? No common sense. Lot of people making so called 'mistakes' like this. They aren't mistakes, they are trying to get away with it. Shows your employer's feelings towards the people who work for them. All they think about is business and money. True colours showing.

Clickbait. Waitrose has already reversed their decision yesterday morning. This is now clickbait and pointless comments slagging Waitrose is totally pointless Nice try waitrose.... TheFinalGed It's a shop for Tories. ToriesGonnaTory So you are all willing to believe a BBC report from one anonymous employee. Then claim to care about the partners by saying you will no longer shop there. Oh the irony. I work for John Lewis and they are moving mountains to help partners. 1/2

Another one for piersmorgan to get his teeth into! If a member of staff dies from the virus would there be a case for corporate manslaughter against these companies? My OH works for Waitrose and he knows nothing of this! He was off 2 weeks for self isolation on full pay, they have offered a hardship fund for those struggling amongst other things.

All companies, including those within NHS, are dealing with this as they think fit, some more generously than others. Some paying and some making staff take holiday and unpaid leave. Visited my local Waitrose wearing my NHS lanyard and was told to go to end of queue Decision now reversed after public outcry!

I work for Waitrose I had to use all my holiday to look after my wife she at a high risk I am a carer for her there do not care about as I wish we had Waitrose in the North, then I could boycott them. 😂😂😂 heartless! Sainsburys no better, no masks or anything to protect their staff- brother we think had this lives with 70+ parents told after 7 days had to return still unwell- back to work interview they put down he had a cold, disgusting behaviour

Just go sick. Statutory right under government directive. See how they deal with that There’d be a strike if they tried that in Belgium. Was not sorry to leave this company. WTF?! People should boycott this shop. 🤬🤬 waitrose you're a disgrace. Delete your account. jlandpartners waitrose Over the last 4-5 years the whole John Lewis partnership which includes Waitrose has gone downhill. Its now heading down the same road as Debenhams because the management are idiots. I refuse to shop there any more, poor service and over-priced rubbish!

Another fantastic own goal which a PR firm will get hired and paid millions to fix, rather than just being a decent company to start with. Worst employer/management 😭😭 Fake , its from the BS B C. What? * up to two weeks' worth of hours Another Mike Ashley company needing to apologise for not giving a shit about the people that actually make him money. Have another beer and throw up in the fire place the guys a class act.

Similar policy being implemented by Royal Mail. No pay if you have to isolate due to a family member. I'd be surprised if this was true, it doesn't fit with the waitrose John Lewis ethos Terrible and not doing their contribution to combating this virus. Shameful the poor staff. This will delay staff from going off sick when they should. There are potentially some awful consequences to this.

waitrose I'm a loyal customer and am very disappointed by this - staff need your support - we pay more because we believe you're an ethical business - this surely is a rogue manager taking decisions which do not align to your corporate values Only supermarket that disinfects it’s trolleys and it’s taking this serious

waitrose what a bloody disgrace!!! This coronavirus is a big event something no one has really had to work with before. Sounds to me like waitrose did what they felt was right at the time and as things developed changed their policy accordingly. Job done. Move on Come on piersmorgan Do your thing Won't be ever shopping there again. Disgraceful there employees are putting there life and those of their families on the line every day they are working. This is how they are being treated appalled 😡

Get over yourselves. Does anyone actually read the bloody article or just react 2 the headline? They accepted they were wrong,they changed their policy - many companies wouldn’t. Willing 2 bet that many whinging here will make a beeline 4 nearest Wetherspoons as soon as pubs open No way, that's out of order.

Disgraceful. I will be boycotting shopping at Waitrose. Sounds like horrible employer They are Partners, they enjoy the very very many benefits that this brings and the partnership at times will ask for some support as co-owners in the business, you can’t have everything your own way. If the business is to survive partners might have to pay back a few hours.

Disgusting, another company to remember when we get out of this! That's me never shopping in them or John Lewis again. No way 🤦🏼‍♂️ To staff, ‘partners’! John Lewis have always had an easy ride from the press but now we see the face of the management. waitrose please tell me this is fake news! I would tell Waitrose where they can shove their job and I think the general public should Boycott them as a protest

Virgin, sports direct,Wetherspoons waitrose just remember when this virus is over waitrose shocking this isn’t allowed self isolation is like sick and when on sick leave you can’t use holiday and aren’t told to in fact many employers cancel holiday in a period of illness !!!!! Absolutely disgusting Why would the BBC post fake news?

I hope he recovers, he should have taken it more seriously, earlier. Shaking hands with patients, not a great example in this instance. Great PR lol Not just Waitrose staff! I'm a key worker and I was instructed to isolate last week by a NHS hospital and my employers gave me a choice of a weeks SSP or use holiday hours. I had no choice but to use my holiday hours as I couldn't afford to lose a weeks pay!

Sorry but I just can’t see this sorry.. this is utter bollocks! Oh dear. Not a good look. Not just Waitrose staff! I'm a key worker and I was instructed to isolate last week by a NHS hospital and my employers gave me a choice of a weeks SSP, make up the hours or use holiday hours. I had no choice but to use my holiday hours as I couldn't afford to lose a weeks pay!

Disgusting peteblackman Not the only company Glad I don't shop there Scum UBI now. WE'RE being murdered peteblackman Don't believe this as it's not how Waitrose work. Fake news I think That's me off to Tesco then waitrose so much for the partnership Everybody needs to boycott all the company's that treat there staff with such disregard and banked hours should be made illegal it's just another way to screw worker's over

Disgraceful if true waitrose Hope they go bust 👌 Come on Waitrose. Do the right thing for goodness sake. So much for key workers being looked after, forced to self isolated then have to make it all back up unpaid. Just not on. waitrose should be ashamed. Yet another company to remember how poorly they have treated staff. shitlist ProfitsOverPeople

Disgraceful Another company who shafts their employees. This will mean that staff will be reluctant to self isolate. Poor management strategy and bad for the UK!! Just ask waitrose if true. Shows true colours of every single work place in the UK at this difficult time. People will remember all the disgusting behaviour by them when we reach the other side.

