Up to six months before life 'returns to normal'

Up to six months before life 'returns to normal' says government

3/29/2020 7:08:00 PM

Up to six months before life 'returns to normal' says government

UK faces reviews of measures every three weeks for up to six months, says England's deputy chief medical officer.

Media captionDr Jenny Harries says social distancing measures will likely be in place for"three to six months"It could be up to six months before life in the UK returns to"normal", England's deputy chief medical officer has said.

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Speaking at the government's daily coronavirus briefing, Dr Jenny Harries added:"This is not to say we would be in complete lockdown for six months."But, she added,"We have to be really, really responsible and keep doing what we're all doing."

It comes as the number of deaths of people with coronavirus reached 1,228.Among those to have died with the virus is Amged El-Hawrani, a 55-year-old doctor and ear, nose and throat trainer at Queen's Hospital Burton. His death was confirmed shortly before the press briefing. An organ transplant consultant

Hospital consultant dies from Covid-19On what to expect in the near future, Dr Harries said the government would review the lockdown measures in three weeks.But she warned the public:"We must not then suddenly revert to our normal way of living. That would be quite dangerous."

To stop then would mean all their previous efforts would be"wasted and we could potentially see a second peak" in deaths, she said."So over time, probably over the next six months, we will have a three-week review."Image copyrightImage caption

Amged El-Hawrani, who worked at Queen's Hospital Burton, died on SaturdayMeanwhile, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said the UK was on"emergency footing" in a way"unprecedented" in peacetime.Giving an update on the measures in place to get equipment to frontline NHS staff, Mr Jenrick said:"We haven't done anything like this since the Second World War."

Mr Jenrick also provided more detail on how the government would shield the most vulnerable people in the country, after more than a million people in the UK were told to stay at home for 12 weeks. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

Can I suggest a consumer led bale out of the economy after the virus has gone. In 2008 with the money given to the bankers ahem! Every adult in the UK could have been given a one-off payment of £25,000. We can kick start the economy by spending. Come on Boris. Six months, I’m afraid, seems optimistic. Life can’t return to normal until we have a vaccine or about 80% of us have had it. I’m guessing that 6 months from now there will have _some_ relaxation as herd immunity increases and better treatment reduces the load

as long as it takes to save lives Some idiots won't last six days never mind SIXMONTHS. This just makes the government’s previous stances and wishy washy statements unfathomable. Instead they let the disease have a free run, when they could have put an end to it. And they were warned and sitting on information that told them this was going to happen. Bizarre.

That’s about right! September if we are lucky. And then what measures will be taken to stop these outbreaks including food hygiene standards in China. That’s the time the World should say no , we won’t accept trade until you stop these sick barbaric practises! Anybody notice that since the BoJo 🤡 and Cummings 👽have disappeared the briefings are getting much more realistic?

What determines everything is whether the medical experts can get the disease under control or cured. You could give or predict any estimated lock down periods but if the disease is spreading and killing you are still in the same position in 6 months 1 year or a decade. yet your live feed insinuates that it will be lockdown for 6 months, and then social distancing reduced, which is wrong. you have a responsibility to report the facts in this national crisis, please do your job.

Bollocks. They're using this fake man made virus to control us and condition the way we live. Fear is a beautiful manipulation tool. nationalpunchlinesdatabase Covid_19 CoronaUpdate coronavirus coronalied That is not what she said. I suggest people listen to it. Toilet paper better be back on the shelves by then 🙄

Not quite what she said It shouldn’t go back to this normal. This normal hasn’t worked. 😬🎃 Why does it feel like we are being spoken to by Betty Crocker? This woman changes her story everytime she opens her mouth. Listen to her reply, she never said that, the reporter got it wrong yet its still put out there to set panic in, shame on the media

Thank you BBC for continually digging your own hole 👍 BBCLookEast By which time economics will be in free fall, business, industry and commerce on the slide and the social fabric of nation and society fragmented It's curious to note that all the countries who rolled out 5G in the past 6 months have the highest fatalities and Russia despite Arctic cold weather has no fatalities well Russia said no to 5G unlike Italy!

