'Vintage on the track, statesman off it - Hamilton’s black power salute the perfect emblem'

Lewis Hamilton's statesman-like presence comes to the fore after Styrian GP

7/13/2020 7:48:00 AM

Lewis Hamilton's statesman-like presence comes to the fore after Styrian GP

Lewis Hamilton's talent and tenacity were prominent on the track, but his statesman-like presence is also coming to the fore.

Friday practice did not go well - an experimental set-up leaving him off the pace in the second session. But the rain on qualifying day left him rubbing his hands in anticipation.He knows no-one is better in the rain than him, and in qualifying he went out and proved it with one of the greatest laps in the career of a man who has specialised in them. It's not by accident that Hamilton has scored 89 pole positions - 21 more than anyone else in history.

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In the worst conditions a qualifying session has been allowed to run in for years, on a circuit with effectively only eight corners, Hamilton was more than 1.2 seconds faster than anyone else. It was awe-inspiring stuff, and it drew admiration from far and wide.

Ex-F1 driver Mark Webber a former rival of Hamilton's, wrote on Twitter: "There's an F1 category and there's then a F1-plus category. Lewis is/was in a different league. And whoever references 'easy, he's in the best car', please don't comment."

Bottas underlined Webber's point for him. Struggling with low tyre temperature and glazing brakes, avoiding which is part of the skill of driving in the wet, the Finn was 1.4secs off and fourth.From there, all Hamilton had to do was get a good start and the race was effectively won, and that's what he did. Bottas, meanwhile, fought up to second, past McLaren's Carlos Sainz and Red Bull's Max Verstappen.

The upshot is Hamilton has cut Bottas' advantage in the championship to six points with the next race this coming weekend in Hungary, on a circuit on which he has won seven times in the last 13 years.Hamilton is six wins from away equalling Michael Schumacher's record of 91 race victories

A statesman emerges alongside the driverHamilton's comfortable victory came after another anti-racism demonstration on the grid.This one was considerably messier than the first, a week before at the Austrian Grand Prix.Last week, the drivers assembled together, most taking a knee with Hamilton, a few preferring to stand, all wearing T-shirts expressing their opposition to racism.

This week, though, the unity was missing - or at least that was how events made it erroneously appear.Most of the drivers who attended knelt again alongside Hamilton, and again a minority preferred to stand. But this time not all the drivers were in attendance, and the television director cut away after a few seconds, making it impossible for the audience to see exactly what was going on.

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Hamilton explained afterwards that this was down to circumstances rather than anything else.He said the drivers had discussed on Friday what to do. Some had initially felt one demonstration was enough. Others said they agreed on a second, but, as last week, would not kneel. Hamilton said he "tried to spend a little more one-on-one time with those who had chosen to stand and just have a chat".

In the end, it seems all agreed to do something.Hamilton said the drivers had planned their actions, but the protest had not been put in the official pre-race schedule, so "it was all a rush".Some drivers did not make it in time, and F1, contractually committed to show some of the promoter activity before the race, cut away - to some planes doing aerobatics. It was, in many eyes, an unsatisfactory and unfortunate outcome on such an important and sensitive topic.

Hamilton celebrated his first win of the season by raising his fist on the podium, reminiscent of the 1968 Olympics, when two African American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised a black-gloved fist during the US national anthemA beginning, not an end

Hamilton has been deeply affected by developments around the world following the death in police custody in May of George Floyd, an unarmed African-American man who suffocated after a police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.As the only black F1 driver, Hamilton says he has been confronted by racism all his life, and the aftermath of the Floyd incident and the global protests that followed have galvanised him into action. He has emerged as a powerful and eloquent advocate for change in a sport that clearly lacks diversity.

"What I do see and read and hear is people out there who go on the defensive and say: 'Well, all lives matter, white lives matter.' Which is not what we're contending," Hamilton said in his post-race news conference."It seems that people of colour, for a long time, hundreds of years, their lives seem to be less important. So it's just trying to get through to people because some people put a wall up, a barrier up.

"It's because this is stuff that has been shielded from all of us at school, in our upbringing, in our communities. Perhaps there are some people who have not grown up around it, who perhaps have not been around people or friends who have been subject to abuse.

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"I have got black friends who have managed to go through life not having any particular abuse in their community. They have grown up in a black community. Whereas there are others like myself who grew up in a white community."It is about understanding. And I've spent a little bit of time within the sport here talking to some of the drivers.

"I don't know whether they fully understand just how impactful their voices can be. Or some of them just don't want to support Black Lives Matter but they stand for anti-racism. But it's the same thing."There are those who said they felt the Black Lives Matter movement seemed political and I've made it clear I am not supporting the political side of things; it's the human rights side."

Hamilton has set up a commission to look at the causes of the lack of ethnic minority representation in motorsport. He was asked how he would take his ambitions forward, at the next race and beyond. And he said he had not yet made up his mind."What we do moving forwards I really don't know," he said. "But what I can say is that this is not it.

