Victoria Derbyshire: 'I'll break the rule of six if it applies at Christmas'

Victoria Derbyshire: 'I'll break the rule of six if it applies at Christmas'

10/27/2020 3:08:00 AM

Victoria Derbyshire: 'I'll break the rule of six if it applies at Christmas'

The BBC presenter says she will break Covid rules so her family of seven can celebrate Christmas.

"We need to see my elderly mum and my husband's elderly dad. We just do."She added that her mum lives in Bolton while she lives in London, so she hadn't been able to see her regularly during the lockdown.Bolton is currently under tier three coronavirus restrictions, while London is in tier two.

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What is the rule of six?The rule of six makes it illegal for groups of more than six people to meet up in England.It allows people to meet up in private homes, indoors and outdoors, and places such as pubs, restaurants, cafes and public outdoor spaces - but only in those areas in the tier one, medium alert level, category.

Variations of the rule of six apply in tier two and three areas where lockdown rules are tighter. For example, in areas in the very high tier three category people are only allowed to meet in outdoor public spaces, such as parks.The rule does not apply to schools, universities and workplaces, or weddings, funerals and organised team sports, which have different rules on maximum numbers.

People who ignore police could be fined £100 - doubling with each offence to a maximum of £3,200.Read more about the rule of sixIt is Boris Johnson's "ambition" for people to celebrate Christmas with their families, his spokesman said recently.

The prime minister is "hopeful" that "some aspects of our lives" could be "back to normal" by then, he added.image copyrightimage captionChristmas could have a very different feel this yearBut a scientific adviser to the government warned that, without taking action, a normal Christmas was "wishful thinking in the extreme".

The warning came after tougher rules were enforced for nearly six million Britons - including a lockdown in Wales.The rule of six means that you cannot meet more than six people indoors or outdoors.But the rules can be even stricter according to what tier you are in. For example, if you are in tier two in England or Wales, you cannot meet people socially indoors if you do not live with them, whether in private homes, pubs or restaurants.

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COVID-19: England may face almost month-long lockdown in exchange for Christmas five-day rules relief

All parts of England would still be banned from socialising with other households indoors ahead of Christmas Eve, reports claim.

You naughty little girl Victoria. Why apologise, its true I won't be sticking to 6 either Hear hear well said! Keep your head up My guess is the majority of people will do exactly the same which is why the government is bringing in a circuit breaker now to 'save Christmas' and avoid the inevitable rule breaking. Ms Derbyshire just unwisely spoke aloud. Covid will be waiting for us in 2021 in the same way.

My guess is the majority of people will do exactly the same which is why the government is bringing in a circuit breaker now to 'save Christmas' and avoid the inevitable rule breaking. Ms Derbyshire just unwisely spoke allowed. Covid will be waiting for us in 2021 the same way. Where you going Barnard? They can check your hearing as well as eyesight 🤣😂 Or you going more for the Guns & Grouse so 30 of you can meet up I heuss youle appreciate your privalage more when you've lost it

What if people of other faiths did it for their religious festivals? Muslims for Eid? You’d be slamming them if they did, disgusting I see the Botox is working ok you’ll be sorry when it wears off !!! I would too if the other family members were also agreeable. More in brackets celebs using their ivory tower to beat their gums about themselves, 1 I dont care what you do at Christmas 2 rules are rules

Yep It’s not about Christmas it’s about respecting the law and doing what you are told to save lives and most certainly not going off on a populist ego trip to be a rebel because that will reinforce the gammon and kill innocent people including health care workers. Resign now, please, and shame to you Almost like your bragging that one of your employees intends to act irresponsibly and break the law . Your a disgrace of an organisation , sack her and whilst your at it get rid of the Rashford women on breakfast tv

Like spoilt brats who aren't used to not getting their own way. Life happens folks and that sometimes means missing out on things you want to do. I honestly couldn’t give a stuffed fig, whether she does or is trying to stay in headlines. As long as she only infects her nearest and dearest. If on the other hand her actions cause a total lockdown, I will be slightly miffed. ps who is she, and what does she do?

See if your gonna break the rules, would it not be more sensible to do it privately rather than tell the nation What a stupid thing to say? She must know the consequences of what she said. Could be interpreted as encouraging others to break the Law. She can quite easily pay the fine for breaking the Law, but there will be many many people who will not be able to pay their fines.

Give me a break, I lived in Saudi and they used conduct arrests for having Christmas cards and decorations. Muslims want to eradicate Christianity and are embedded in the country to do so! It’s a dumb rule made for dumb people As will 80% of the country! BBC will do nothing because she is a female presenter & thus is above punishment. She however is possibly demonstrating an attitude thought to be common in certain parts of the country, the North would do well to distance itself from this toxic, sexist, arrogant female.

Imagine if Muslims said this earlier in the year when it was just cool that Eid was cancelled with hardly any notice I totally agree with Victoria I’m sure a lot of others are going to do the same thing but it was unwise for Derbyshire to say this publicly. The rules need to be adhered to because if you start breaking them even slightly, then it becomes a slippery slope. She was certainly honest but also a bit stupid.

BentonTom Do more than 5 people even like her? So she’s going to do a Dominic Cummings and just ignore the rules and do whatever the hell she wants? We are all doing our best but most real families have a bit of a fluffy edge or difficult domestic situations. We are having 11 people at mine for Christmas. 👍

Good 👍 Which means she won’t BBC bollox VictoriaLIVE another elitist, disgusting and arrogant individual who should be be sacked. Victoria Derbyshire is another celebrity who thinks the virus rules do not apply to her. She loves looking for muck and misdemeanours on her show and now she can be part of it.

vicderbyshire why do you think you're above the law and the rest of us? This kind of attitude has caused an increase in the spread of the virus. If 'everyone' accepted responsibility and reduced their contact with others it would stop the spread and we could all enjoy Christmas Nothing proper about your propaganda, fools follow rules when the set commands ya!

