Ukraine war: Zelensky calls for 'just punishment' for Russia

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In an impassioned UN speech, the Ukrainian leader calls for the creation of a special war tribunal.

Creating a special tribunal would help hold Moscow to account for stealing territory and murdering thousands of people, Mr Zelensky said., a north-eastern city recently retaken from Russian forces during a sweeping Ukrainian counter-offensive.

The word "punishment" cropped up some 15 times in Mr Zelensky's speech, and was the first of his five non-negotiable conditions for peace. He also called for Ukrainian lives to be protected, and for the country's internationally-recognised borders to be respected. Sporting his signature green t-shirt, the Ukrainian leader thanked the 101 countries at the UN which voted to allow him to address the assembly in a video rather than in person.


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Ukrainians killing civilians again and again...

Does he have anything to wear other than green T Shirts ?

🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱. Change the record Boris

How about a ceasefire and start talking. Stop being controlled by Biden. America want the war to rage on.

If Ukraine are making gains in this ‘war’ why are you not showing any footage of it?

Ukraine triggered this war by wanting to join NATO Just cut them loose

No punishment for this cocaine snorting NATO puppet who has been shelling civilians in Donetsk for months not to mention a nuclear power station. And shelling 14000 of his own citizens since 2014.

It is Russian war in Ukraine!

& HIS war crimes 8 years murdering Ukrainian & Russians in Donbas, firing at a Nuclear Plant regardless of the dangers that exposes his ppl & allies 2 & WHERE has he spent our cash ? where r the weapon ? don't think we ALL accept 'Zelensky says' as proof of anything.

Looks like Russia-Ukraine war protocol working very well for Americans and English.

The Iranian people have been cut off from the internet while world leaders are meeting at the United Nations. Please be their voice elonmusk Golshifteh bbcpersian

Every Russian soldier who tortured anyone should be put in a dark room all alone with no food or water until they finally stop exciting.

And you obligate people to pay for this sort of rubbish war propaganda? (because it's not journalism)

Is it just me or does any other woman find zelensky hot?

What does this crackpot mean?

take him to the hospital already

Pourquoi le Président Ukrainien demande et insisté pour que les Russes soient sanctionnés domptés alors que L'Ukraine est entrain de gagner la guerre d'après les médias et les Politiciens Occidentaux!?

… +++ …

What's that supposed to mean, the annexation of the Murmansk penninsula? 😱

Russian people watch like sheep while Putin sends more young men to war to be killed 🤦‍♂️

Pandora papers: World calls for 'just punishment' for Zelensky

He must have laundered enough 💰 from the BidenCrimeFamilly to pay off their debt!

This guy has an awful lot of free time for the media and broadcasting himself from God knows where. Probably from his 14 million dollar mansion in Florida. Oh, and wear a new fucking shirt, will you?

Try pootine on war crimes, genocide and whatever else can be thrown at him. Pootine must be held accountable

stupid Zelenzky

We just plead for peace

2019 🤦‍♂️

Snowflake broadcast.


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