"Us taking a knee at the start of the race and having a black car doesn't solve the problem. It helps continue to raise awareness. But we have a whole season, a whole year and it's a constant fight that we all have to do - including you guys. We can all chip in and do our part and have a positive impact in our environments."

"When I'm having the discussions with the drivers, the young guns, I'm like: 'Guys, you are the future of this sport. I am going to try and stay as long as I can but you guys are going to be carrying on the baton and really leading this sport.'

"We together need to set a great example for the world that is watching in fighting the injustice and inequality. I'll get there. I won't give up." Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 A U.K. statesman that doesn’t want to pay U.K. tax! How statesmanlike! 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Statesman-like? Methinks you need a dictionary. Hes playing dangerous games 'Statesman'🤔 openly supporting a terrorist group while claiming hes only supporting the 'good' bits is just naive Not a statesman The amount of young kids and easily led adults that are fans mimic this without knowing what it really is Looks thuggish

😂😂😂 Hamilton has shown himself to be week and feeble and a cry baby has lost all respect from decent humans Really not on the nation's pulse What a fucking joke, glad I cancelled my licence fee weeks ago... Statesmanlike? Are you all stoned? The BBC calling a Black Power salute Statesmen - like is a new low ! Sooner its defunded the better.

What the fuck. The BBC is a fine example of what happens when organisations recruit unsuitable candidates into top roles based on their ethnicity and skin colour. Candidates displaying biased, racist or even anti-british views should never have been allowed to slip through the net. Oh do so fuck right off.

Do fuck off, the blokes a c* nt, the end! Lol 😂 hardly he’s a markist sympathiser like the BBC defundBBC Statesman....... 😂😂😂😂😂 Are you for real? He may well be ignorant of what BLM are, but surely the BBC aren't? Pillock-like, I'd say. I think it's akin to survivor guilt. FFS defundBBC DefundTheBBC

Are the BBC serious Says who? What drug is the BBC on? Absolute bollocks! The BBC. It exist in a bubble, employ students from bubble unis and read the bubble paper. They produce what they, the bubble, want and have the attitude that anyone who disagrees in a knuckle dragging racist little Englander. Sneering ScumMedia

Spoilt brat. Idiots He's a real statesman not paying his taxes and complaining about state provided policing which he contributed nothing too. Imagine if he paid his taxes and that money went into the black communities lewishamilton tax dodger Thats it BBC encourage Lewis Hamilton, I meam its not its like he's a fucking dickhead is it. I'm thinking the time has arrived, as I knew it would, to say bye bye BBC. I've paid my last monthly installment.

Nothing says anti-racism like BLM an organisation that assumes the most important thing is the colour of your skin. The same as KKK. In fact why take individual responsibly for anything ever again? Bloke’s a knob Statesman-like? One would have thought with all the milions the BBC throws away like confetti that they could have afforded a decent dictionary so that they can look up the correct meaning of words.

Cancelled my TV licence last month. I'm so glad I did and invite everyone else to do so if they can. Finished with Hamilton and F1 I don't support Racist marxist BLM advocates Bollocks is he 😡😡😡😡 Absolute garbage. More like a petulant child Lewis Hamilton’s Black Power salute ‘Statesman-like’? You do know that Black Power’s radical agenda included separate development? They would have taken a dim view of Lewis’ parents mixed-race relationship

How racially diverse are the two Boards of Daimlar AG? The Beeb, out of touch? Well I never. 😂 Presumably he supports the dozens of deaths and billions of $ of property damage that BLM have caused ? Pathetic. Lol a millionaire who lives in Monaco. What world does the bbc live in ? Are you having a fecking laugh, the only thing that came to the fore was his massive over bloated ego. Yet again proving the BBC is so far removed from ordinary people. Mediascum.

He's black, He's kneeling. Nuff said, glad you approve. What tosh. DefundTheBBC The says nothing about Hamilton, who has already bottomed-out, but everything about the BBC's wanton virtue-signalling. When people hear BBC refer to Lewis Hamilton as Statesmanlike What an absolutely deluded statement that is by the completely out of touch BBC. Most people are finding him increasingly nauseating. DefundTheBBC

Pathetic like the communist BBC. Almost fell for this parody account! Amazing that they forged a blue tick... Poor journalism again.... Nothing statesmen like about him. Drapes himself in Union Jack whilst choosing to live in Monaco so he pays not tax or NI, makes no contribution to our country at all. defundBBC

BS DefundTheBBC 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ Mugabe was also a Statesman! He gets paid millions from a company that used slave labour during the Nazi years AZSun4Trump Pampered and out of touch BBC pushing the same old woke Marxist agenda. We loved to watch Lewis. We judged him purely on his ability. He made us proud. his colour was invisible. He brought the race issue into the sport. The general public will despise him forever because of it.

He's an over privileged arse 💦 Poor journalism Same BBC that tried to oust him as a tax dodger in the illegal and libellous Paradise Papers 'expose'. Dunno what is worse him or them. Unreal reactions. He came from a split family, his dad worked 3 jobs and Lewis is where he is becuase he is the fastest driver on the planet (check his quali on Sat in the wet) People loathe his success, jealous commies tbh.