I never knew Victoria Derbyshire lived near me as I see 3 or 4 cars full of people pull into house around me an people going in lol Sacked in the morning Good, me too. What a shining example to set, obviously hasn’t lost anyone close, to this terrible disease, maybe she’d be thinking differently if she had 😡

So will we all Momentarily lapsed into being a normal human being then remembered she works for the BBC, panicked and capitulated back into herd metality. Sameful & gutless Victoria. You and others like you suddenly only care when it starts to inconvenience your life. So will I Victoria, this debacle has gone on long enough!

Well she’s a twat then Everyone has a right to choose what is right for them. We live in a free democracy not a dictatorship and unless we fight for our freedom, it will disappear forever. More fool those who can’t see through the propaganda and nonsense and don’t see loved ones Well done 'do it👍 Appalling BBCBreaking BorisJohnson 10DowningStreet how disgraceful and disrespectful to everyone working in the NHSuk especially.

Well done 👍👍👍👍👍👍 I think most people will for one day of love with their family I broke my rule of a 6some too last Christmas I knew I liked her. Stupid GOOD Go, girl You won't be the only one LOUDER 🗣🗣🗣 Go for it lady. You and thousands of others will be doing the same. 👏 Tigerlily1jav Good girl Victoria, welcome to the logical side of the argument

Of course she’s allowed to break this rule. It’s called the Cummings law. This allows any high profile personalities to do what they f...... like. Wow politicians and journalists. They think they are above us Disgusting No problem Just 8 weeks of media haranguing her outside her house 24/7, lying down in the road, digital billboards and a public press conference seems to clear this kind of thing up

She’s apologised for this now but by advertising this little nugget, she can expect a busy from plod on Xmas day to check. The thermometer she mentions is not foolproof- many don’t get a fever with their symptoms. The nerve!!! Join the bandwagon, many will do the same especially if this might be some parents last one

Shush, don’t tell everyone 😂 I know many not following the rules in London and mixing with different households. How can anyone keep track or stop people from doing this without a complete lockdown again which I am def not in favour of. While I'm not knocking her, I see her dilemma, but if someone on the right said this the BBC and plenty of others would be calling for their head to roll.

peterclaridge1 Sod Xmas, the rules have no science, but uksciencechief CMO_England bollocks.... they cannot provide scientific proof but 2 households, or the throw of a dice. These are quacks.... no scientists... I will take them on, one on one on TV LIVE no problem. Then she should be fined if she does pure and simple

I think most people would answer the question in the same way at the moment. It's too hard to think about another 6 months of not seeing people. Let's see what the next 6 weeks brings. I'm sure the virus will take xmas off.. Good on her Ridiculously irresponsible thing to say. Disgraceful!!!!! Why? Breaking the rules accomplished nothing other than needlessly spreading this deadly disease.

Deport her She should follow her own instincts as a parent and do as any reasonable person would do. I will be following the rules exactly as Dominic would. If I break them, it will be in a very limited and specific way. Go Victoria. Nice to see your rebellious side for once. So will most of the country

Victoria Derbyshire was only saying what 90%+ of us will be doing she shouldn’t have then apologised it’s what we all think and will do. If we have a family gathering that equals 7 at Christmas who am I going to leave out my mum or my dad? 7 will include my daughter back from uni When in a position of influence whereby many people will hang on what you say or do it pays to keep some things which irritate you under your hat. By making this Statement Victoria Derbyshire has made a huge blunder and it will bite her in the rear. Classic own goal

Sooooo, this will clog up hospitals and delay cancer diagnosis and treatment which she should know better. hypocrisy Hypocrite COVIDIOTS COVID RuleOfSix BBC should sack her now It just show fatalists have no ability to make rational decisions compare to free thinkers. By ignoring the need to suppress the spread, fatalists are waiting for divine intervention, so why not mix, enjoy “normal” life & leave it to some metaphysical power to take care of Covid!

And she won't be alone either. We have to stand up against this totalitarian regime. You are a disgrace, and as people look up to you, you may be responsible for decisions which cost lives! Hope law enforcement check on her and make sure maybe hand out a £10k fine as well Who wouldn’t? Why wait until Christmas? We will ultimately have to learn to live with Covid as we do with flu. All this 'lockdown and restrictions' nonsense is ruining peoples lives and just putting off the moment when life WILL return to normal.

Totally irresponsible....vicderbyshire should be ashamed of herself. If she wants to take the risk with her family thats their choice and you face the penalties...but you shouldn't be advocating it. Selfish self-obsessed. The truth is she will still break the rule of 6 for Christmas! All she is trying to win the public back to trusting her! If the rule of 6 is still on at Christmas, I’ll eat my hat! There will be an exemption as how many others will break it & will police enforce it on the day?

Good on her,we will be doing the same. Really! She clearly believes it or she wouldn’t have said it....this is exactly why we won’t get out of this easily because people won’t do as they’re told and think they’re above the regulations. Xmas or not Covid is going to be part of our lives for months if not years to come. We al need to learn to live with it because those restrictions are just fire extinguishers. Are we to live away from our families and friends for ever ? life is short anyway.

Most people complaining and piping up have already probably broken the rules already . Hypocritical idiots The stupid 🐄 needs to lead by example. If we all behave like that, we’ll never get on top of this virus. 🤷‍♂️ Anyone in a genuine dilemma over travelling/seeing people at Christmas or for any other occasion need only ask themselves, 'What would Dominic Cummings do?'

As will we all. They won’t stop families getting together at Christmas. Not a chance. So all she said was that she would include one extra member in order to not exclude her Husbands Father well I don’t blame her. So wil I secretmom111 I don’t blame her Enjoy it for it could be the last Christmas you will have together if you spread this deadly disease amongst you ! Please really think if it is worth it !

