Waitresses carry protesters out of London's Salt Bae restaurant

12/4/2022 7:31:00 PM

Waitresses carry Animal Rebellion protesters out of London's Salt Bae restaurant

Waitresses carry Animal Rebellion protesters out of London's Salt Bae restaurant

Shortly before 7pm last night, the protesters were carried out of the restaurant to the applause of diners

Environmental activists were physically removed from Salt Bae’s Knightsbridge steakhouse by staff after a protest at the venue.December 3, 2022 Student Ben Thomas, 20, said: ‘Restaurants like these are symbolic of a broken system.Activists have targeted the Knightsbridge steak restaurant owned by controversial chef Salt Bae.Concerns have been raised over the level of winter salting on Northern Ireland’s roads amid fears the cost of salt is to rise by 22%.

Demonstrators from Animal Rebellion entered Nusr-Et in the upmarket central London district on Saturday evening (December 3) and sat at empty tables, PA reports.Shortly before 7pm, and to the applause of diners, the protesters were carried out of the restaurant, which serves gold-plated steaks costing up to £1,450, and put on the pavement outside.‘Steaks, and other red meats, that we know carry the highest environmental impacts.READ MORE: Man, 26, killed and three critically injured in city centre horror crash They said they targeted the restaurant because it is symbolic of a “broken system”, with millions using food banks while influencer chefs make money from food with a high environmental impact.Twitter Open Privacy Options Student Ben Thomas, 20, said:"Restaurants like these are symbolic of a broken system.The Metropolitan Police said the protest was reported but the demonstrators left before officers were sent out.Nusret Gokce, nicknamed Salt Bae, has multiple restaurants across the globe (Picture: Getty Images) Since the Nusr-Et site opened, it has drawn attention for its pricey menu items, including a ‘golden tomahawk’ steak encrusted in 24-carat gold leaf (Picture: Leon Neal/Getty Images) Following the stunt, Animal Rebellion tweeted: ‘Supporters of Animal Rebellion are getting dragged out by security at @nusr_et ‘s restaurant in London! ‘The restaurant is famed for its steaks – products of environmental destruction and worker and animal exploitation.Activists questioned the actions of restaurant staff afterwards, with one saying: “I’m not sure they’re allowed to do that.The figures show that DfI spent a total of £6.

” One protester, Orin Cooley-Green, 21, said: “It was tougher than police would do it.’ They completed the post with the hashtag #PlantBasedFuture." Video shared by the protest group showed a woman being carried out onto the street by restaurant staff, and left to sit on the curb.” Student Ben Thomas, 20, said: “We just sat there.Wait staff were quite civil but the members of the public… Two of them got quite aggressive at one point.Get in touch with our news team by emailing us at.“The woman kept giving me really dirty looks just for being there.The customers clapped as we were picked up and taken outside.Previously we would have seen some Stormont departments with surplus money from their budgets being used to top up other departments.

“I did not feel I was being held securely.” The Metropolitan Police said officers “were made aware” of the protest at 6.08pm.“The group subsequently left the area and police attendance was not required,” the force said.Nusr-Et has been contacted for comment.Other DfI Divison’s costs listed were - Northern £1.

Salt Bae, whose real name is Nusret Gokce and who shared a picture of himself at the World Cup on Friday, became a viral internet hit for his salt-sprinkling technique.The protest group said in a press release it is calling for “a plant-based food system and mass rewilding”.Mr Thomas added: “Restaurants like these are symbolic of a broken system.“Whilst two million people are relying on food banks in the UK right now, influencer chefs are selling gold-plated steaks for more than £1,000.“Steaks, and other red meats, that we know carry the highest environmental impacts.It is estimated that there will be an increase of about 22% in the material salt costs this year compared to last year.

” It comes weeks after a similar stunt at Gordon Ramsay’s three-star Michelin restaurant in Chelsea.The group staged a similar stunt at Manchester’s Michelin-star Mana restaurant later in the evening, it said.The group said at least six people had been arrested “with more likely to follow soon” following the action.GMP have been contacted for information.Photographs showed up to 16 smartly dressed protesters posing at tables holding their so-called “green menu”, which lists the range of issues behind their campaign.The application of this policy ensures an equitable service across Northern Ireland and ensures that 28% of the total road network, which carries around 80% of traffic, is salted.

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I love how casually they set her down and left her there. Would have been perfect if it was raining.

Activists dragged from famous 'Salt Bae' restaurant after protestActivists have been thrown out of Salt Bae's famous London restaurant after launching a sit-in protest. Maybe they'd just caught a glimpse of their bill... Esa gentuza a qué cubo de la basura va? Gie us fucking peace. Who can win in this arsehole vs arsehole contest? Did the diner complain of too much salt!? Is this in the waiters job description!?

Salt Bae's upmarket London steak restaurant descended on by activistsThe offshoot of Extinction Rebellion says restaurants like the ones it has targeted are 'symbolic of a broken system'. 🙄 They just salty Throw them down the sewer where they belong.

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