She did not say that... more scaremongering 🤬 She said six months before things may return to normal, she didn’t say lock down for 6 months. Joe_Spurs No one can do this just look at other countries just over 3 weeks and people are back going every day life but and a big but 2 meter distance is still a must

toki017 Just enough time 2 cause the ultimate financial crash and for what a winter sniffle for the vast majority, yet the whole nation is in lock down! Why not focus all the attention on the small % who are at risk, helping them rather effecting the whole population long term? Covid_19 But people are listening to certain idiots, and thinks this will all be over in 2 weeks, it wont happen

It will be great achivement if it happens lol BBCLookEast Small price to pay for staying alive. BBCLookEast Economically it will be decades unless the government can get people back to work asap. danroan 'Up to 6 months ' or '6 months or more' Make your mind up! She didn’t actually say that tho did she ? Poor and incorrect headline!

Anhh🥺😷she has it! Calm down please do not listen to the news. If China can get back to some sort of normal by three months so can everyone else What on earth is the BBC up to. Is it trying to stir up public unrest? Totally over-the -top reporting of what was said in a measured news conference. BBCLookEast BBCWorld that's very sad not the sort of information the gp want going forward.

Jarvinhio Even though she didn't exactly say that!..... absolute disgrace....stop this crap now.... its helping nobody.... Please define “Normal “? As we are discovering each person has their own definition of what is normal BBCLookEast Then Brexit, then COVID-19 will get it's second run through, ...

We've blindly given our civil liberties away and we're going to have to fight to get them back. The UK's death rate represents 0.0016% of the population. Think people and get some perspective There will be no normal the government are in a dream world...the chance of keeping people in over summer is pretty low...for whatever reason!!

The sacrifice will come from those mentally ill both as a result of these measures and existing, abused children and partners who are now trapped and the detrimental effect this is going to have on pre-school children whose development will be neutered the longer this goes on Thanks for being genuine and informing doctor Jenny. We appreciate your stoic and incessant attention to this epidemic

MikeMinay Not being funny but when we found out about this why didn’t we shut our borders off straight away and get the English people ONLY back. This could have easily been minimised but they wait too long. 👏👏 This is the worse scenario but if everyone took the correct precautions it could be much sooner. Unfortunately people are still gathering unnecessarily, making “essential” journeys which require caravans & / or bicycles etc. This crisis has bought out the best & worse in people.

amyglobalkids It's gonna be fine in the next few months in terms of 'normal life'. It's gonna take another half year for complete extermination though. DJSHenderson Hopefully it changes completely and learns the lessons BBCLN Plenty of time off fix my car finally 👍🏻 Instead of the Government sending everyone a letter explaining what we already know, they should be sending everyone a Covid-19 antibody test kit, so all those who’ve had this virus, can get on with their lives instead of spending several months taking unnecessary precautions.

About 5:12 the the person doing the news interviewed someone one and they said that postal workers are non-essential so how are we supposed to get the letters from the Prime Minister BREAKING: The lockdownuk might go on for another 6 months to StopTheSpread & COVID19 infections. There’s not much we can do but we need to continue to 👉🏻SocialDistancing WashYourHands StayHome WorkFromHome if you can HelpEachOther HelpNHS HelpElderly BeCreative

The country will riot long before 6 months go by if you insist on locking us in our homes. Try it. The COVID-19 virus from China communist they want kill people on the world . Totally unsustainable. will separated families be allowed to take their share of the children? And will mechanics still be allowed to work for key workers.

Why are your clocks on the news an hour slow? Outsourced the PR to two poor junior expendables ! Shame - we are all on Zoom and the PM can’t even login to the wizardry So winter time then. Flu season.

Families borrowing to buy food a week into UK lockdownFood Foundation warns of crisis as YouGov poll reports 1.5m people worrying about hunger That’s a frekin hand to mouth disease Same LV because only thing left markets was expensive stuff I am making bullets

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UK wary of international market for ventilatorsThe UK is avoiding buying from middlemen as prices rocket amid feverish global trading conditions. We will need them with behaviour like this... Strange.... when our government is deliberately shutting down local companies that were just about to start making them at the governments request..... Knew it.

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