Virus test and trace system kicks off

Thousands of contact tracers are tracking down close contacts of people with coronavirus.

6/3/2020 12:19:00 PM

'I've worked 38 hours... and I'm yet to make a single phone call or be assigned a case' A contact tracer tells Victoria Derbyshire she's spent much of her time watching Netflix, since the government's test and trace scheme began in England last week

Thousands of contact tracers are tracking down close contacts of people with coronavirus.

Meanwhile, a further 377 people have died with coronavirus across all settings in the UK,daily figures released on Thursday showed.The total number of deaths in and outside of hospitals is now 37,837, the Department of Health said.What will I have to do now?

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Anyone who develops symptoms of coronavirus - a persistent cough, fever or a sudden loss of taste or sense of smell - has to isolate for seven days and the rest of their household for 14 days. This is in keeping with rules already in place.But from now on, everyone with symptoms should

ask for a test onlineor phone to arrange a test by calling 119.If the test comes back negative, everyone in the household can go back to normal. But if the test comes back positive, the contact tracing team or local public health teams will get in touch - via text, email or phone call - to discuss whom the person has come into close contact with and places they have visited.

Any of those contacts deemed at risk of catching the virus will be emailed or texted with instructions to go into isolation for 14 days, whether they are sick or not.They will be tested only if they develop symptoms. The rest of their household does not have to isolate, unless someone becomes ill.

Media playback is unsupported on your deviceMedia captionMatt Hancock:"Every single person can get a test"Mr Hancock said people would have to self-isolate on more than one occasion if told to do so by the NHS.Those who have already had the virus must also self-isolate, as it is not known whether they can still transmit it.

What is a close contact?Only people who have been"close" to an infected person will be contacted by tracers.Close contacts are:people you spend 15 minutes or more with at a distance of less than 2mpeople you have direct contact with - such as sexual partners, household members or people with whom you have had face-to-face conversations at a distance of less than 1m

The contact must have taken place between two days before and up to seven days after symptoms appeared.Do I have to do as I'm told?Health Secretary Matt Hancock said in the daily coronavirus briefing on Wednesday that it is the public's"civic duty" to follow the instructions of the NHS Test and Trace team.

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"This will be voluntary at first because we trust everyone to do the right thing. But we can quickly make it mandatory if that's what it takes," he added. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

1 of 25000 no bias there then? How about talking to some that are busy? vicderbyshire Think the company is Sitel. I emailed an application, but after 1 google search I was hoping not to get the job, ex-employee reviews are damning about a lack of organisation and not being great to work for. This is good news!

Should be reporting that to their line manager. It’s a new system, easy to miss people out, particularly with such huge numbers and remote working Surely this is good news not 'chaos'? Dear BBC , we are not interested in one extreme case. We are interested in the overall numbers, activity and impact ( we are the public and we can deal with it) Also the reducing number of cases might mean that we are over capacity, surely that's a good thing

It’s called resourcing to the peak. In a situation like this is sensible. This is a good thing not a bad thing. You’re not there for you, you’re there for others. That’s really good news, hopefully full capacity will not be needed. That's very positive news then. So what are you moaning about? That's good news. I am happy t hear you're not being used.

The scheme does not work and boris can’t manage anything properly Waste of money. 650pounds plus for moaning. My grandson has no job now can he have this one in the call centre. Better have too many ready than not enough Good news Isn’t this good news? Isn’t that a plus ? A socialist plant... No phone calls etc ...means NO COVID, Be thankful we’ve got sufficient tracers ... Nightingake hospitals... ...just in case!

So what's the plan? The virus running rampant and not enough call tracers to cope? Seems odd to me. Excellent. Some good news, at last! True story, the end. ScumMedia That's great news, it shows the governments guidelines are working. Why would you want to be busy? PPeculiarity Another PR stunt just like London nightingale

The Headline on the bbc website says “contract tracer paid to watch Netflix” no they are paid to be on standby. More sensationalist tosh. And the real joke is you believe ONE individual and present it as if EVERY tracer is sat there doing nothing! Shouldn’t have expected anything less when it fits your left wing narrative.

Um, good? Best news I have seen from the BBC. They normally have some BS about how bad it is. Few people needing tracing is good news. Covid19 cases must be reducing. Why does BBC try to make it bad. Surely we don't want these to be busy. BBCPolitics What the hell is it with these ‘gotcha mining’ spam programs, government damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t. Worked 38 hrs ? Contiguous ? Probably spends her day watching Netflix anyway.

'World beating' ..... maybe at being incompetent Boris...... I assume the BBC can confirm that’s she telling the truth or are they just believing her as it suits there agenda. Well it's good you kept her identity secret on this highly controversial subject because we wouldn't want to find out this is yet another Labour activist, right BBC?