Victoria Derbyshire sneaking her relatives in for Christmas Christmas VictoriaDerbyshire vicderbyshire ... wise people speak when they have something to say, fools speak when they have to say something! Well now shes announced it she won't be! Everyone will be watching her like a hawk. I can't get over the attitude of people thinking the rules don't apply to them

Don't worry Victoria! The virus is taking the day off also to spend time with it's relatives👍 well apart from Covid 13 as it is the black sheep of the family after THAT Christmas in 2012! stillsweatshirt Who? Why are these people snitching on themselves Absolute BS from BBC looking to provoke outrage ... the title of the article is below.. do better Victoria Derbyshire sorry for Christmas rule-breaking comments

Just a publicity stunt - she knew it would be reported and knew she would have to apologise. Me too ✋ Sack her, now! Incredibly stupid and arrogant. Should be setting a good example to others. We all will. Just fed up now Should be punished if she does Shocking. It will just encourage others. Such arrogance

cannot believe the bbc thinks it’s approproiate to allow this irresponsible drivel to be printed, how are we ever going to get back to normal without a Covid selfish idiot spouting this rubbish. Maybe come work on a Covid ward Victoria then might be less selfish. But suspect not Wheeeew the privilege is jumping out of this one!

Anyone breaking the rule of six law faces being fined. This law also applies to politicians and celebrities whom seem to think the law doesn't apply to them. 😠 Well said Will the BBC be disciplining her for advocating breaking the law? Thought not. how on earth can she be in a supposed position of trust, reading *today's* news on BBC2 ? did Editors choose to leave out this story from TV news, while she was on screen, to avoid the obvious conflict ? VictoriaDerbyshire bbcnews Ofcom

I know she’s had a hell of a time with health and other issues, but not good advice. How irresponsible is this biased awful hack - with her fake compassion !! Seriously it’s not helpful to anyone what she is going to do and this will encourage everyone to break the rule and then she will blame Boris !

Completely out of order you are saying to the rest off the people go out and enjoy yourself bbc needs to sack you-you should be ashamed what about all the people that have died muppet Sack her from TV then I thought she was going to leave the BBC. What went wrong? My dad lives on his own My grandma lives on her own My uncle lives on his own I work from home, never see anyone other than my partner who also is at home he only goes out to get food shopping & walk the dogs You think I'm not spending Christmas with them, you're wrong.

Selfish woman ! Are you going to fire her over that? Good for her You should be ashamed of yourself and the bbc gave Naga a hard time for a lot less. This is an encouragement to spread the virus. BBC what are you going to do? BBC employees saying they'll break the law? And we pay a licence fee for this? What's next? Fiona Bruce threatening to beat someone up if she can't go trick or treating?

why is christmas any different to now It’s touching that there are so many schills out there willing to decry other people on the basis everything the government tries to do is the correct thing. Every government across Europe has lost control of this virus whatever the rules. They’re all stabbing in the dark.

JeanHair2 So will everyone. Apsrt from the sheep that watch and believe fake news The only peaple allowed to do something like that, would be MPs and their advisors. But they would say they had 20 peaple around, testing their eye sight! 😉 Lock her up if she does. It’s no wonder 50% of the population claim they do not understand simple rules, with idiots like this, who should know better when in the public eye!

I disagree she should be pressured into making an apology. Shes human and wants to spend Christmas with her family after a horrific year. Maybe she should distance but after the governments awful handling of the pandemic I dont blame her for wanting to be sensible in her own way. And I hope the BBC will take her off the TV for good. Totally irresponsible

Me too I'm sure if a talkRADIO presenter said this,she'd be made a KBF hero. Time to take her off air When will this obnoxious woman be removed she is in sighting law breaking and referred to Jeremy Hunt as a CUNT. CLEARLY A LIABILITY AND WE PAY HER WAGES. BBC do the right thing SACK HER Not only a Covidiot but Covidselfish idiot. The virus doesn’t take days off! I’m sick of ‘journalists’ undermining the health advice given during this pandemic. Haul her arse off to a covid ICU unit for a day or two!! Let her hear the sounds of hacking coughs and ventilators😡

God I wish there had been a rule of six when I was married as 16 times my Christmas was ruined by my racist, bigoted, old-fashioned & depressing in-laws. A Christmas without them would have been the perfect present. That is very irresponsible to say the least. Seriously!!! They got rid of her show because it was crap. She's now on £200,000. Amazing!!

She nearly lost her six figure salary by that little slip up And this is news because? The rule if exist at Christmas will me and husband because it make seven, however we follow the rules of six, and miss daughter and grandchildren and son-in-laws up to try rid of dreadful virus, not Government. She should be sacked. Simple as piersmorgan

Good 👍 this dictatorship needs to end DebraClaridge Of course this is the Victoria that tells you What SHE wants you To HEAR , she was The same on her morning show, Thankfully theBBC scrapped. Why say this! Just do Xmas and keep quiet. It one law for them and another law for everybody else!!!!!!! good on her. she's an adult and can choose to break the rules when she wants . equally she could chose to go above&beyond the next week (e.g. not meet up with anyone, thus creating a net improvement over say meeting 6 people on two different occasions). it's not black and white

What an example, using her media power to stir up yet more imbeciles up into breaking the law and help spread Covid 19. It does beg the question how is she still working for the BBC? Well, that’s bbc for you. BBCStupit Its not like she's saying there will be lots of them ghee its 1 more person many families across the country are already families of 7 plus. Most will just kept their mouth shut and get on with it quietly

Back track city !!! Thought about your career then. COVIDIOTS You also take the responsibility I suppose To all you ignorant pricks saying your agreeing with her, I get it it's Christmas but there is a virus out there it's taking peoples lives, don't put your family or yourself at risk. I think everyone will, except maybe the angry people on this post.

Good. So will 95% of people, the government just won’t think anyone is going to meet. I think most people including myself would do the same for Christmas day.Its one bloody day we deserve together after a totally shit year Wow! Looks like Victoria will be losing her job at the BBC government propaganda service.

