Fraud, General Election 2019

Fraud, General Election 2019

Voters will have to show ID before casting their ballot to prevent electoral fraud, Government to announce

Ministers are planning to introduce the measures in order to safeguard against electoral fraud.

10/13/2019 12:30:00 AM

Ministers are planning to introduce the measures in order to safeguard against electoral fraud.

Voters across the country will have to show identification such as driving licences or passports before casting their ballot, under plans to be unveiled in the Queen's Speech.

A new Electoral Integrity Bill will also limit the number of relatives for whom anyone can act as a proxy, and outlaw the "harvesting" of postal ballots by political parties and activists. Read more: The Telegraph »

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Voter suppression a la Trump. Will we be getting government issued identity cards and have a coloured mark on our doors depending how we voted? nazistate The only way 2 make this fair is 2 have a nationalised ID system that is free. I don't understand why the UK is so reluctant on such a scheme. What happens if they do not have a driving licence or passport.

Urge every one not to vote boycot now none of them are worth voting for all corrupt liers all of em. Good This is blatent Tory gerrymandering! There is no evidence whatsoever of large scale election fraud in the UK. It's a bit rich coming from a government that illegally tried to shut down parliament for five weeks! hypocrisy bullshit

Long overdue. Voter suppression pure and simple. Why? We’ve never had an issue with voter fraud in the UK. It’s a play straight from the alt-right playbook to try to disenfranchise those on the margins of society Best idea I’ve ever heard, it’ll stop husbands voting for wifes and students voting twice. Bring it on👍

Sounds like a Dominic Cummings ruse to rig the vote. Of course they are. They know they can’t win legitimately, so denying poor and young people a vote is their only option. Excellent You need to introduce ID cards to achieve this My wife does not drive and has no passport but pays a LOT of tax. Is she to be denied a vote? Discrimination much? I'm not against ID, unless the same type of ID is mandated for everyone and be provided free so that is does not block anyone from voting.

This was never a problem. It is, however, a good way to cull voters. That is what this is about. I totally agree with this And postal votes in Peterborough...and elsewhere? Totally unjustified and the evidence it would safeguard against Electoral fraud is a non starter, given only 1 person in 2017 was convicted of electoral fraud. Instead we should focus on these issues..

(Ministers are planning to introduce the measures in order to safeguard electoral fraud.) Look I've corrected that for you. Socialist's are nice like that. No they don't, they want to exclude labour voters who can't afford a passport or driving license. How would this affect the millions who have neither of these documents?

My neighbour is over 80.he stopped driving at 70 and when his passport expires soon, does this mean he won't be able to vote? Millions are going to a food bank. Paying for a passport when there never gonna go on holiday and learning to drive are not a priority for millions of families. Voter suppression shithousery at it finest. Right out of the republican playbook.

Of course they should! I’m astonished every time I’m not asked We have very little electoral fraud - that’s not why they’re doing it Voter suppression copied from US Republicans. I have always taken identification to the polling station. I do not see the issue with this. 👍 I bet the Left and Remainers won’t like this, dishonest tossers

I’ve genuinely always wondered why we didn’t have to show ID when voting. Coming from America, that’s racist Ploddy_Cat Simply cannot believe some of the moronic comments on here. Voter fraud has become a big problem and it is routine in other countries all round the world to have to producd ID before you can vote. Can only presume those objecting have a sinister reason for doing so.

Ploddy_Cat Not before time, this should have been introduced years ago. A lot of the current ministers were part of a political campaign that broke electoral law. In a move that will quash suggestions Johnson is aping Trump. He’s going further back into George W Bush territory and disenfranchised hanging chads. After that that then he’ll faster forward into aping Trump.

Didn’t we ban the idea of identity cards this is about reducing the number of people who can vote It won’t stop the block voting postal fraud. We all know it is happening. Vote suppression by demographics It’s not really a problem though is it. Instead of planning to fix pretend problems. Try fixing real problems. Idiots.

I hope the ministers have the sense to not to stand themselves to prevent the same. About time, we must be one of the only countries that don’t ask for ID when voting!! I wonder who will be most anxious about this A nice way of saying the government will make it difficult for people to vote... sounds more like rigging than anything else.

So only those with driving licences and passports get to vote? But that won't stop the fraud that comes after as Parliament overturns the ballot because they don't like the result. PeopleVsParliament Easy. No postal voting. Take id when voting. 121

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Ordinary voters back Boris and Brexit - EXPRESS COMMENTTHE poll in today's newspaper is a further endorsement of Boris Johnson and the strategy he is pursuing to resolve Brexit. Some leavers think Brexit means getting 'back to being a British Empire Again'. BrexitChaos A democratic vote needs to have the options clearly and truthfully explained PeoplesVote 66Million Who did they ask? Which poll? Don’t think so

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Insatiable season 2: why everyone is kicking off about it returning to NetflixDespite Insatiable being one of Netflix’s highest ranking shows for the year, it came as a huge surprise when it announced it was renewing the show for a second season.