Victoria Derbyshire, Coronavirus, Health

Victoria Derbyshire, Coronavirus

Victoria Derbyshire's Covid Christmas comments ‘problematic’, say experts

Victoria Derbyshire's Covid Christmas comments ‘problematic’, say experts

10/27/2020 3:47:00 AM

Victoria Derbyshire 's Covid Christmas comments ‘problematic’, say experts

Scientists express sympathy for desire to spend time with family but warn against breaking rules

London, where Derbyshire lives, is under tier 2 restrictions, meaning the rule of six applies to outdoor settings and people should not mix with members of any other household indoors. People found breaking the rules can be fined by the police.Derbyshire told the Radio Times she planned to break the law at Christmas if the coronavirus restrictions were still in place. “If the rule of six is still in place at Christmas, we’re breaking it to have the rule of seven. We just are. Joining me, my husband and our two boys will be my mum, her partner and my husband’s dad,” she said.

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“It’s fine. We’ll do it knowing what the risks are. We’re not stupid. We’re going to be sensible and buy a thermometer gun. But we have to be together at Christmas. It feels almost irresponsible saying that, but I don’t think we’re alone in feeling that way. We need to see my elderly mum and my husband’s elderly dad. We just do.”

Dr William Hanage, a professor of the evolution and epidemiology of infectious disease at Harvard University, suggested the approach was far from fine. “I can have some sympathy with this, but it’s still about 9,734 miles away from cool,” he said.Hanage said that among the problems with such plans, thermometer guns are not a very useful tool for screening, not least since coronavirus can be transmitted by people without symptoms. “Multigenerational gatherings, indoors, involving eating, are among the most risky settings for transmission,” he said.

Data suggests the risk of death from Covid-19 rises steeply with age, and a number of studies have suggested most clusters of infection are linked to indoor settings.Prof Linda Bauld, an expert in public health at the University of Edinburgh, said it was understandable that families would want to gather indoors for occasions such as Christmas, but she stressed that such a possibility hinged on whether the spread of the virus had been suppressed.

“The choices we make and the circumstances we live in affect whether the virus spreads or not,” she said, adding that most non-compliance with the rules did not involve large house parties but smaller infringements where people “stretch” the rules for their own convenience. “Things like additional travel when it is not advised, not wearing a face covering everywhere we are supposed to, visiting friends indoors in areas where that is not advised, or adding more people to an indoor gathering than is recommended,” she said.

Bauld raised concerns that other people may follow Derbyshire’s example. “When high-profile figures say they’ll be ignoring guidance, it sends a message to everyone that different interpretations of the rules are OK. That’s problematic even if we would all have huge sympathy with the sentiment,” she said.

While the government has encouraged the public to report anyone flouting Covid restrictions to the police, the prominent lawyer Jolyon Maugham QC said Derbyshire’s Christmas festivities were unlikely to be disturbed.“The law is useless for moments like this. The police won’t be interrupting the Queen’s speech by kicking in your front door to demand proof of address,” he said. “You only get people to adhere if they feel the whole community is making sacrifices. But that went out the window when we saw what Dominic Cummings was doing – and I expect most of us think other government figures do it too.”

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Boris Johnson is due to explain a return to the three-tier system after lockdown ends on 2 December.

If Plonker applies to women, then VictoriaDerbyshire is Plonker-in-chief The strategy so far is ; if u have covid lock yourself away for 14 days. I’ve heard of no research that allows covid patients to safely go about their business. Ex wear ? Mask all the time, keep your distance etc. Develop face coverings that isolate say through filters

Fairly certain there’s a table in Durham that’ll have more than 6 places set... Well the Scottish government were talking about a covid ceasefire very recently weren't they? Perhaps we can encourage covid to drop its arms in all parts of the UK? 🤔😐 Good to see some of these personalities looking beyond the propaganda

'London... is under tier 2 restrictions, meaning the rule of six applies to outdoor settings and people should not mix with members of *any* other household indoors.' All the govt Tier 2 advice I can find online says support bubbles *are* allowed to mix indoors. “Experts” on what is “problematic”. Pro-tory lockdown rag The Guardian is in full authoritarian mode again this morning.

The experts aren't experts. It's expert incumbency. Professor Ferguson, who has failed in his entire professional career, got his stats wrong and sent the West into lock down, and never admitted it. Its akin to a war crime yet nothing is being done. Experts are not anymore Is there anybody who doesn’t think there will be mass rule breaking over Christmas? And are they the same people who still believe in Santa?

Finally a bit of dissent is creeping in from the mainstream pundits. Is it any wonder when you can't hide these stats.... 👇 Is there ANYONE who thinks that Cummings will be sticking to the rule of 6? We'll all probably break the law in some way at xmas, but probably won't all tell the Radio Times about it. 🙄

Thank you, Victoria. Now everyone else, off your knees. She's just saying what many people will be doing (unfortunately) the faster this thing is locked in a welsh castle the better. Selfish woman 'experts' that have destroyed the western world in the space of six months with utter incompetence and stupidity

Finally a tiny bit of decent is creeping in from the mainstream pundits. Remember...Christ condemned those who make petty and burndensome rules for people! She is doing what she feels is best for her family. She is following a precedent set by Cummings. Yes, Victoria should do what the rest of us intend to do, and completely ignore the rules on xmas day without publicising it.

I am at the BBC and l know everything 🤡🤮 Eid big deal for Muslims, our equivalent to Christmas which happened during lockdown. Just me and my parents. No older siblings, no grandparents or grandchildren. We didn’t like it but we still followed the rules. Point being, tough shit, deal with it like the rest of us.

People defy it every day in England, some party and go to the office the next morning even standing up to their boss saying ‘what are you going to do about it’. It can be safer if people work from home. Arrogance to the extreme. Who the hell does she think she is. Don't fine her she has too much money. Just lock her up for a month. Should do the trick.

One law for this arrogant BBC hack and another for the rest of us. Because she’s a ‘personality’ she thinks she can write her own rules. She’s tipped off the cops so they must do their duty on Christmas Day surely? Could experts explain the scientific reason why 6 vs 7 is a clearer risk-level distinction than lifestyle, living arrangements or contact extent during day to day life of the people in question?

Yeah, it's bit iffy. She's a high level BBC journalist making a ton of cash. She can afford to, for example, take a fine. Most of the people she's encouraging probably can't take those fines. I think UK policing a bit tougher than Denmark. Mandatory in supermarkets now since today.. Only one out of ten wears them there, nobody cares! Least of all the supermarket boss.Laughing law here, nobody follows the law here.. No crackdowns, nothing! Wore facemasks since march!

The Guardian used to be a newspaper you could trust for balance and honesty. I stress 'USED TO BE'! When are your journalists going to disengage from their suckling on the teats of the political class and Do Their Fucking Job of finding out what is going on with SAGE and this nonsense they keep peddling about the “pandemic” Or just stop breathing the air the rest of us need.


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