That's about the only sensible thing that she has ever said. So will I. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Yet another attention seeking hack- BBC impartiality- my a** DefundTheBBC After all the shite she has spouted pushing fear it is obviously an attempt to save her skin when the bbc goes down. NOOOOO yell all the extra large turkeys

Get her arrested, fool. She's supposed to be impartial whether you agree with her or not! DefundTheBBC Can you honestly see Boris and his gang of bandits sticking to this Well done Victoria. This scam is the biggest hoax in history. Hopefully the BBC sacks her immediately A Lefty breaking lockdown rules. Somehow I dont think the police will be baton - charging her Christmas lunch. You working class normals however are not to get any ideas ok? Plod is on your case.

The rule of 6 applies only to tier 1. Tiers 2&3 mean no one from another household should visit except in specific circumstances This woman is working for the national broadcaster and should be setting an example!!! This is a disgrace. Sack her!! Can you not have seven in your social bubble? Bubbles Trump tiers evidently and with all those sprouts about, we all like trumps at Christmas

Sack her. So the BBC is pushing unlawful activity..... shouldn’t they be arrested for not challenging it? Go on Victoria. Continue on this awakening process!! Brilliant! 👍🏻 AiderCruise Na, she'll get more than 6 viewers. Why can’t people just grow up? If you ignore the rules you should be fined, a second offence should land you with 3 months military training because you’re clearly too soft to cope with a crisis.

Mm,how she banged on about her cancer.Having had cancer only a couple of years or so she would be aware that she is still in the vulnerable group AiderCruise Victoria Derbyshire: 'My profile is fading' BalramHalwhy thoughts? Another one who thinks rules don’t apply to them This is one of the reasons we are where we are. Adults sounding like spoilt kids with a toy taken away. All the frontline NHS staff that have to put there own lives on the line to save lives of these selfish COVIDIOTS. They need to grow up. Victoria...go and stand in that corner.

The principle behind the rule is to limit contacts, avoid big gatherings and take sensible precautions. She plans to stick to these principles - this is more important than sticking to the exact number of 6 people. Families should do what’s right for them at Christmas. Open everything up. Wear masks and gloves if you like. Tax China for all the inconvenience and costs of closed businesses.

If a politician (especially a Conservative!) had said this, the BBC would be the first to jump up and down asking when they would resign... Suppose vicderbyshire will get promoted now... Well let’s hope she gets a huge fine. What a stupid thing to put in the media as now she’s encouraging everyone to do the same

So selfish 🙋‍♂️ Who's Victoria Derbyshire? 🙋‍♂️ Why is this news? Lock her up And we pay our licence for these people!!! More anti government activism from a belligerent and privileged bbc employee. Does the BBC condone and support this? Shame on you Victoria. Why are people like this allowed on the BBC? This woman wants to murder our grannies. It’s time that BBCNews was closed down.

bet she's not the only one. We r all being had by this lie So will I, if my family want to come over for the Xmas day meal I won’t be stopping them, this virus isn’t going away and after this wave they’ll be another and another. Good girl!! Well done ton say no to plandemic created by psychopaths like Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Musk, WHO, Big pharma and a few others.

Aww, bless. She’ll cry and stamp her feet if she has rules to follow she doesn’t like. Aww, what a snowflake. While Victoria Derbyshire is forced to apologise for suggesting she'll do her own thing at Christmas, BorisJohnson fell over backwards to defend cummings drive to Durham while he & his wife may have been COVID19 +ve then gives him a press conference in the Rose Garden!

All we hear is sad news daily.. can we just take a break pls and let's allow the scriptures to encourage/advice/console us? Kindly follow to gets daily scriptures updates and cool your temper. Good morning all You can still celebrate Xmas without having everyone piled in your house. Might be different to what you’re used to, but it can be fun. My family numbers are dwindling (sad, but true) but Xmas goes ahead.

How is this news 🤔🤔🤔😂😂 It's attitudes like this that increase the infection rate, get real Sack her Bit of a daft cow. All the bedwetters on here crying well said Victoria I'll break the rule of having to pay my tvlicence if it applies at Christmas. ScrapTheTVLicence COVID19 It's a casedemic. Because we are now blanket testing (or people who download T&T app are positive anyway!!) we are picking up asymptomatic people with the common cold. PCR was never meant for this 💩 It's as divisive as Brexit, the lily left Vs the 'right'. Grow up.

Must not like working for the BBC I won't. Hate Christmas. Good excuse to stay at home hibernate and avoid everybloody 😁 Get a bloody ain't that important in the scheme of things.Would hardly be that much of a sacrifice to spend it virtual for just one year ffs to beat this deadly wonder VD has been replaced,if that's her childish stance!?

Excellent example from someone in the public eye. That’ll help the situation. 👍 Is this news? At last people are seeing through all the lies Isn't it a law? No news. It’s been retracted. BBC just continuing with an inflammatory post. She has apologised. Good. What a daft thing to say. Didn't she berate Dominic Cummings for breaking lockdown rules calling him reckless if I remember correctly 🤔

Break it now . To see family it’s not just for Christmas! She earns a handsome salary. Her £10000 fine won't go amiss. put her in the same bin as beverleyturner - both probably criticised Cummings etc too May as well , Kay burly has buggered of to usa for two weeks. While we have a pandemic here. Its so disappointing that people who can influence others cant set examples :(

Pied Piper. Everyone in the BBC is part of the problem. None of them are the good guys. Can’t open link but can’t get over Victoria saying this - I thought she was sensible + she should be even more mindful due to her health history💖 Will Johnson, Cummings, Hancock etc keep to “the rule of six-ish” at Xmas?.

Probably needs to be dismissed despite the lame apology She looks like a witch Sack? To be fair everyone is going to break the rules at Christmas, if rules are in place, which there shouldn’t be if we are all sane A self inflicted fall from the high horse! Daren't burst any bubbles here, but really, is that the best she's got to grab the last dregs of attention?

The same people who vilified and hounded Cummings are happy to flout the rules when it suits them. They’re exactly the people they warn you about. Don't watch this show but the attitude is all wrong. And then she'll blame it on men when she gets fined. The rule of 6 is not a punishment! If you and some of your relatives are dead by new year it would be very sad, but I am sure your TV Show can be re-formatted for another presenter. Your surviving friends and family, however, will never look on Christmas again as a happy time.