FakeNews LamestreamMedia ScumMedia FakeNews LamestreamMedia ScumMedia FakeNews LamestreamMedia ScumMedia FakeNews LamestreamMedia ScumMedia FakeNews LamestreamMedia ScumMedia FakeNews LamestreamMedia ScumMedia FakeNews LamestreamMedia ScumMedia Abolishlicence This is good news Portray it as such ScumMedia

Revealed as a Labour party activist in 3....2....1..... If she has a problem with it then why not resign from the post and not take the money so biased in everything they do and say Absolute unchecked rubbish, on the way out hand in your journalism card Dig deep enough and you can make a 'nothing' story out of any old tosh. Well done Victoria

Just watched Victoria the silly whining woman interviewing another silly whining woman. why does she have her own program? it whines on for hours with one load of tripe after another. Best to switch off and stare at the trees, it’s more interesting. Always one I am glad she is under used, sounds like a positive to me

I assume she won’t be putting a bill in for that day then... Let's hear more reaction against this bias BBC and Derbyshire 'interview' with this clearly chip on shoulder tracer Why was tracer not asked to resign then by Derbyshire More concerning if all workers were working flat out. Stop running to the media everytime you blink!

I’m sure a lot of people would love to get paid for watching Netflix. ContactTracing Excellent news, Must be less and less cases, result, what`s the issue, Government doesn't care as we all now have the tracking apps on phone from updates. missionaccomplished BBCPolitics Why didn't she contact her supervisors and tell them?

Another shit stirring story by the BBC This is good news 4bins Spoken like a true Nazi SS informant More evidence of the Government failings! They just shout how good all their schemes are and hope they work, hope people believe them!!! This piece showed the complete bias of the BBC. I have no problem with the story but not showing another helping another as they have contacted over half of those infected.

Well looky here folks' ANOTHER BBCNEWS FAIL. Why hide her identity? So she can keep claiming a wage while being disgusted You couldn't get C19 now if you wanted to. It was never the armageddon it is presented as in the first place. So why are we persisting with all this mad stupidity? Do you hate your country so much that every news story should serve to tear it down!

EndUKLockdown1 Good. The latest episode in Boris’s botched and unsupported by “the scientific advice” ease of lockdown plan... Cummings is leading this. He’ll spin the blame for the inaction back in March and when we get the much bigger 2nd wave it will be the public’s fault for not staying alert! Cutting edge from the bbc 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ and just why would you talk to them.... some people 😖😖😖😖 ditch the tele 📺 tax 👊👊👊👊👊👊

BBCPolitics THIS IS POSITIVE, why does the MSM continue to try and create negative headlines. Yeah it’s a waste of money, but as per the temporary hospitals, better to have the capacity than not! BBCPolitics And no doubt getting paid to do fook all God, you lot can certainly make a story out of nothing. These people are employed to work themselves out of a job. The fewer used the better. Do you not have the brains to understand that? You just lost another licence fee payer.

Good that means less cases Thats very good news. Stop playing politics. BBCPolitics vicderbyshire perhaps you might explore that this is both reasonable given the speed of setting up the system , the training needed ( which is understandably paid ) AND a good thing! Better to have capacity than not ... as they are on zero hour contacts they will be wound down..

So, if there’s nobody to trace that’s a good sign. BBCPolitics Also why is this woman’s face blurred out? Don’t think BBC should be doing this for such a report (not sensitive). This doesn’t instil confidence in what is being said. Do we know who she is & what her political leanings are? When the second wave arrives the BBC will be screaming for contact tracers

BBC jumping on the band wagon again They have been taking the Licence payers money for years and done little for it Typical BBC criticism of any god news or progress being made. How many BBC staff have been furloughed any high paid staff taken a reduction When there's still around 7000 cases per day it makes no sense .

GOOD! This tells me people are not complicit with 10DowningStreet unnecessary, totalitarian, medical martial law when the case fatality rate is 0.26% Let’s all go back to the old normal which was perfectly fine. We’re all adults and can self isolate based on personal risk I am sorry but that sounds like a good news story to me. Better than having to work non stop contract tracing.

Same as the staff who didn't have anything to do at the Nightingale hospitals. Which is not a bad thing. BBCPolitics World population- 7.9 bn UK population= 66.7 m UK percent of World population- 0.86% World C19 death toll- 382,811 UK C19- 'reported' death toll- 39,369 UK percent of WORLD DEATH- 10% How can a supposedly wealthy G7 NATION have so many deaths? BorisHasFailedBritain RESIGN

Don’t these people sign confidentiality agreements, because if they don’t how do they get access to our data? And if they get access without signing such agreements how do we the public know they won’t share our data with the media or anyone else they choose to? Doesn’t fit BBC extreme left wing narrative to report the truth! “Wet, pessimistic Becky “ not 260,000 ppl test + covid 40,000 dead, track n trace took -training, testing systems achieved implementation 25000 ppl to help stop spread of covid ! MattHancock 10DowningStreet

That’s a good thing isn’t it? I’m not going to risk my life so she can make a bloody phonecall 😂😂 next... Hmmm what shall I do today arrrr yes call the bbc the sort of thing everyone does 🙄 If they was not enough contact tracers on call BBC would be taking government to task. Damed if you do and damed if you don't. Surely this is not news but is simply government bashing for the sake of it!

gj1023 So would we be happy if there wasn’t enough of them and they were rushed off their feet? FFS do we just have to complain about everything eg NHS Nightingale not used enough etc Someone please deploy Victoria and her colleagues to start tracing the 'protesters' who broke the lockdown rules in Trafalgar Square yesterday.