Hope the statesman is going to boycott the Chinese GP in protest at their camps. Do you lot live in an altered reality or you're run by someone who really wants the lot of you gone, because you just keep sinking lower each day... So I'm guessing someone is trying to ensure you are hated by everyone so that someone else can take your place...ie current boss

Statesman-like?! Are you for real Oppressed multi-millionaire tax exile. Statesman sounds a bit Colonial must be evil and racist 🤮🤮🤮🤮 WatchRatio 👀 I’d have more respect for him if he was using his platform to condemn modern slavery and boycotting the GP in China in opposition to their appalling human rights record and their current internment of Uyghur Muslims.

Caaaaaaaaarnt. Dear BBC. You seem to be on a mission to self distruct. You are clearly beyond redemption now and when the Government decriminalise the non payment of the licence fee and your income collapses to virtually zero, you will still be scratching you heads asking, 'Why?' You fools. As in like Idi Amin you mean?

When he is done doing the black panther ( such a peaceful organisation ) salute has any one asked his views on him taking money from a company like Mercedes as i assume he knows their past . This is a joke, right? Statemen like Pmsl is BBC news run by teenagers? But it must be noted that the Nazis never forced Daimler-Benz to use slave labor. Daimler-Benz voluntarily committed to this path as “good business practice.” no wonder they can afford to pay him 50mil a year

Hang your head in shame. This is how you sponsor got their money Lewis, you must be one proud black man. In the final weeks of the war when it was clear that Germany would lose, Daimler-Benz shipped prisoners back to concentration camps where they’d be gassed. Really? I understand the words you used in your article but I find the context your applying them to is bizarre. An egotistical narcissist from suburban Stevenage who pretends he’s from the hood but dresses like a teenage child is hardly a model for statesmanship.

You are so out of touch with the British public you may as well turn off the lights and lock the doors you have become an embarrassment So now a statesman is someone who supports an anti white organisation intent on social disorder,murder,defunding the police service,closing prisons and stopping capitalism. Well good work BBC, as if we needed any further proof of your left wing agenda

Just b******s. DefundTheBBC Benson ass kissing as ever Andrew Benson... needs a little work.. including the title, as your ‘piece’ doesn’t back up the headline... ... BBC just don’t get it . You really are finished ! Unbelievable and ridiculous from the BBC FFS 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Typical BBC news guff, totally at odds with the people. Don't pay the license fee!

Stop posting shit like this Why is BBC news obsessed with taking the knee when 2m Uyghurs are incarcerated in concentration camps. Genocide takes precedence He is NOT statesman like. Where were his morals in participating in the Chinese Grand Prix while they hold Muslims in concentration camps and sell their organs. Has he condemned the CCP? Has he vowed to never compete their again? Have MercedesAMGF1? LewisHamilton is a hypocrite

DefundTheBBC mediascum peddling its racist hate yet again. About as much a statesman as dear old Adolf. BBC trolling us again. Tik tok tik tok 😁😁 'Statesman-like presence' ? Got your finger on the pulse as usual then ?! Time to get rid of my TV licence. Bollocks he gave a black power salute. That was the salute of a terrorist organisation. that is not statesman like

'Statesman-like'😆 Once again the BBC is completely out of touch with the general public DefundTheBBC Who’s opinion is the statesman? BBC supporting tax dodgers should come as no great surprise! Your richly deserved defunding is on the way! The BBC is using selected quotes Hamiton's webpage, although not updated, indicates he feels privileged - 'My auntie, for example, lives in Grenada in a shack that is no more than 15ft square. That's how my dad's dad lived before he came to England'

‘Statesmanlike presence’ WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU ALL SMOKING AT THE BBC ? I hope you’re not using our licence tax to pay for it. DefundBBC ScrapTheLicenceTax Who writes this shit? 😳 Hamilton can Foxtrot oscar. So can the BBC. DefundTheBBC What utter bollocks ! Hamilton has made himself the laughing stock of F1 !

Read his twitter feed and you’ll see that’s not actually the case. He’s making a fool of himself tbh Are you serious: Statesmanlike Black Power Salute sporting a Merc logo (Hitler’s favourite car) for an organisation hijacked by Marxists and Antisemites - you’ve just insulted most of your licence-fee payers - yet again!! 🙄

🙄 Surely this is a parody account? Is it possible for an organisation to be systematically insane? Cobblers, he is showing he is capable of racism from his privileged multi millionaire position, avoiding tax whilst lecturing the rest of us. What? 😂😂😂 He is a Marxist enabler. Eh? I have no time for him.

