Video technology could determine who wins the World Cup

11/25/2022 2:46:00 AM

A successful VAR system has to balance proportionality, precision and punctuality

In only the third minute of the first game of the tournament, an Ecuadorian goal was ruled out by VAR

A successful VAR system has to balance proportionality, precision and punctuality

Nov 24th 2022 A T SOME POINT in the next few weeks, the destination of football’s World Cup will probably be decided by the application of video technology.FIFA World Cup 2022 World Cup Extra: Belgium v Canada Watch alternative content with FIFA build-up from the stadium, 5 live commentary, extended BBC TV post-match reaction and World Cup documentaries as Canada meet fancied Belgium.Techniche , which partnered with Qatar to create the gear.Get the latest World Cup news in Spanish from Telemundo Getty Images Handwritten paper tickets were given to some fans to enter a World Cup game on Tuesday as hundreds more in Qatar struggled to retrieve their digital passes amid problems with FIFA’s mobile application for a second day.

This might not happen in the final itself, but along the way, a team that might have won could well be eliminated—or an otherwise beaten side saved—by a decision from the video assistant referee, or VAR.Indeed, in only the third minute of the first game of the tournament, between Qatar and Ecuador (pictured), an Ecuadorian goal was ruled out by VAR.(That ruling turned out not to be decisive: Ecuador went on to win 2-0.So will the size of the construction workforce.) Football was relatively late to rely on the use of such technology, introducing VAR for club matches only in 2016 and at international level two years later.In tennis Wimbledon used the Cyclops system for service-line decisions as long ago as 1980 and the Hawk-Eye system began to be used in major tournaments for all line calls in 2006.Get New England news, weather forecasts and entertainment stories to your inbox.

America’s National Football League introduced a review system in 1986, abandoned it in 1991 and reintroduced it in 1999.In the long term, construction projects may have to evolve into prefabricated projects that can be assembled in air-conditioned warehouses and then stacked together outside with the help of heavy machinery.Cricket formally introduced a system for reviewing umpires’ decisions in 2009.The motivation for these systems is clear.Elite sport is a high-stakes affair and, where possible, officials’ errors should not affect the result.“That’s not beyond our technologies.In tennis, it is extremely difficult for a line judge, standing several metres away, to decide whether a ball, which may have been hit at 150kph, has landed on the edge of the line or a few millimetres wide of it.One security guard, Mahammad Sajid, said it had been difficult to control some angry fans when the crowds peaked earlier in the morning.

Technology can do a much better job.To be successful, any system must balance what might be dubbed the three P s: proportionality, precision and punctuality.The only problem is that the money needed to adapt regional construction to a warming climate comes from the fossil fuels that are driving it.Football may be the sport in which proportionality is hardest to get right.When the players line up for a corner kick, for example, the jostling in the penalty area between forwards and defenders for the best position can resemble Greco-Roman wrestling.A strict referee might find something to penalise each time.

But then every corner would result in a penalty or a free kick to the defending team.Referees, on the field and watching on video, allow some physical contact.The question is, how much is too much? Already, decisions in the World Cup, even with the help of VAR , have been irritatingly inconsistent.Other sports try to deal with this problem by giving players and teams a limited right to challenge decisions.Understandably this prompts them to use such challenges at important moments.

In football, only the officials decide whether to review an earlier decision and there may be dozens of such moments during the game.The VAR system supposedly limits itself to “clear and obvious errors” or “serious missed incidents”.But these can be hard to define—which brings us to the second P , precision.Football is a simple game, with one complicated rule: offside.When a ball is passed, attacking players must have two defensive players, one of whom can be the goalkeeper, between them and the goal.

(The rule was devised to deter what British schoolboys used to dub the “goal sneak” or “goalhanger”, who spends all his time lurking near the opponents’ goal.) Judging offside requires a human official to simultaneously observe both the passer and the attacker when they may be 20 or 30 metres apart.Again technology is much better placed to do this.Ecuador’s goal against Qatar was disallowed because a player’s knee was too advanced.Only the cameras could be this precise.

Arguably, that’s too precise.The purpose of the offside law is to stop attackers gaining an unfair advantage, which a stray knee or shoulder scarcely does.It may be better to rule attackers offside only if there is daylight between them and the defender.In football, outfield players are not allowed to use their hands or arms to control the ball.But if a player kicks the ball from close range and it hits an opponent’s arm, then an exception is made.

But how close is “close”? Some exceptions are also made if the contact is clearly accidental, but this requires the referee to judge whether or not the defending player is holding his arms in a “natural” position, or has placed them in the line of the ball.Such a decision must be subjective; technology only helps to the extent that it can slow the action down.So absolute precision can never be achieved.And that is important for the last P , punctuality.Sensibly, some VAR checks are conducted while play continues, with the on-field referee notified if the technology has spotted something significant.

Nevertheless, sometimes the clock is stopped, and the time taken to review crucial decisions (penalties and goals) can be substantial.This can frustrate the crowd, disrupts the rhythm of the game and can lead to long periods of “added time”.Because absolute precision is often impossible, punctuality should take precedence.If it takes more than a minute to decide on a VAR review, then the decision was probably about right in the first place.A good deal of football’s charm comes from its free-flowing nature.

When it comes to VAR , the best should not be made the enemy of the good.■.

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Isn't inconsistent officiating part of the drama? Who cares? Soccer is about spectacle passion frustration and glory. It is complete in a match. Reducing it to an algorithm like basketball or American football will destroy it. Even for economists. Awarding soft penalties negates all that. Qatar2022 FIFAcom

This is not strictly correct; it is the VAR team`s use of the technology and their decisions based upon that which determins the outcome. Could have ruined the game today It ruins the game and what should be great sports moments. Still too many strange dodgy calls as well. Var didn’t see hand ball on 18 today

Sorry but you promote elite sport then show soccer lol out loud Fuck Var You mean “video technology could accurately determine who wins the World Cup” Not when it’s humans interpreting the technology… In their ManUtd shirt:)

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Soccer Too much VAR hurts... sideline referees have already become useless offside is down to finger difference ... maybe VAR should be used less frequent and at the main ref decision. Many sports have that . Ref mistakes are part of the game. Without VAR Wales finish the game vs Iran with 11 men, the game ends 0-0, Iran are deprived of a deserved victory and the Iranian people a chance to forget about repression and social injustice for a few precious moments. VAR is about fairness not entertainment.

VAR tech made a crucial mistake during the match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia. Let's just hope it doesn't happen to us. 👎🏾 VAR didn’t eliminate controversy, it just created new controversy while slowing the game down… ...errors And bias however there are times that there should be a VAR review, who makes the call for the review, the VAR official or the referee?

But but, how will corrupt referees make money? 🤷🏻 This VAR system is outrageous!! 🙄 [sarcasm just in case] Ta! Your fawning piece InDefenseOfQatarHostingTheWorldCup does not mention much abt the political background but the attached YouTube video more than makes up for it. Now that 2 regional sides,🇮🇷&🇸🇦, have hard fought, well deserved wins d⚽️Allahs are😁

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Shock horror. Whereas before, referees could decide who wins the World Cup by chalking off or not chalking off goals. Care to explain what the big deal is? VAR could use some tweaks. So could the offside rule. Whats the offside rule trying to accomplish at an inch level? At the very least, why is offside called at a ´break the plane´ threshold when goals and boundaries are called at an ´entirely beyond the line´ threshold?

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