Be careful of any so called 'dissent' from the BBC. Remember they are the government's mainstream media propaganda arm and they've been complicit in pushing this criminal narrative from day 1. Beware anything these scumbags say. I'm a big fan of Victoria but pretty unimpressed and disappointed to hear that she said this.

Arrest her. Sack her BBC Don’t worry Victoria, everybody will be doing that. Including Boris Johnson. Why bother saying anything publicly? Most people are seemingly likely to ignore the pointless restrictions and celebrate Christmas how they wish. Who on earth would follow this rule? it’s absurd. Big deal, who won't or doesn't now?

More double standards of the BBC and its staff The queen of the anti-Brexit campaign to remain yet again broadcasting her personal issues and political views across the BBC platform The BBC will take no action and as no accountability dreadful organisation One word.....SELFISH Just an excuse to brag that she has more than 6 friends! Lol

She’s just being honest. By Christmas if this is still going on 1000s will break the so called rules. How many MPs do you think will also break the rules? People are starting to see the farce & hypocrisy now. Have to agree, rule of 6 on Christmas, not a chance if my grandad makes it to Christmas mine of us are gonna tell him he can't come round, fuck the rule of 6 on Christmas

And yet another bbc lefty who is all mouth and actually does not give a hoot Fine her 10k just for saying it. The stupid tw Shocking Another of the BBC left-leaning presenters showing her distain for the rule of law. Don’t rely on temperature screening for detections of coronavirus (COVID-19), says MHRA Warning that thermal cameras and other such “temperature screening” products, are not a reliable way to detect if people have the virus. July 2020

Another one has woken up. 👏 Just say you’re a hedge fund manager. She's not a great interviewer..she misses the points people are making. I'm not that keen on her I won't. I respect all the other people who are trying in this pandemic, some of whom are not so lucky. Oh grow up, little bit of controversy to stir up interest before I’m a Celeb.

This should not have been put out. Totally irresponsible on all fronts. It’s irresponsible that the BBC are even sharing this story!!! What an irresponsible stupid I’ll educated woman. A disgrace to an already disgraceful BBC. She has basically now said I am a selfish woman who does not care about those who have died. Fine her if she does and sack her for insulting those who have died.

Surely she can see who she needs to when she goes to church. It’s a religious event after all. And in a nutshell you have the reason that we’re on the situation we Typical. Stuff everyone else I’m going to do what I want. Good for her - there’s no scientific basis to that rule anyway - it’s just something Bozo 🤡 BorisJohnson made up.

Alexa, give me an example of a privileged public figure behaving like realDonaldTrump Pathetic really, pandemics don't take a break for Christmas. It's just one overly hyped day. We all asked muslims to refrain at eid but this is not the same eh? Of course she will as l expect all Left wing propaganda machine to do so !

Is she Victoria from Derbyshire, or Victoria Derbyshire? Great plan 😒 Excellent. We need more rule breakers. This whole saga is beyond ridiculous. Yet another Covidiot. AvonandsomerRob she’s a woke lovey, so it’s acceptable itvnews Has Victoria Derbyshire has been sacked by the BBC yet? Even if only a fraction of her 74,000 followers on Twitter decide to copy her it could lead to the virus spreading and lives being lost especially as elderly relatives figure predominantly at Christmas.

Fantastic !! announce it to the world !! lets hope someone local who is not keen on you reports you to local authorities and a nice £10,000 fine heads your way ! I'm pretty sure if such sentiments were manifested in China, they would meet with a swift response from the authorities, police and military. Thank higher powers we have free will. They certainly don't have. Oh, and they don't have Covid-19 either, anymore...

As will most the nation Gives a fuck what she does? Not me. And then go on to blame others for her actions Please highlight safe visiting and outings at Christmas for care homes rightsforresid2 Me too Thick!!! Totally irresponsible from a media figure who has influence AvonandsomerRob Well said Victoria. 👏👏

Good for her, everyone will do the same Rule of 6 is stupid! It's okay to mix with 5 people from 6 different households but not okay to mix with 7 people from 2 different households... how does this make sense? Your fear mongering has directly affected my mental health. Just this morning Dan what's his name sneezed live on air and nothing happened just a mild joke about 'sanitisation'. Hypocrisy is truly ugly. You are the ones that told us to hide away in fear from this virus

Good on you. We need to rise up and take our freedoms back now Id find it hilarious then if everyone she came into contact with including her became infected. What a dick. Well she can, it is NOT a criminal offence, just don't answer the door.!! Good. More power to you. That’s a matter for you, is it sensible to go public with via BBC news when actually the Government want us to respect the rule of six?

Once again the media twisting old stories that have no connection to current thinking. Everyday the rules change, I’m right behind VictoriaLIVE with her sentiments about wanting to spend a time with loved ones. There will be less of us by New Year.. Good grief, there's a lot of over-reaction on this post. Wasn't one of the guidlines peddled by Johnson to 'use our common sense'? That is, make some judgement ourselves. Just saying... RuleOfSix CommonSense

£10,000 fine ,still, you can afford it dear Good on her!!! vicderbyshire you must be desperate for attention if you come out with this - typical BBC self-opinionated presenter Don't you ever make a broadcast on anything Covid related, vicderbyshire . You lost all your credibility If my mother was still alive there is no way i would not be with her at Christmas no matter what Boris Johnson said. Good on her.

I normally visit my mum and siblings at Christmas, she lives abroad. Have not been seen them for a year because of COVID. It’s upsetting but I rather skip Christmas than accidentally killing them with my presence. The time is now vicderbyshire Christmas will be too late But to be fair,the rule of 6 makes little sense.Why would the virus allow 6 ppl to gather & not 5 or 7?Just because the government deem it the rules,doesn’t make it logical.They could double the number tomorrow & the masses wouldn’t question the rationale 🙄

Am I the only one looking forward to Christmas alone with my husband this year?! 😂 The time is now. VictoriaDerby1 Christmas will be too late The headline is wrong - the story is her apologising for saying it. Why has the Headline been twisted into something it is not? Twitter ? Surely this must be against some beeb rules? Prominent reporter publicises breaking the law for their own benefit. Sack her please.