🤔🙄🤣😂😅 His mother must be so proud especially when he’s going to pay some tax to help the less fortunate, watch this space Statesman like arsehole. Oh and the bbc are pathetic 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡👹 And there was me thinking the BBC stopped making Jackanory years ago Marxism: Is a social, political and economic philosophy, which argues for a worker revolution to overturn capitalism. BlackLivesMatter: 'We’re guided by a commitment to dismantle imperialism, capitalism, white-supremacy, patriarchy and the state structures'.. AllLivesMatter

I assume andrewbensonf1 is Hamilton’s friend. I can’t think of any other reason for this level of fawning. 🤮 😂😂😂😂 statesman like 😂😂😂😂 Guy is total Baffon. More MSM adding fuel to the fire ..... statesmen do not act like this! Just out to create another story Oh, by the way Statesman bbc your a joke

Once again the proving how out of touch and how politically motivated they are in all that they do. Fkn raving racist ......... for a driver if a Mercedes bc Benz it is a Nazi salute with fingers curled, probably from gripping the steering wheel for an hour or so 😂 Will statesman like white winners be expected to give a white power salute ? Asking for 60+ million ‘cancelled’ white Britons.

It isn't statesmanlike to support an anti-semitic fascist organisation. Wanker Tax Havens Matter. The BBC are so far out of touch its pathetic. statesman-like ? He's absolute filth Hamilton is not a statesman, he is a bully. He is using his privileged position and politics to bully his team and other drivers to follow his fad. He is doing exactly what he is complaining about. WatchRatio

Who writes these tweets at the BBC DefundTheBBC “Statesman-like”? From where I sit he is neither ‘statesman’ or even ‘liked’ Hahaha yourejusttrollingnow Whaaaaaat 😡 DefundTheBBC You support a man doing a Nazis salute says it all about the BBC. About time we got rid of this undemocratic organisation. That would be the Monaco state.

😂😂😂 really 😂😂😂 Statesman, dictionary definition: 'a skilled, experienced, and respected political leader or figure.' How is Lewis f*cking Hamilton a statesman? No one wants your fucking opinions. I've watched Hamilton since his earliest privileged days. His racing carer is coming to an end so his racist career is taking off. But not with me in tow.

😂😂😂😂 Can't decide who I detest more. The BBC or Hamilton. And that is why I refuse to fund the BBC. The demise of the BBC cannot come soon enough for me. He’s a man, who is a state. So, technically... Good for Lewis, proud survivor of unmentionable oppression. And then he’ll swan off back to his tax haven in Monaco!

Statesman- like? A bloke who drives a car for a living (fair play to him) making obscene amounts of money ...but chooses to live in a tax haven so none of his wealth helps anybody less fortunate ...do fuck off It’s “statesperson” ..............and no he’s not one of them either . Tax exile preaches wrongs of privelige to proletariat.

As his Black Power salute shows him to be nothing more than an anti white racist how is he in any way 'statesman-like'? Statesmen don't kneel to a race-baiting, division causing, Jewish hating, police abolishing, capitalism destroying Marxist organisation/movement Statesman-like ? Only a bbc fckwit could think this up. 😃

Statesman, that scooby-doo coot headed dipstick. The car won and he just sat in it playing video games. Any of other the other drivers could have done the same. He just believes his own glorification by the BBC. Lewis behaves like a spoilt rich kid...Statesman like my arse. The BBC are definitely doing this deliberately now. DefundTheBBC

ScumMedia BBC showing their usual failure to read the country.. Statesman like? A fucking state, more like... 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 “statesman-like” LOL 😂😂😂 Statesman? 🥴😂 Only if you’re soft in the head is this idiot a “statesman” Who the fk writes this crap? If he was a statesman he would be paying his taxes into the UK system to help support national healthcare & the welfare system. This would make a positive statement. Instead he chooses to reside in the tax haven of Monaco, live an elite lifestyle & preaching to the less fortunate

Utter crap. Hahahahaha haha. He’s a pillock Ahhh, the death throes of the BBC. British Bullshit Corperation just gets worse and worse. Hurry up Boris decriminalise 'no license' and let them have to make their way honestly in the real world ! 'statesman-like'?..... Christ on a bike & you'll call yourselves journalists 🤦‍♂️

A black power salute is statesman like? Which statesman? Robert Mugabe or Idi Amin? Bollocks.... What a lot of woke gaming nonsense. There’s bigger fish to fry in the issue of human rights that the likes of Hamilton show no interest in whatsoever. 🤣🤣🤣🤡🌏 Yep, he's in a state alright. DefundTheBBC defundBBC Stop paying the BBC tvlicence ScumMedia ALLLivesMatter

You mean privileged tax exile Absolute garbage. Time the BBC went back to being inpartial and reporting news not being a mouthpiece for Marxist ideology! Keep going. defundthebbc Bye bye license fee. 'Statesmanlike' More race baiting unbiased reporting from the pension robbing BBC. DefundBBC 😂😂😂 DefundTheBBC ScumMedia

You know your license fee is being scrapped and you are just trolling us now In your opinion.. Unlike the fugitive-like presence of his tax payments. You're welcome. 🙄 🤡🤡🤡 Soon BBC. Soon. Tax dodging is “statesmanlike”? 😂 Oh give over. Utter dribble W⚓️s Statesmen don't wear a man bun, nor do they support a Marxist paramilitary group who stand on a platform of segregation based on skin colour. JustSaying You can't dress him up with your pretty words to be anything than he actually is. Priviledged

Does the BBC have its own parallel twitter universe 😂🤣😂 The guy has ruined his standing with the vast majority of his previously supportive fanbase with his divisive politics. Scumedia defundBBC Eh....statesman like giving the sign of a marxist terror group, you'll be praising ISIS next. Must be a parody account.

