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Victoria's Secret will feature transgender model in its store windows

Lingerie brands Victoria's Secret and Bluebella have partnered up for a campaign celebrating female diversity. Danish transgender model May Simón Lifschitz is headlining the campaign.

10/9/2019 2:30:00 PM

Victoria's Secret stores in New York and London will feature a transgender model in their windows for the FIRST time (after brand previously refused to cast 'transsexuals' in its show)

Lingerie brands Victoria's Secret and Bluebella have partnered up for a campaign celebrating female diversity. Danish transgender model May Simón Lifschitz is headlining the campaign.

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It is alright!. God is not taking people to Hades. He is honoring their choice for Hades. The madness and perversion continues unabated. Why 👎👎👎👎👎 🤢🤢 There is no such thing as inherent gender identity or gay or straight...or bi (only pre-dispositions) they are all false constructs adopted by weak people who need a label to hide behind. Behind every phobia is a philia. Your disgust merely hides what you can't face in yourself.

She carried it better They selling boxies now then? They are going to need some super 2d materials to keep things in 😉 Well, congratulations to her, be whoever you want to be. Another brand to boycott It says typhoo tea on the side of a bus but it doesn’t mean it’s a teapot Can't make this up Wow so my brain say no but I have to agree because world wants me to agree? so how they will call now this company Victor Secret?

kojotweets BraQwajo Hands tied, now Hehe It's going to be a riot Victoria Secret’s secret plan to get some extra attention and free advertising is working. Well played victoriasecret. Why does it look like a man wearing womens underwear? 🚫 End times. With all the global challenges, it is transgender that you people are focusing on. Keep deceiving yourselves

With these comments just goes to prove how much this is all needed Pushing thus as normal is dangerous and unhealthy. As all those poor bastard who are trying to reverse their gender change as they were brought up saying everything's fluid, be what ever you can imagine.... Stupid.. Idiots! World is getting crazy.

I’ll make sure never to buy my wife anything from them again It's still a bloke. Hope they can afford the ridiculous prices for underwear Sick How can you tell the difference Ban Victoria secret Wtf? Really When these people pick a black one, they really do pick a BLACK one. DAMN!😱 Pour more fuel on the fire that is this madness

Seriously, worlds gone mad Stands like a dude. 😂 I don't mind the guy, but please get rid of the linebacker on the right. I’ll fix it for u .... Victor’s Secret I now want to be known as , I don't give a fuck Bollocks to that! Why go we need this? You are what you are? Why do we need this constant ‘awareness’. Just get on with your life

Why? Just stop this nonsense already. Mz May (have some goolies) Les Wexner trying desperately to change the narrative of his recent arrest alleging rape. Doesn’t erase the fact that VS CEO was a supporter of pedophile trafficker Jeffery Epstein We can't escape this enforced madness. WTF The lunatics really are running the asylum now. RIP normality.

lmao. I give up. I thought the one in extreme right was the transgender Who knew Victoria's Secret was she has meat and 2 veg!!! To each his own.

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