Vaccine sharing plan under ex-President Trump put ally nations first

Trump administration 'compiled secret list' to decide which nations would receive COVID vaccine first

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1/28/2022 8:30:00 PM

Trump administration 'compiled secret list' to decide which nations would receive COVID vaccine first

A confidential vaccine distribution list was developed under former President Trump. The Administration prepared a secret list detailing which nations would get the doses first.

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River Dance Full Concert Expo 2020 DUBAI | Watch till End Let me guess. Not a lot of black and brown ones. Fortunately for the Ununited Kingdom, Bojo had a cunning plan to thwart POTUS. He negotiated around POTUS and drove a hard bargain (to the tax payers relief) direct with the drug dealers. £22 a stab rather than the £0.85p true price. Nice 1 Bojo.

nothing secret about a priority list happens every day and why should the US not take care of its own first? Охота на оппозицию в Европе.

Comedian shared regret about not getting vaccine before dying of Covid‘I really regret not getting my vaccine,’ he said Permanent immunity is hilarious. “Even before Mr Cabrera’s death, his brother said, he worried he might not survive.” Well, it’s a bit late to worry about it afterwards.

One in 10 NHS staff at London trusts have not been vaccinatedNearly one in 10 NHS staff across London trusts have not received a first dose of the vaccine ahead of the compulsory deadline on February 3.

Comedian dies of Covid aged 40 after sharing ‘regret’ over not having vaccineIn a text before his death, he wrote: ‘I can’t breathe again. I really regret not getting my vaccine. If I can do it all over again I would do it in a heartbeat to save my life. I’m fighting for my life here and I wish I [had] gotten vaccinated.’ A little love for short stories and the will to help people is all I need, can you buy my book, Check my pinned tweet for further details. Thank you, RT if you can, I need this out there. This is all I have. 🚨propaganda🚨 But will people listen?

UK Covid infections fall on day Plan B restrictions ease across countrySome of the most significant Plan B restrictions ended today in England, with similar measures coming into force in the other home nations

One in five UK councils ‘have not published plans to tackle climate change’Many councils declared a climate emergency more than two years ago Ok who? Good on those councils for taking that crap on face value. SamWebbwriter BBCNews IainDale maybe they'll all waiting for the Independent to show what actual steps they have taken - such as, stop printing huge amounts of paper which because litter and general waste a couple of hours later?🤡