Will he be racing in China ? Lol... you are joking surely! Statesman like! You are having a laugh! Who writes this crap? 😂 Statesman-like .. Oh ffs, get a grip BBC before the last dregs of credibility have left. Try to go out on a high. If promoting a Marxist terror group is your idea of statemanship ok. We know the BBC's left wing agenda. You will be defunded. Hamilton is half white and extremely rich. The Marxist will take his money and then execute him, along with all the other apologist sheep.

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are kidding? Black Power salute is NOT statesmanlike. I find it offensive but it’s ok I’m white so I don’t matter. Excellent BBC parody account, almost had me fooled. I mean even the BBC couldn't push that load of complete bollocks, could they?

But no fans left to watch the F1 political crap. defundTheBBC Statesman? He's a racist. defundBBC He’s spoiling F1 🏎 he’s not THAT IMPORTANT... never will I watch again ... LewisHamilton makes me feel physically sick .. he’s a hypocrite and too self opinionated.... HE IS NOT GOD OF F1 ... 😡🏎😡🏎😡🏎😡🏎

Not ‘statesman like’ more like a divisive Black Power supporter, who is damaging his sponsors. keeppoliticsoutofsport Look behind the salute Haha!!! 😅😂😂 'Statesman-like'.... 'A statesman or stateswoman is usually a politician, diplomat or other notable public figure who has had a long and respected career at the national or international level.' Is he a British statesman? Given he spends 90 days here and actively avoids paying tax here.

🙄 ScumMedia Tax dodgers are wankers This has got to be the funniest tweet I’ve seen for ages! When you typed ‘statesman-like’ did you have a little giggle? 🤪 Statesman-like? Nothing but another divisive blacktivist. BLM in USA say it's white privilege to do things like be on time,use science,and even be simply civil. Apparently it means other races are expected to live up to standards only set by white people. I'm not making this up.Hamilton would be out of a job based on their intentions...

Surely, the joke of the year after Corbyn? Statesman-like certainly doesn't come to mind after seeing his boyish antics over the weekend. However, he's getting what he wants from the stupid MSM; attention. Sponsored from a boy by White money, Just say thanks! He is simply a whinger. He claimed his middle class upbringing in Stevenage was akin to being raised in slums. Obama was a statesman.

BBC should when showing sport edit were possible any sportsperson showing a political gesture from any political group ,movement or charity so it gives an even pitch for all other organisations ,giving free prime time publicity paid for by viewers should not be the BBC way Rubbish. DefundTheBBC And tax evader. No, really. Google it.

Look at some of the replies , just shows how much out of touch you are. FFS 🤣😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You can't brainwash us that easily BBC. Parody account? 😂😂😂😂 he's a fkn balloon Still in your bubble I see ffs DefundtheBBC Behave yourself ffs Day-by-day the BBC loses touch with the majority who pay for it. DefundTheBBC defundBBC

Biased spinning like crazy for LewisHamilton - maybe the most privileged person in Britain, with a carbon footprint equivalent to a small country. Chain padlocked around his neck and whining about racism. A bit like Eddie Izzard complaining about transphobia. He’s Black? And there I was thinking he’s of mixed race...well well, learn something new everyday.

BBC out of touch again defundtheBbc defundtheBbc defundtheBbc tick tock Hamilton's mother, Carmen (Larbalestier), is white British, while his father, Anthony Hamilton, is black British, making him mixed-race; he self-identifies as black. He is mixed race and maybe should embrace the ethnicity of both parents..

You lot get dafter by the day.....never mind, your days are numbered. Tick,tock! They will never get equality behaving like this. All races (pun) are appalled at their attitude. 'Statesman-like Presence' 😂😂..Who is writing this shite? Who writes this rubbish? Same person wot scripted The Office? Statesmanlike 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Whaaat? Politics and sport don’t mix! He is a great black British sportsman and many whites just can't handle that Oh please!! More FakeNews from ScumMedia DefundTheBBC OldLivesMatter Newspeak. statesman-like presence = entitled, millionaire hypocrite who is 75% white, but thinks he is black! We can’t stand the little toe rag

I think the bbc needs to look up the meaning of statesman-like- because Hamilton is not it Hamilton is living proof of equal opportunity. Instead of puff pieces like this, how about the BBC does some real journalism and investigates BLM I really am Browned off with him ....what does his Mother think of him ?

