Virginia woman 'obsessed' with Apple CEO hit with restraining order

Woman 'obsessed' with Apple CEO Tim Cook is hit with restraining order

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1/27/2022 3:30:00 AM

Woman 'obsessed' with Apple CEO Tim Cook is hit with restraining order

Julia Lee Choi, 45, began stalking Tim Cook on Twitter, referring to him as husband and the father of her twins. She then began emailing him, and said she was traveling to Palo Alto to live with him.

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Julia Lee Choi, has been stalking the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook since October 2020, according to court documents. Choi, from Virginia, claimed he was the father to her twin children, tagged and threatened him on social media, and showed up at his house. She sent emails to Cook approximately 200 times, with some of her emails including photos of what appear to be loaded handguns. On Monday, Santa Clara County Superior Court obtained a restraining order against Choi on behalf of Cook and all Apple employees. A court hearing has been scheduled for March 29