Is it possible that this is because the Gov't is starting to get a grip on transmission of this virus, would you prefer the person was overworked with the virus out of control.... DerbyshireYouRetard And she’s getting paid £27 an hour I’m in the wrong job 🤣 Surely that is what we want. Does not limited use of system possibly show the number is dropping. Better to have more than not enough.

That’s a good sign isn’t it? We need to have tracers waiting in the wings in case there’s is a second spike as we come out of lockdown.The tracer could get busier later. If Gov did not employ enough tracers, they would get some stick. Media and some want to beat up Gov either way Isn’t that what they are meant to be doing as it = virus is running out of hosts and possible victims... what’s not to want about that?

Typical BBC always looking for negative in everything. Why are you taking one woman's view I could accept it if hundreds of tracers were voicing their opinions. Honestly BBC is this really news worthy - UK tax payers are currently paying half the working population to stay at home - this is a total non story

TrackandTrace isn't a priority, as the Pro Eugenics Government is striving for HerdImmunity They know that the economy will be aided with the population reduction of the susceptible elderly, infirm, & disabled. Hence the encouragement to get shielders to leave home. Just like everything else during this pandemic HM Gov doing it too late, although I am glad that it’s being underused

BBCPolitics ..... how pissed off is VD 😂 The people know whats happening. BBCPolitics Aye 2.3% chance of catching it If there’s less people contracting the virus than monitoring it, then surely some won’t get many if any calls 🤦🏼‍♂️ Meaning coronavirus don’t even exist. Wake up people. Same as Nightingale Hospitals. Money being poured away because their models are rubbish. We have 20,000 tracers too many. Burning £50,000,000 per least. £50 million per month and people are going hungry!

That’s great news ... Giz tha job Why need human tracers clearly the app is inadequate She was Fiona on SKY! Politicians panicking again!!🙈🙉 That's what we want, no work means less deaths! Lies of deaths lies of tests lies and more lies! Hancock and the scientific advisers are finished !! Boris knows it. A drowning man will clutch at straws. Too late .The damage is done . Who has trust or faith in them or the PM and the Government? Follow your own heart,and advice.

It’s good news this lady isn’t busy. I wonder on what credentials she was recruited? Clearly not on common sense. 'worked' ?

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Family of virus-death football fan demands inquiryFans and relatives of those who contracted coronavirus following the Liverpool v Atletico Madrid Champions League game, call for an inquiry into why the match went ahead at Anfield Hmm sounds like the compensation lawyers are up and running Load of baloney Scousers..🙄

Johnson urged to 'get a grip' on virus strategyThe PM is accused of 'winging it' by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and risking a new wave of infections. Finally, the UKPrimeMinister BorisJohnson admits that he has been inactive and ineffective. This admission means he should resign immediately. But happy to promote all these Black live matter protests in the Uk amongst a demographic the BBC has been shouting out all day has been adversely effected by C19. Not making a political point, but I genuinely have no idea what Labour's Coronavirus strategy actually is. Anyone help?

House prices fall at fastest rate in 11 years as virus ‘car crash’ hits marketHOUSE prices have plummeted at the fastest rate in 11 years as the coronavirus pandemic “car crash” hits the housing market. More than £4,000 was wiped off the average house price in Ma… Right. Its the coronavirus thats responsible for property price changes. Not violent criminals looting, destroying and burning shit down. no you all need to wake up now it’s embarrassing you can’t see this is a scam by now. Death rates don’t equate to anything like w pandemic and what we’ve seen imposed on us. CDC said last week chances of dying 0.26% less than the common flu! Good stuff

Coronavirus live news: Dr Fauci says he hasn't spoken to Trump in two weeks as Pakistanis told to 'live with virus'UK’s 14-day quarantine rules criticised as ‘ridiculous’; Global deaths near 375,000; Spain reports no new deaths for the first time since March. Follow the latest updates So essentially we're the same as Pakistan wrt COVID. Cool, cool. Very cool. Americans deserve everything they get. Rioting during a pandemic is not cool I highly doubt the concern about coronavirus spread considering the lack of social distancing in the US riots.

Coronavirus: No figures yet but Matt Hancock claims test and trace system has been 'successful'Matt Hancock says the programme is 'up and running' - but can't give precise figures for the number of people contacted. No going go throught the whole day of you tweets so unsure IF you have reported it yet or even have/will do as it's good news, what are your thoughts? ..... How can you say it's been successful wen hasn't even started properly if at all. Think this government shud stop shouting about success wen that is definitely lacking Lie lies lies