So now you are promoting the racist, antisemite ramblings of the BLM. Hamilton has jumped on the bandwagon. I can only therefore consider him to be an antisemite. Very sad Hello, I will do Google Top ranking for any website or business.100% guaranteed ranking. My profile Link: I am ready to work. THANK YOu.

Trump is divisive and yet the divisive Hamilton is a ‘statesman’? Sure. Statesman? Embarrassment more like. He's lost all credibility with a lot of people. Giving the black power salute and supporting a revolutionary Marxist movement isnt statesman-like. I loved MY BBC... Sadly no longer. For the first time this morning I’ve actually said to myself DefundTheBBC . You are blind and no longer fit for purpose.

BLM is clearly a racist and anarchist movement. How is supporting such views statesmanlike? The BBC need to stand down off this racist platform because they are making it worse! Is that salute not disimilar to a Nazi salute, which is in keeping with the Mercedes brand which used slave labour through out the war, as did one of his sponsors BOSS

MediaLies..Statesman Like? Rudolf Dassler. Founder of Puma. Supporter and member of The Nazi Party. Hugo Boss. Supplied uniforms for Nazi Germany. Mercedes Benz supplied Weapons for Nazi Germany using slave labourers. Tommy Hillfiger PVH used sweat shops. Petronas. Sudan Block 5a. Google it. Hypocrisy

The idiot has lost thousands of supporters. must still be on the woke drugs. Statesman? Delusional brat more like! Supporting anarchists, then throwing a hissy-fit when real men will NOT bend the knee to marxism and thuggery. DefundTheBBC LewisHamilton Hamilton losing fans, BBC losing the licence fee.

ScumMedia All I see is a racist hypocrite. BBC spouting bullshit as normal. Yep well done the BBC: make a Tax Dodger your hero of the day! Are you taking the mickey? Oh please.... overgrown man child treated like royalty because he's a cash cow. Professional sport has no racial divide, if you make them money then it doesn't matter what colour you are

Bbc loves anti semitic racist nearly as much as it does paedophilia 😂😂😂 The most over entitled driver to come thru the ranks for decades. Is he having a laugh? Spoilt little brat Hamilton is the final nail in the coffin of F1, which has become a boring processional go-kart video game in recent years. The fact he's a sulky little tax-dodger not liked by most Brits just hastens its end. Awful man, awful 'sport'.

Which state? He might have gained a few marxist supporters but he's lost millions of fans who used to enjoy watching the sport. The mans a prick Lewis Hamilton poster boy of the identitarian left. Tell us again why people are cancelling their licences. Is this a parody account? The man's a good driver, a supporter of Marxists and anti-Semites but nothing else.

Statesman-like......lol LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Statesman of which country...GB or Monaco...stop being so pathetic BBC because of his skin. Investigate his background and tax dodging. F1 is watching million dollar teams race their cars around and around a circuit not listening to a drivers political and personal view of the world.

Statesmen really - BBC is getting worse by the day!!! Fake wannabe 'black' man who is racist toward the other half of himself. You couldn't make the shit he comes out with up. Tax exile who contributes absolutely nothing to Britain! Trying to bully people into taking the knee. Yeah, what a statesmen Looking forward to this weekend and some decent racing when MotoGP returns and hopefully the only knees on the tarmac will be in the corners.

Statesman?😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 “Statesmanlike presence.” 😂😂😂😂😂. More propaganda thinly disguised as news. He's an attention seeking hypocrite. You don't even pretend to be anything other than propaganda now. Can't wait for the bbc to collapse. Sorry more like he looked like a nursery kid. Statesmenlike .lol

What ?!?!?! Only the BBC could say this, I trust he will make a demonstration at the China F1 at the millions of disappeared Muslims I doubt it though he will get back to tax dodging like the rest of them Statesman like for which country the one he doesn’t pay tax in or the one he lives in? Or perhaps he is a global ambassador for a disgraced organisation?

His what? He’s a virtue signalling, terrorist supporting tax evading multi millionaire, who actually thinks people care what he ‘thinks’. He’s not and never will be a ‘statesman’, his ‘black privilege’ opinion makes me 🤮🤮🤮🤮 LewisHamilton is a racist. Simple. When are we getting a black chairman of BBC?

Statesman, doing the black power salute lmao 🤣 It is not statesman-like to insult your mother! How many statesmen are in this picture? There is nothing statesman like about standing with a black power fist. BBC you are delusional WHAT ! You , sir, are having a laugh 😆 Statesman like presence? LewisHamilton is ruining the Sport for his own agenda! His misguided political statements have no place in F1 and ensuring his team and others take the knee is abhorrent! DefundTheBBC

What utter codswallop! Is this a wind up? Multi-Millionaire tax dodger supporting a hard alt-left Marxist organization intent on an agenda of defunding the Police, ending capitalism & abolishing prisons. It's also a very racist organization & anyone who disagrees with 'em is shutdown. FakeNewsMedia Hey, you got ratioed: 1.68 at the time of this response (133 replies, 79 likes).

