Ukraine: What sanctions could be imposed on Russia?

What sanctions could be imposed on Russia?

1/27/2022 11:27:00 PM

What sanctions could be imposed on Russia?

Western diplomats are refusing to be explicit about specific penalties to keep the Kremlin guessing.

Moscow would have to bail out the banks and do what it could to avoid inflation rising and incomes falling.The West could restrict the export of key commodities to Russia.This would target not just Russia's defence and aerospace sectors, but whole swathes of its economy.

The West could make it illegal for countries and companies to buy oil from the big Russian energy giants such as Gazprom or Rosneft.Image caption,Nord Stream 2Individuals targetedAsset freezes and travel bans are the most likely options. But many such sanctions are already in force and have yet to change much Russian behaviour.

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Don't buy gas from Russia No 3 ply toilet paper from Costco? Not gas ... Seize their assets wherever possible Freeze all Russian accounts. Sanctin the USA instead If UK (distraction level 1000), impose sactions to Russia, UK freeze itself.... We could stop Russians from becoming Lords. As if Russia cares. The best sanction is if all Russians oust that tyrant called Putin.

Stop them buying property in the UK and also freeze their bank accounts In London.

Russia ‘will try everything to avoid’ war with Ukraine, says Russia defence expertThe US and Nato will “reject” Russia’s proposals, Fyodor Lukyanov, chairman of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, tells krishgm. Russia will respond with a “powerful force demonstration”, but not “war”, with Ukraine, he believes. krishgm USA and NATO? Why not just NATO? krishgm Is it possible to just remove the psychopath from the situation? krishgm The ordinary people of this world just want to live thier lives, go to work, raise their kids, watch a film, eat some decent food etc, etc...whether Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Irish, American, British, Chinese or Icelandic etc...WE DO NOT WANT FUCKING WAR -Sort it out now MEN

Nothing that will concern Putin and his mates witheir hidden bank accounts.Russian people however will suffer and hopefully take over. do that and few EU27 countries will get nuked back to the dark ages, we all know America doesn’t give a crap look at the way they left Afghanistan.

Britain will deploy army to defend Europe if Russia invades Ukraine, says Boris Johnson🗣️Britain will deploy troops to protect its allies in Europe if Russia invades Ukraine, Boris Johnson said as he predicted Vladimir Putin’s army would face “ferocious resistance” from Ukrainian freedom fighters Frickin warmongering barsteward.. Hope there not all pissed

What happens if Russia invades Ukraine? – podcastWith diplomatic talks at an apparent impasse, Vladimir Putin seems prepared to start a war. Andrew Roth reports from Moscow A ton of Russians die. What happens if NATO steps back from its territorial ambitions? Boycott Russia

Ukraine-Russia explained: A simple guide to what’s going onWestern powers are ramping up preparations for a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine You totally skate over Western involvement in the 2014 putsch that ousted an elected government. Easy man... PROPEGANDA

Macron calls for ‘de -escalation’ of tensions in Ukraine as threat from Russia loomsEMMANUEL MACRON has demanded a 'de -escalation' of tensions between Russia and Ukraine after the Kremlin moved 100,000 troops near to the border, despite denying it is planning an invasion. Like Russia cares what Macron says

Biden threatens Putin with personal sanctions if Russia invades UkraineUS makes preparations to avoid European gas crisis if flow from Russia is cut, while talks aimed at defusing tensions continue Putin needs to stay relevant. Do what is necessary to make him feel relevant. Good thinking POTUS When will US running out of sanctioning objects? US is desperate.