She’s not just breaking the ‘rule of six’ but the parents live in different tiers to herself! Sensible Wasn't too long ago that I read comments from people saying they would break the rules at Christmas. Now that Victoria Derbyshire is saying she will break the rules, you have a go at her. Fucking hypocrites!

A bit silly I guess she wishes she never said that lol The media are part of how we beat this virus and I have no issues with differing opinions. But to do this so publicly and be promoted by the national broadcaster is shocking. What next a full promotional programme for I'm a Celeb. I want to be controversial vote for me.

Guessing she can afford the fine! Why is incapable of a headline that matches the story? Totally fixated on click bait. “Victoria Derbyshire sorry for Christmas rule-breaking comments” is actually what the report says How irresponsible. She might as well flick two fingers up to the graves of all the people that have died from the virus and the families it has destroyed. It’s attitudes like this which has caused the virus to spread. Shame on her.

WGAF just publicity for another useless BBC gobshite She has far too much time on BBC. Too much time to incite the viewers. So will many other families. I'm lucky, we're only six, but if there were more of us I'd be willing to break this arbitrary, unscientific, unnecessary rule, too. Come 31/10 with Halloween everyone will be breaking the rules then with kids supersoreading for sweets so what’s difference at Xmas.

I think she spoke for all of us lol Lawbreaker. Nice. I do not like the restrictions either but I try to abide by the rules to protect others. If breaking the rule of six is an offence I hope Victoria Derbyshire's local police follow up on this self-centred attention - seeking tip off by . Along with millions of others!

This is utterly irresponsible reporting we are in the middle of a pandemic. If the rule of 6 applies it will be for very good reason. We won't need public figures telling us to break the law. If everyone did this there would likely be deaths as a direct result I see BBC is doing well !!! She should be sacked! Even if she wants to break the law, do it quietly. She’s one of the frontlines. Shame! People are dying, hospitals filling up, country is borrowing lots of money to help, etc.. shame on her!

We ALL should. My Mrs is a nurse, we've never had a Christmas together until she's done her shift Idiotic grandstanding fool! What a tool Go for it girl! Trying to tell me HM The Queen will be having 6 or less at Sandringham on Christmas Day? 🤔 Rule of six is just nonsense that nobodys taking a blind bit of notice of anyway. At least we are all out and about as it should be.

Pity she has now apologised in one of those irritating apologies whereby they apologise for stuff they ''clearly'' mean. People like her are the ones that are stopping me seeing my family she should be ashamed of herself coming out with a statement like this Has she been disciplined yet? SPOILER ALERT: The link to the BBC story is about her apology, but she shouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place. Very irresponsible for a national TV presenter.

We'll that is quite selfish. We are all desperate to see our families in the normal way, not just at Christmas. This will only mean we have to wait longer. Oh! I'm so shocked.....not. She's an anarchist. I bet she leaves the lid off the toothpaste aswell. She's actually apologising for saying it, but it's far too much of a struggle for to print a headline which reflects the reality.

I don't believe it . Victoria Derbyshire should retract her apology immediately!! She wasn't wrong saying it! NO ONE SHOULD FOLLOW rules/laws that are FLAWED & NOT BASED ON ANY SOUND SCIENCE!! Most would lol Wow. Purposefully breaking the rules to potentially expose elderly grand parents to a life threatening virus. That could be classed as manslaughter.

I think all the 'do-gooders' on here need to read 1984 and a brave new world. Inthink they will be getting moved out of the fiction section soon. Kids are going to be phoning the ss on their parents If you formally invite Dominic Cummings or Jeremy Corbyn (but not both) then the rule of six doesn’t apply - even if they don’t turn up on the day. FACT.

No surprise there then. BBC breaks impartiality rules every day and it’s second rate journalists egos make them believe they above the law I doubt she'll be the only one. They might keep it in place so that some will stick to it but nothing will stop Brits having a good olde Christmas. Christmas is Christmas end of.

If everyone followed it in the first place, we wouldn't have to worry about whether it applies at Christmas How irresponsible if infection rates are still high. I am sure you would be sensible at your ‘Christmas table‘, but setting such an example encourages others to break the law and not just on the 25th, but for the period. I’m sure the NHS support you saving Christmas before lives.

So will the vast majority of others..... and it’s not really being followed now.... With all due respect, if she deliberately breaks the rules she should be arrested. It’s highly irresponsible for sm1 with such influence to use her platform to encourage, even epitomise defying the law. If the law is wrong it must be changed, but while it’s there we all follow it

If you work for the BBC it’s in your contract to be anti Tory government so this comes as no surprise. How can anyone in bbc senior management believe it is ok for one of their presenters to use the platform to encourage people to break Covid guidelines? She and the programme editor should be suspended immediately

This right here is why others will feel the rules don’t apply to them. Very sad ☹️ Gosh,how bold! More power to her elbow I say.After Cummings nobody is any position to criticise her. Ooo youre ard where do you keep your hand bag in the freezer. She won’t be the only one The Ro6 is mostly designed to stop skanky thick morons partying so in this case it's not a big deal.

She's a hero. Are you going to sack her now? Another one that believes the rules don’t apply to them. Stupidity at its finest! And seriously BBC; you thought this warranted air time. Oh for my taxpayers money hey! Says the woman who backed Labour saying back in April lockdowns should’ve been earlier!! ...with no sense of economic and psychological damage!

100% agree. We are all getting fed up and mainly as these lockdowns dont work apart from culling jobs, futures and mental wellbeing. Why are places in measures since aug now have a virus rate 15 fold higher? When wales reopens nov 9th what will they do if the rates go up dec? If the rule of 6 is in force at Xmas it is a decision for anyone to break it or not. However for Derbyshire working for the BBC to openly admit she would break the rule in print is totally unacceptable behaviour and just shows how far the BBC has been destroyed.