Get real bbc he is nothing but a racist Statesman 😂😂😂😂😂 priceless.. You now sound like the Blind Broadcasting Company ~ You had Starmer statesman-like last week now Hamilton this week ... he's like a little boy !!! You should have gone to Specsavers instead of the GP... DefundTheBBC Thank goodness you will end up defunded

Yeah, because making a divisive black power salute is really 'statesman-like' isn't it. How to bring a country together eh. Lol😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 Why oh why is the BBC prioritising politics above sport? scummedia mediascum Excellent parody account. 'Statesman-like' - 😂😂😂😂 I find him not to be such from his actions and interviews. But as always All lives matter.

Wtaf? What planet is the BBC on ffs! Yuk! 😂😂😂😂😂 What an absolute joke. How is acting like an entitled, spoiled, vain (most vain British person ever), brat stocking your first in the air acting like a statesman Thanks licence fee Would prefer him to do something positive rather than virtue signal. Didn't he literally just directly force someone to crash instead of yielding to him like the rules state? Good on him for the social stuff, but the guy is hardly a beacon of fair play on the track

He arrogant. Can’t stand him Oh please. He is a massively hypocritical uber-capitalist tax-exile shilling for neo-marxists. The day he refuses to race in China is the day this headline might be less ludicrous. After all these years and after all Hamilton’s sporting achievements, the BBC is suddenly fawning over LH..... their darling....oh the irony! 😂😂😂

Are you lot for real? Statesman like? FFS He wants to grow up and stop.trying for a knighthood,irrelevant little man Who writes this shit. So he's saying he wants to do something about slavery. When's he going to be driving one of his luxury cars down to Leicester to sort out the modern slavery going on there?

Hamilton is a Black supremacist in my eyes just like all the footballers. Clearly written by an F1 Lewis Hamilton starstruck doe eyed groupie, I wouldn’t mind,but this national institution of layabouts & spongers, Is probably paying a large six figure salary to this hack,paid for by us the public, through forced payments towards our tv license,

The height of hypocrisy Some of the comments on here illustrate that bit of British psyche that hates success and successful people. LH is the best at what he does and there’s nothing wrong with using his influence in a cause he feels passionate about. yesletsgowith ‘statesman-like presence’. Big lies work better, don’t they Tim?

LewisHamilton any comments on the black on black violence from this weekend? Your presence doesn't seem to be having an impact? Child soldiers? Children in mines? Famine in Africa and the Caribbean? Do these black lives not matter? You've deserted them, shame on you. £500 million worth of oppression No. Mistaking self obsessed for stateman-like.

Once again the BBCs race war agenda shines through. I used to defend Lewis when he was an impetuous youth; but now with his MBE, 6 world championships, salary of 40+ million, networth of 500+ million, 10 multimillion £ luxury homes, we can all agree he's done ok for himself and I can't see how he thinks he has a dog in the fight

Nazi statesman more like BBC. So. Out. Of. Touch. Mind boggling ignorance. Statesman-like? Is that a deliberate wind-up to provoke and divide the nation ? Have you gauged how the majority of the population feel about BLM being brought into the world of sport? ScumMedia It's just what you expect from an individual able to rise from his Stevenage Slum.

Anything on the Uyghurs yet? Another virtue signalling non story by not the people's BBC News. Is this a joke? Not April 1 is it? My support for my favourite sport & my favourite sportsman has sadly ended 99% of Hamilton’s fans the teams sponsors even his mum are White We never saws colour we just saw talent now thanks to his actions we just see colour I supported talent the best not black or white..sad

Statesman like!? Who writes this deluded drivel at the BBC? A fawning opinion piece which inexplicably does not question the politicisation of sport He is becoming an enigma, a very privileged hypocrite. Statesman? absolutely not but then it was BBC headline so reality, common sense and an impartial view point went out the window.

😂😂😂😂😂 Bbc are so out of touch with reality its now absurd. You are the creators of your own demise. When my licence is up for renewal i won't be doing so. DefundTheBBC Supporting marxists and people who want to tear down our country? I understand his motives and his passion and agree with the antic-racism agenda but I'm not convinced that a black power movement salute was his best choice given the political, national socialist and armed violence attributes much associated with that movement.

'Black lives matter' is more important than 'end racism' according to LH...should you not be calling him out on this? Esp. as they make money in China, middle East etc. The man just cons you sad gullable folk. is full of easily manipulated people. Educate yourselves. What is “statesman-like” about a black power salute and theatrical knee bend? Only the left-wing wokes of the BBC could dream up such tripe.

A statesman that actively avoids paying tax?!?!? 'Statesman' Really! Takes vast amount of money from a company inextricably linked with Nazis but doesn't apologise Lives in tax haven to avoid paying his debt to UK Lies about 'the squalor' of his upbringing Bows cravenly before a divisive, anti-capitalist mob Statesman!!!

Just stick to driving Lewis. Statesman-like? Bullshit. His racist blm political posturing is vile. & still Perhaps many of the comments below perfectly illustrate Hamilton's point..... Does the bbc ever read comments? I notice they wouldn’t put a comment section up when won on the site, they remove 100s of posts from their football comments, why? Generally the vast majority are against racism , but also they don’t support the current action .

