Universal Credit claimants may be able to get council tax reduction - are you eligible?

6/11/2020 12:48:00 PM

Universal Credit claimants may be able to get a discount on their council tax - this is how to apply

Universal Credit claimants may be able to get a discount on their council tax - this is how to apply

UNIVERSAL CREDIT claims have increased significantly in recent months, with the number of new claims during the coronavirus crisis estimated to have reached two million. Among the recipients of the benefit, some people may be able to apply for a reduction on their council tax bill.

Some billpayers may be able to get a discount on their council tax bill.has hit back at body shamers by sharing a workout video revealing she has been hitting the gym for five years to have the body shape she wants to have – not what society tells her to have.Air bridges between Britain and other countries are expected to be in place by the end of the month, according to travel bosses.As airlines gear up to start flying next month, the Foreign Office has modified its statement warning Brits against all non-essential travel.

There are a number of different forms in which this may manifest itself.For instance, adults who live alone, or in a household in which they are the only person who counts as an adult for council tax purposes, can apply for a discount of 25 percent.She explained: ‘Hey, so I’ve been working out consistently for the last five years.Meanwhile, some people may be able to get something that's called Council Tax Reduction.The policy, which started on Monday, is part of Government measures to guard against a second wave of coronavirus.READ MORE: Universal Credit UK: A council tax bill can be a significant amount when it comes to household bills (Image: GETTY) This used to be known as Council Tax Benefit and it may be something a person who is on a low income or who gets certain benefits is able to get.’ She added that people should focus on themselves rather than what someone else’s body looks like or what they are eating, as it is nobody’s business but their own."If you receive Universal Credit you may have to pay less in Council Tax, but you will need to apply for that separately," the government's Understanding Universal Credit guidance states.It comes as Portugal’s foreign minister confirmed that country is in discussions with the UK about “ air bridges ” so Brits can avoid being quarantined.

"You can start the process to apply for Council Tax Reduction on GOV.Lizzo shared videos of her intense workouts (Picture: @lizzo) ‘Health is also what happens on the inside, and a lot of y’all need to do a f**king cleanse for your insides.This could see travel between low-risk countries such as Portugal, Greece, Australia and France.UK."You can apply for a Council Tax Reduction straight away – you do not need to wait until your claim for Universal Credit has been approved or paid.’ Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Jefferson, has always championed body positivity for all shapes and sizes, as well as calling out those who shame others." DON'T MISS.He said: “The two sides are in close contact.

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Lizzo claps back at body shamers: ‘I’m not working out for your ideal body type''It's none of your f**king business, because I am beautiful, I am strong.'

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