If her husbands dad is a single person, and can form a 'social bubble' then looking at gov rules, they wouldn't be breaking the law... it says that exeptions to the rule of 6 include: in a legally permitted support bubble...? Don't think you'll be on your own. This nonsense needs to stop I trust BBC News will persuade their employee, Victoria Derbyshire, to change her mind. So incredibly selfish!!

The COVID virus doesn’t take holidays. This will become the never ending story if people do not adhere to isolation regimes. Better to abandon the isolationism, stop treating virus victims, let the virus take its course and those with immunity survive. And we needed to know this why? Damn straight! This is a conspiracy to commit a crime- why haven’t the cops taken her away for questioning yet?

Why are certain people not thinking I hope the virus subsides during December? Why has it even got a mention that there will no relaxing of rules during the festive period! No one knows not even the so called experts! Think positive it’s still only October and two months away! I think she has a distinct lack of understanding of the meaning of the word 'need' and 'wants'. She doesn't need to see her mum, she wants to. Just like I don't need to think she's and idiot, but I want to.

Good role model... Idiot. She looks a cocky smirky prat maybe not so cocky if she gets the virus and then infects her family the fact is this pandemic is world wide not only in this country all governments are taking the same precautions ect but no doubt ignorance will prevail I say go for it woman! You just can't fix stupid.

That’s her choice. I hope she doesn’t infect someone she loves. Firstly - this isn’t news, secondly why would you tell everyone you’re going to break rules?! schoolgirlerror, but thirdly, she’ll get away with it anyway - celeb privilege! You go girl! Notice the EU lovers denounce this. They love to be told what to do.

Everybody should follow this example. Fine everyone on Christmas day will we? Bang on the money! Do as you will. End of the day, if a person gets Covid for flaunting rules, so be it. We all will. Xmas still happened when the Spanish flu was rampant. Rule of six? When does the UK civil war begin? Then she should probably prepare for a couple of funerals by Valentine's Day. Stupid

Wgaf? Let’s face it everyone will...especially Tory arsehole ministers who do whatever they want, so abide by the rules, wear a mask, wash hands regularly and limit contact 🤷‍♂️ 👀🤔🤷‍♂️😷 We all will. So the virus will get that it's Christmas and change its course or better still go away?!! I hope you don’t have to rue the day you break those rules. I got this as did my friends and I can confirm none of us had the same experience! I used to wonder if this was for real, now I know.

I generally find it easier to commit arrestable offences without getting caught when I don't announce to the world that I'm going to be committing them. Jesus Christ here we go. Fine, fucking get Covid and die. See if I care. Just don’t call an ambulance or dare go near a hospital. Just stay at home and live or die, I couldn’t care less, but don’t you dare try and demand care ahead of people who aren’t fucking morons.

Setting a really good strong example of how to be an absolute total and utter idiot. Well done to all at the BBC, fantastic public effort! Nothing like putting extra pressure on NHS staff over Christmas. But hey, as long as you get to do what YOU want. Never mind the little people. vicderbyshire says 'It feels almost irresponsible saying that...', well, Ms Derbyshire, IMO it IS irresponsible to say that. I mean, who do you think you are? Like it or not we are all in this together & we all need to do the responsible thing(s). It's one Christmas. One.

SHE KILL A ROMANIAN DAX Attention seeker She must follow the rules like everyone else. If she breaks the rules if still applies at Christmas then she should be punished Christmas is going to be hard and difficult for all of us this year. And I will break the law of assault if I ever see her☺️ ahhhhhh..that was a good mate has just told something about a virus going round....whats all that about then?

Yet again shows the stupidity of presenters and reporters. 24 hour news channels is the worst thing to happen to honest jounalism. That's why we're in this f mess Totally agree. I will be doing the same. No matter which side of the fence you are on, it's not appropriate for a BBC employee to encourage civil disobedience. Especially when her wages are paid by the Licence Fee payer. Why are you employing an attention seeking clown BBC ?

great example! You should do what the government do and keep your mouth shut and hope nobody notices and then come up with some bs if you do get caught sorted Some of the replies to this, honestly 🙄 Who do they think she should leave out? Her mum? Her father in law? One of her children? Get a grip folks.

Good! Just pretend you're Stanley Johnson or any of the don't give a fuck I'll do what I want favoured few and do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. It won't. Miraculously the blonde grinch who's gammon coloured not green will save it. Its so **cking obvious. Let's wait and see. Unless you have extremely vindictive, spiteful, hateful neighbours and a police force with nothing better to do on Christmas Day, then I would say there is very little likelihood that anyone will know or even care. Most of them will be doing the same thing themselves.

Pretty sure you won't be the only ones. As long as eye sight test isnt the accuse. So Xmas will be the end of the second lockdown as the BLM protests marked the end of the first. Bbc should sack her You would hope that millions of others will be doing exactly the same. Well be sitting outside your house to fine you £100 per person. If it's more ? £1000 as a house party

don’t understand why derbyshire feels obligated to inform the world that she’s planning to break the law at xmas Well she can get fucked then. I'll be spending my first Christmas away from my parents, as will my brother. I'd love to spend the day with my family, but we can't. Just accept that Christmas this year is gonna be a bit shit, and let's have a really good Christmas next year.

I’m with you darling. If bojo sends in the cops they will be treated as the enemy or burglars. In any case they will end up Crippled. An English mans home is his castle. Period she's not bluffing And this lot will be ignoring the rule of six unless having a red shiny nose becomes a COVID19 symptom. News?

Stupid woman ! Idiot 🙄🙄 But she can afford the fine so that's ok... Is there a reason why she revealed this other than get a headline..... T U E S D A Y B B C NEWS 0 9 . 0 0 hours V. D. begins to read The NEWS 0 9 . 0 5 hours ELITE C O V I D MARSHALLS s t o r m onto the SET HAULING her AWAY for QUESTIONING

So basically she is not Muslim and it’s not Eid. She says it's imperative because she needs to see her parents and her partner's parents..... Solution: see your parents in Christmas day, see your partner's parents on boxing Day. Covid doesn't stop for Christmas. If this is true we don’t stand any chance at all. But it’s ok, she’ll just blame the government just like everyone else who refuses to adhere to social distancing. Also as a public figure she should be sacked for this blatant disregard to the rules.