Ali was statesman like, Hamilton is an attention seeker who doesn't understand the laws of diminishing returns. Instead of feeding his ego, push him on how his moral crusading is coherent with his tax arrangements / sponsorship deals.... see if he can handle scrutiny. FFS this man is so self centered it's enough to make u puke I turn off as soon as I see the little shit

If he wanted to fight racism he should of chosen a different group , its embarrassing , celebrity's only want to follow a trend without caring about what that group stand for , sickening 😂😂😂😂😂 Statesman-like is not represented by black power salutes and support of a neo-Marxist, anarchic rabble. All LewisHamilton has achieved is to highlight that equal opportunities exist for all, but it's not enough for some. rotten to the core.

Great driver, yes. But statesman, really? I don't even know where to start picking holes in that statement. WHAT?!! Arrogant shit everywhere Kids a moron. Hamilton Blm racist fist salute , what a C..T he looks like a Nazi. The bbc actually thinks this sets a good example to kids? totally lost the plot. Lewis is a great driver, no doubt about that, but a 'Statesman'? That's not what I see.

He is an embarrassment read your replies bbc, nobody agrees with him, this bbc must go. DefundTheBBC DefundBBC Fcuk black power You're really taking the piss now... Driving for a brand that is that drove hitler around shows he only looks at blm and not the fate of others,so a reverse racist. Has he hacked the BBC’s Twitter account?

Being a hypocritical agenda-pusher doesn't make someone statesman-like. And thenm BBC is just as bad for promoting his divisive shit. Black Power? Wtf, how can you have equality if you are pushing black power... Hes not even black, hes as white as he is black. White power ultra racist and you lose everything if you support it, black power is ultra cool and progressive and seen as the new way of thinking. Clowns

Well the stupid boy made all his money from the sponsors that are white folk, so now he does this , what a sad prick , no respect for him anymore thought he was such a nice boy on top gear with Clarkson, hope he lose the season racing and his sponsors If LH really was 'statesman like' he would be promoting the healing of divides across all society.

Why can’t anyone ask why LewisHamilton drives for Mercedes and promotes Boss both with dark history of slave labour before and during WWII? Hypocrisy of the highest order We watch sports to get away from politics. His constant whining on about this is embarrassing not statesman like. Lewis knows all about oppression as he drives his little car round the track for 40 odd million.

Before I opened the comments, I thought, its going to be full of sadsacks with union jack emojis who get triggered by a black f1 champion.....and ta-da, triggered sadsacks and rule Britannia everywhere. More jibberish from the BBC.Lewis Hamilton is a rich entitled race baiter who has turned many off F1 DefundBBC

😂😂😂😂🤡😂😂😂😂 He’s encouraging civil dispute imo. There’s no need for kneeling down, raising your fist or wriggling your hand at the wrist with fingers twitching as if they have something nasty on them. Grow up and have an adult debate. If the swastika etc is banned then so should this. More like what a fucking state.

He is dragging Mercedes into the mire with him. Would wish him a sad season Easy for his pampered arse Statesman-like presence? 😆😆😆 Marxists call them 'useful idiots'. Equalling Schumacher’s titles is wildly impressive, big season ahead Lewis Hamilton’s paranoid rhetoric on racism does make him look quite a state, yes.

I wonder how offensive his Black Power salute was to all his teammates and fans watching around the world Seems Vintage on the track Milking it for all it’s worth off it Marxists be like BBC so up themselves it’s embarrassing Statesman? Really? Narcissistic tax-dodger.

Lewis Hamilton vows to spend life fighting racism after black power saluteLewis Hamilton has said he is in a lifelong struggle to fight racism after he gave the black power salute at the Styrian Grand Prix Yeah, spend his life in a tax haven to avoid paying his contribution in tax which... helps the poorest in society. F*** off. Can’t beat a white supremacist system it ain’t built for blacks. White folks hate Blacks unconditionally forget it

UN votes to limit aid to UN votes to limit aid to Syria’s rebel-held region to single crossingThe move will cut 1.3 million people off from a ‘lifeline’, Western powers say This hurts to read. Please let someone edit your headlines who isn’t drunk. Russia and China abstain - after calling for the single entry point and forcing the entire UN to capitulate? What is up with that headline?

Supreme lap from Lewis Hamilton secures Styrian Grand Prix pole positionLewis Hamilton will start Sunday’s Styrian Grand Prix from pole position after a supreme lap in a rain-sodden qualifying fended off Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas. He kneeded that.

Lewis Hamilton on pole for F1 Styrian GP after masterful drive in the rainLewis Hamilton dominated the wet conditions to see off Max Verstappen and take pole position for the Styrian Grand Prix This is a very bad time to have a Grand Prix in Syria. Hope everyone stays safe 😳 What a wonderful history Mercedes-Benz has... Probably the best quali I've ever seen. The drivers were amazing and LewisHamilton is a racing god

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