‘Use the sniff test’: Morrisons to scrap use by dates from milk packaging

1/9/2022 4:20:00 PM

‘Use the sniff test’: Morrisons to scrap use by dates from milk packaging

‘Use the sniff test’: Morrisons to scrap use by dates from milk packaging

Supermarket hopes to stop hundreds of millions of pints being wasted as charities call for other retailers to remove date labels

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Sniff test is standard practise in our hone and my neighbour we all do it. Some the milk sours before other times a week later. We don't waste food. Umm what? Oh my 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I have no sense of smell 🤔 I've been like that for years, before covid reared its ugly head. Also, how do people 'sniff' milk in shops before they buy? Open cartons?🤔

You always need a date. But like the say here in commercials with food. 'look, smell and taste' because many food is still good after the date. But what if you’ve lost your sense of smell? Good job there’s not a disease going around that interferes with your sense of smell 😂 I've never chucked out supermarket milk because the use by date 'says so'...99% of the time it goes way over anyway. Was using 28/12 milk a week later . Just smell it !

ezzye Let’s introduce a sniff test in the middle of a pandemic and one of the symptoms is smell loss 🤦🏼‍♀️ I don't quite understand how that will work. Can I return the milk and get a refund if my 'sniff test' at home detects the milk is off? 🤔 Just scrap Morrison. Buy local, go to your nearest dairy.

Just open and taste before you buy, you'll probably find a good one

Absolutely ridiculous! 😡😡😡so breath manky germs in it Good on Morrisons. Applying common sense as we all should. I use the sniff test before going down on my girlfriend so why not milk 😂 I buy milk with as long a date as possible, rather than the bottle that’s got a day left so I don’t waste my money. This just seems completely senseless.

Not very useful for those with Covid. I hear some don’t get their sense of smell back for ages Have ppl not been doing this already Boycott morrisons , people's health will be at risk , use the sniff test is discrimination to those with no sense of smell Seems admirable to me, as it will reduce food waste and Morrisons won’t gain more revenue directly, other than some customers will trust them more for being altruistic for thinking about their customers and the environment over people replenishing milk that shouldn’t be wasted.

what abt people who are suffering from loss of taste and smell Morrisons ezzye Good idea during a pandemic when one of the first symptoms is loss of smell and taste. It’s not like people are losing their sense of smell.... Then I won't be buying milk from Morrisons Sniff test in the middle of a pandemic where the symptoms include losing your sense of smell? Sheer genius 🤦

Morrisons aren’t going to be selling much milk in future. Won't be buying milk from Morrisons if this happens So this will stop the supermarket binning the food. But the poor sod that buys the milk that has totally spunked will still waste it? I don't get it. But you can't sniff it in the shop? If there’s no use by date then how do you know it’s not already off when you buy it? I use milk beyond its use by date by applying the sniff test but I don’t want to buy it ready sour thank you.

This is actually quite amusing. Not the article, or Morrisons replacing 'use by' with 'best before', but the amount of people who are commenting without having read the story. Or are they trying to be funny? 🤷‍♀️ This is crazy. Lump test as a back up, then? I'll be buying milk elsewhere. The responses to this tweet are a perfect illustration of the laziness of people. It really isn't hard to quickly read the first 2 paragraphs of an article to get a fuller picture - it'd save people from making stupid knee-jerk [over]reactions to things 🤦

Milk can last 7+ days after the use by date if kept in a cold fridge. I totally ignore these dates, it’s just wasteful. I’m not a calf, I’m all grown up, therefore I do not need a growth accelerant. Should be a law that you have to read the article first before commenting Not much use of youve had covid, but hey.


Buy milk, bring home milk, open milk, smell milk, say fuck bollix shit 20 times, decide if you can be arsed to being milk back to store for being fucking rancid...even if 2 mins away it's still an unnecessary and woeful pain in the hoop that could have been avoided. Fuck that! No. Then you buy milk that expires the next day but you don't know till you sniff it and it is bad. This is just poor business. rip offs.

sounds like a scam to sell milk with no shelf life - you get it home and it's bad the next morning Does that mean you can open the bottle BEFORE YOU BUY IT? What does that mean if shoppers abuse it, take a sip and put it back? That has to be the most stupid thing for a government to do. Why not give those bottles of milk away to homeless, charities, food banks

This will be the Morrisons that's been taken over by a US private equity firm. There will be a lot more of these stunts to come. The cynical side of me thinks this is just so Morrisons and other supermarkets can sell crap close to its use by date and not give consumers a chance of knowing unless they stick a lot code or something on it.

I already ignore them, I probably wouldn't even notice! Great idea I’m sure there’s no widespread virus that stops people from being able to smell 'Bottles sold by the retailer will still carry 'best before' dates that will give an indication of when the milk will have the best taste' So people are still going to toss it out after that date, they're not going to make the distinction between 'use by' and 'best before'

Because people are obviously too lazy to read the article but still comment 🙄 I don't care how bad your sense of smell is, you will be able to smell milk that is rotten

Child of the 1970s here. If jam had mould on it, you simply scraped it off. (I expect this will shortly be official Brexit advice) Morrisons: Use the Sniff Test UK Food Standards Agency: Outrageous. What about those who don’t have a great sense of smell? By the time milk smells it’s too late and you’ve already drunk milk that’s gone off. Thank god I never shop at Morrisons and now I never will

Failing that revert to the does it look alright test🤣 Another Brexit benefit! Brexit Britain just keeps getting better and better, it like watching people retrogress in real time! You can’t sniff before you buy it What do people that don't have a great sense of smell do? Does anyone actually think these things through?

LeightonLord4 you’re doomed! Definitely will stop buying anything from Morrison if this is implemented.

Wow! Imagine the reduction in the weight of waste plastic if they leave printing the ‘use by’ date ! No modern ICE car needs a dipstick, but try designing it out.