Vet leaves people in tears over gift she reserves for dogs 'going to heaven'

Vet leaves people in tears over gift she reserves for dogs 'going to heaven'

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9/24/2021 11:19:00 PM

Vet leaves people in tears over gift she reserves for dogs 'going to heaven'

Smiths Station Animal Hospital, in Alabama, went viral on social media after the practice shared the sweet treat they reserve for people's beloved animals during their final moments

When the dreaded day comes that your beloved pooch has to be put down, it is one of the most devastating times.Those tasked with carrying out the difficult task know just how rough it is on the people saying their goodbyes.One animal hospital has been praised after sharing the sweet final treat they reserve for dogs that are unwell.

Smiths Station Animal Hospital in Alabama went viral after sharing the sweet way they bring comfort to people as their put their dog down. Get the news you want straight to your inbox. Sign up for a Mirror newsletter here On Facebook, they posted a picture of the jar which has 'Goodbye Kisses' written on the front, and is filled with popular American chocolate Hersheys Kisses.

The post included a message from Dr Nicole Namie saying, “This jar is reserved for our euthanasia appointments… because no dog should go to Heaven without tasting chocolate.“The post has been shared thousands of times, as many animal lovers worldwide connected with the bittersweet sentiment.

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Dr Namie spoke with WFXR about the viral response, adding that the practice has offered the treats for a long time.“We try to provide as much comfort as possible during a terribly difficult and emotional time," she said."My staff has always kept little snacks and candy bars tucked away specifically for those appointments.

"Typically, these are treats that I wouldn’t recommend giving to my patients, but in their final moments, I think it’s important to offer them something special.“It isn’t a service that clients expect or anticipate, but they really seem to appreciate. They seem to find comfort in knowing their pets are going to Heaven with a full belly and love in their hearts.”

The post went viral, with many pet lovers sharing their own stories of saying goodbye to their family members.One man wrote: "I’ve had lots of dogs in my 67 years. Whenever we know it’s time I make pancakes. All they will eat. I cut them up and feed them like their royalty. I hope they’re all waiting for me."

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Search through hundreds of recommended walks, treats, toys and places to stay when you're on an adventure together.From dog-friendly pubs to product reviews and the latest news, you can sniff it all out at TeamDogs. Another wrote: "Just helped my boy cross the bridge. We gave him lots of chocolate right before. He was so happy."

A third added: "We just had to let our baby go on Saturday. No chocolate for her but I did give her a nice big steak and bacon green beans."Staff at the practice also set up an outside picnic if the weather is nice, so people can spend their final moments with their beloved pet.

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“Our clients and patients are like family. So when we lose a patient, we really take it to heart as if we’re losing one of our own. We recognise that they’re saying goodbye to a member of their family; in some cases, a family member that has been around longer than a decade,” Dr Namie added

"It’s a pet that their kids have grown up with and they’ve made a decade of memories with. Electing to euthanise a pet is an incredibly vulnerable time. In many cases, it’s the first time kids have had to say goodbye to someone they’ve loved.” Read More

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