That’s a shame when others are being fairer ppl will remember who was better to there staff I think this is absolutely disgusting I love BBC news Another one for the list I believe John Lewis staff were already told to use holidays before this furlough thing came into play What a vile company to work for we should all boycott this company treating staff like commodities perhaps it’s time for commodities too bite back !

Partners are being treated disgracefully in johnlewis too, store staff were blackmailed and called it volunteering. Call centres 'keyworker' business as usual ignoring 2m social distancing, not willing to put money forward to allow staff to work from home. ProfitOverPeople waitrose This is disgusting. You are endangering your Partners and your customers with this policy.

Right..ANOTHER business I won’t be supporting same as my wife’s care home, she gave a new work colleague a lift to work , he had been using public transport for over a week ,we are now both self isolating due to her mild symptoms she will have to work 4 shifts for free now to make up her ‘ isolation pay ‘ it’s so wrong !

Numberonerogue People think the NHS staff are at risk ...we feel sorry for all the supermarket workers ....we should have a supermarket workers appreciation hour ...and thank them for their commitment..we applause them.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.🇬🇧 How awful! Terrible!! Wheres the support here🤷🏼‍♀️ Need more verification from senior executives and evidence of hard-nosed journalism before sounding off about this one. “A Waitrose spokesperson told the BBC...” Really? Who was that then? Derek from the runner beans aisle?

They’ve been very poor re their online offering for customers, this is just another example of poor practice. If this is true it’s scandalous and as a regular waitrose customer you won’t be benefiting from my custom in the future. Absolute farce waitrose Most compassionate 😏 Well waitrose is this true because if it is that’s the last pound I spend in your store. All you will do is encourage people to go to work when they shouldn’t and further spread the virus let alone the callousness of it all it is sheer stupidity.

...shop local...protect your high street...if you ain’t got local shops...then open one...I guarantee people will come...fresh local produce... brilliant...all supermarkets are shit,,, Won’t be shopping there again then 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥺Shocking!!🥺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Shopped with you for years at waitrose Buckhurst Hill. If this is your policy I’ll take my business to Sainsbury’s InitTogether

may wish to draw the attention of the worker who apprached them to this I am not an employment lawyer so they should take proper advice but it would seem that Waitrose is likely to fall foul of these provisions. Disappointing to read this waitrose bwithers007 thismorning ...Watched the segment about the unsung heroes today (York) Listened to the manager talking about the staff with such high praise,and rightly so... Then this headline....😢😢

Godbye Waitrose, hello Aldi and Tescos. waitrose come on, this is hardly okay. Sort it out! Heartless employers Wish twitter had a thumbs down button as companies like Waitrose could do with a public thumbs down for asking staff to make up time they lost waitrose come again? Awful!! Wow...... Not that I ever go to that poncy place, but I'm certainly not going ever again

Who the hell has to make up sick time? Blame the immigrants that filled the positions and threw out basic contracts that used to protect staff, cheap EU labour is to blame, they may not have stolen your job,but they will certainly do it for a damn sight less perks and protection than you will. Another arsehole employer shamed in public.. and rightly so.. hopefully they will now loose customers waitrose another vile company

I won't be shopping there for a while then! Not the spirit we expect at all at a time like this Other companies are putting staff on sick pay when there is a need to self isolate, terrible choice either way. What that disgusting won’t except this from Waitrose Added to the boycott list t4shar0se Reply waitrose Waitrose should be ashamed of there tactics here I have no shame on walking out of employers who put profit first get to grips WAITROSE your not GOD so have empathy

Work for Waitrose for over 4 years, it makes out its a brilliant company to work for, but they don't give a toss about the staff, they run them into the ground. waitrose jlandpartners I am throughly disgusted with you. How can you do this? How can you justify this. If you do not rectify this, I for one will be boycotting you and all your partner companies.

waitrose should be ashamed. disgrace simon_lindsell So waitrose, it's goodbye from me. A lot of people complaining here. Isn't John Lewis a partnership and owned by the employees?

Waitrose staff to get up to £200 extra for working during coronavirusWAITROSE and John Lewis staff will be paid up to £200 extra for working during the coronavirus pandemic. The John Lewis Partnership is offering all frontline staff at the department store and Waitr… TheRangeUK staff get a week off next year if they are still alive boycotttherange therange Petition closetherange Help coronavirus COVID19Pandemic COVIDIDIOTS Hope post staff dont get a rise...this chap needs locking up £25 for risking there lives I would tell them to shove it. I’m sure the stores around the country are making thousands.

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Coronavirus Carnage: Deadly virus has already mutated eight times say scientistsCORONAVIRUS has mutated into at least eight different strains according to researchers. Mutated Butt face journalism is what this is All viruses constantly mutate 🤷‍♂️ This virus is much more aggressive and much more lethal how much you have this virus in your lungs before it kills you makes you sick with this virus is not very clear it very disturbing they released them out of the hospital then they get reinfected out in the community.

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Waitrose issues urgent food recall warning over serious allergy fears - full list of itemsWAITROSE has issued a food warning to customers as one product was found to contain an ingredient not listed on the label. This is the affected product here. Florida Man diagnosed with CoronavirusPandemic said hydroxycholorquine... What would happen if supermarkets found an issue with toilet rolls and put out a recall for them 😱😇😂 probably all the thing the panic buyers brought 🤣🤣🤣