US millionaire Robert Durst found guilty of murder

US millionaire Robert Durst found guilty of murder

9/18/2021 3:09:00 AM

US millionaire Robert Durst found guilty of murder

Durst was convicted of killing his best friend Susan Berman in 2000, and is likely to die in prison.

Prosecutors called Robert Durst a 'narcissistic psychopath'US real estate heir Robert Durst, subject of HBO crime documentary The Jinx, has been convicted of killing his best friend Susan Berman.Durst was found guilty of killing Ms Berman in 2000 to stop her talking to police about his wife's disappearance.

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A jury in Los Angeles did not take long to deliberate before finding him guilty.In The Jinx's finale, Durst is heard muttering to himself: "What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course."Hours before this last episode aired,. Jurors were played the clip during the trial.

Prosecutors called Durst a "narcissistic psychopath". He will likely die in jail.At an earlier hearing, Durst's lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, objected to jurors also being shown clips from All the Good Things, a 2010 film about his marriage starring Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst.

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OK so this is reported by BBC News (UK). Why? What is this man to us? Can the BBC please take its American Gimp Ball out and focus on British journalism not dally in American trash? Pretty Please. Justice is served… Throw away the key Uhhh, can you put a SPOILER ALERT at the top of this one ?! Kinda ruining the final episode of The Jinx for anyone who hasn’t watched yet.

Fred Durst: So wait, he killed his neighbour, cut up his body and successfully claimed it was self defense? When you hear your name mentioned and they don’t know your stood 4 ft in front of them 👀 So many deaths in his past it seems Damn he's fallen far since his days as the lead singer of Limp Bizkit. Million and millionsaire but has made a mask from a hoover bag?

Real estate heir Robert Durst found guilty of murdering his friend Susan BermanProsecutors said multimillionaire killed friend because she planned to tell police what she knew about his wife’s death reminds me of the day Michael Jackson rolled up to court in his pajams URGENT🚨 Lori was rescued on the road with a large infected wound in Quito She is in a critical condition and in desperate need of surgery PLEASE DONATE WHAT YOU CAN TO SAVE LORI🙏🙏🔺

Jameskavanagh94 Hollie_geraghty Too late for justice… When you die remember to spit on his bones as you walk upward.

Robert Durst: Real estate heir convicted of murder after two decades in spotlightThe real estate heir became a national sensation after seeming to admit to his crimes in HBO’s ‘The Jinx’ GOOD NEWS

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