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Environment, Extinction Rebellion

US philanthropists vow to raise millions for climate activists

US philanthropists vow to raise millions for climate activists


US philanthropists vow to raise millions for climate activists

Fund donates £500,000 to grassroots Extinction Rebellion and other groups, with promise of more to come

Neilson said the three founders were using their contacts among the global mega-rich to get “a hundred times” more in the weeks and months ahead. “This might be the single best chance we have to stop the greatest emergency we have ever faced,” he told the Guardian.

It offers tiers of funding to support different-sized groups, from teenage activists wanting money for leaflets and megaphones, to funding for salaries and offices for established groups in big cities. It has already committed some of the fund to support Extinction Rebellion groups in New York and Los Angeles.

He said the new fund would back non-violent legal action.“It will provide resources to grassroots activists who seek to disrupt in a non-violent way [and] to demand that governments declare a climate emergency and put in place policies to address this crisis.”

A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion welcomed the move, saying: “It’s a signal that we are coming to a tipping point. In the past, philanthropy has often been about personal interest, but now people are realising that we are all in this together and putting their money forward for our collective wellbeing.”

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Well, unless they use their vast personal wealth to directly lobby governments into actually doing something in the same way industry representatives can then I'm afraid this all looks like an exercise in greenwashing. Pays well to be an activist... Very well... If you want to see who the true philanthropists are, read the annual Giving USA report. What foundations and corporations give is a small percent of overall giving. The bulk of the money comes from everyday people.

Children sit down and shut up, hopefully you will live long enough to see the climiate change as we have...God will take care of us, not the thieves... Epstein is looking for new friends. I would just call them US billionaires DUMP the car in favor of a bus or bicycle. If you care then just do it. If not shut the fu. Driving to the protest is about as hypocritical as it gets. ClimateEmergency is not a joke.

If wild capitalism stays in place, we won't have any chance to reverse Global Warming. daphnewysham The elites stand to profit immensely from this hysteria. Many billionaires are asking USA to impose a Tax increase to the very rich. Instead of giving money to Government who doesn’t care about Earth’s health, they should pool money and donate it to worthy causes, just as Gates & Buffett and 12 other millionaires are doing

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Should be a good business for the money owners. Excellent because there are many on the other side like Rebekah Mercer, who remains on the board of a science museum MercerOffTheBoard AMNH Good. algore could use the money. Like the green movement is on already bought and paid for? Creating trash Do it through higher taxes

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