If I shouldn’t, she shouldn’t. Absolutely right ! Any government that thinks people are going to choose between family members for Christmas is not fit for office! It would be child cruelty at it's worst and possibly cause rifts in families that may never be healed! Just think of children who suffer neglect!

Hang on someone who survived cancer and all the people who could’ve infected her whilst undergoing therapy is now playing fast and loose with her health? I hope this headline is incorrect I shall be counting my family on my Abbottabacus. Sometimes UKLabour counting comes in useful. I don’t care if there’s a blackout. I’m keeping my lights on. Since WW2 analogies abound... 😏

It’s ridiculous the rule if six and come Christmas time that’s when families do get together and I am pretty sure thousands will be breaking this rule including those in higher power !!!! Is the rule of six still a thing? There were 9 of us together as a family this weekend, though since my wife and I are legally 'one flesh', I suppose we were only 2 over the allowed limit.

And this is why the UK is in such a mess with its COVID response. Selfish cow Ahh. The eye rolling remainiac. Her interviews with brexit voters where she 🙄 at them but was all warm n fuzzy with remain types. No surprise she'd say this. Little madame. Knock knock. Covid police. 🧐 That is very bad everyone should follow rules and help government. Virus has not come from government

Really responsible You know 6 people who can stand to be around you? Maybe best not to be on air. You are of course entitled to your opinion, your stance, your freedom to break the rules but it doesn’t make it right under the current circumstances. While the rules are being adhered to by many, what gives you the right. Time to step away from TV.

Funny and she works for the BBC as well. Little bit self incriminating 😂🤣🙄 There we are. I'll be tucking into a turkey next to a laptop while watching my parents eating theirs next to the iPad. She somehow thinks she's above the rest of us plebs. how is this acceptable? and is this actually news? From the inventor of the PCR Pos tests do not equal cases.

So ask yourself, Why are they Doing this? I will if it comes to it I don't give a monkeys I agree with victory Derbyshire love Denise There was a time the BBC would have had principles and immediately sacked anyone who said they will break the law. So now are promoting the rule breaking ? Even by its staff... metpoliceuk

Who? Well said. Time we all grew a pair and question what’s being imposed on us all. Good, as will the rest of us. I need a lie down... I'm overwhelmed by such an announcement, and to think of what else is going on in the world the BBC run with this oh my.. I get it. I sort of agree. But no one could have got away with it when they did this at Eid

Is she up for A also ? askingforafriend 😜 She's standing up for her rights. More power to her. The science is not against her either. Together at Christmas, bereaved at Easter ..... So will anyone with any sense. Has she had a stroke in that image? I think a lot of people will be doing the same I'm sure she was one of these telling Muslims to suck it up when they were banned from celebrating Eid.

Attention seeking at its finest. Get over yourself She should count her blessings that she can break the rule of six. There are so many lonely people living in isolation, care homes, or living with mental health issues. My heart goes out to them throughout all this chaos. Well that’s a fun new way to resign! 🤦🏻‍♂️

Look it’s understandable but surely best not to tell everybody! Two elements to this are pathetic. 1 Victoria Derbyshire saying this (Attention seeking or what?) and 2. The BBC running it as news. Public Disservice Broadcaster. Agree. Though I didn’t see anyone kick up such a fuss when they introduced lockdown measures on the eve of Eid, preventing thousands of Muslims celebrating with loved ones.

£200 fine for each adult. 😬 Guess where Priti Patel will be in 2 months... yeah because like everybody at the BBC you think you're above everybody else hop you get the sack, Narcissist The rule of six.... We all have a line I guess her's is Christmas. Seems a highly irresponsible position 🤔 I break the rules all the time because rules are not laws ya seeeeeeee.

Who’s Victoria Derbyshire? Might have been better to keep that plan to herself.... 😏 So will the rest of the country. Is this what some would describe as “doing a Cummings”? BBC staff are in a position of influence, is it a breach of the guidelines for them to engage in such political activism?

Victoria Derbyshire's Covid Christmas comments ‘problematic’, say expertsScientists express sympathy for desire to spend time with family but warn against breaking rules Selfish🙄 When are your journalists going to disengage from their suckling on the teats of the political class and Do Their Fucking Job of finding out what is going on with SAGE and this nonsense they keep peddling about the “pandemic” Or just stop breathing the air the rest of us need. The Guardian used to be a newspaper you could trust for balance and honesty. I stress 'USED TO BE'!

Police break up 600-strong ‘fetish party' in Berlin for breaking coronavirus rulesShutdown of party comes after Chancellor Angela Merkel called on young people to avoid parties to curb spread of Covid-19 Some sticky moments there then. No masks? Bet that was a slap in the face.

Rule of six and curfew on pubs 'have ZERO effect on reducing Covid spread'THE RULE of six and the 10pm curfew on pubs and restaurants is likely to have “zero effect” on reducing the spread of the coronavirus, experts have warned. In measures to curb the sprea… Yes. Obviously. Ya don’t say 🙄🙄🙄 It will have no effect, it is purely exercising controls. Probably a dry run for something big.

'It's the final blow': businesses angry at Italy's new Covid rulesMany firms may not last to see a promised ‘serene Christmas’, as pandemic bites across Europe Be careful. There is mafia and ultras infiltration. Of course, we are in a mad scenario and the Gov it seems not a leader, just following the virus. No good. COVID19 Italy Ask the Welsh how they feel about the Labour Party lockdown. Why don't all these businesses take precautions? Why they are not enforcing mask wearing and in their premises? I went earlier into few shops/service providers - saw through the door that they are not wearing masks (while selling food) - said to myself f**k em, and went away.

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