Ukraine war: Market hit as Russians shell frontline city Slovyansk

7/6/2022 3:51:00 AM

Ukraine war: Market hit as Russians shell frontline city Slovyansk

Ukraine war: Market hit as Russians shell frontline city Slovyansk

Russian artillery pounded the eastern city of Slovyansk and set a market on fire, Ukraine says.

Image caption, The Slovyansk mayor posted this photo of the market blaze Russian shelling set a central market ablaze in Ukraine's eastern city of Slovyansk, killing two people and injuring seven, a top official said.Oil And Gas Stocks Provide A Glimmer Of Light In A Dark Market By - Jul 05, 2022, 5:00 PM CDT The S&P 500 has just had its worse first half since 1970.Monday 4 July 2022 02:14, UK Image: Why you can trust Sky News Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will pledge that the UK will"do everything possible to ensure Ukraine wins the war and recovers".apply.

"I call on everyone: evacuate!" Donetsk governor Pavlo Kyrylenko tweeted.Mayor Vadym Lyakh said Slovyansk was being hit by Russian artillery salvoes from closer positions, as it became a frontline city.While the S&P 500 has dropped by 20% since the beginning of the year, the S&P 500 energy sub-index has risen by 29%.He posted photos of the blaze on Facebook, describing massive shelling, and urging people to stay in shelters.But attempts to rebuild the area are made more challenging by Russia's ability to hit the capital with missiles as the Kremlin's forces slowly advance in the east.Russia is seeking to control all of the eastern industrial Donbas area.S.The area comprises the regions of Luhansk and Donetsk, and President Vladimir Putin claims it to be part of Russia.“We look at the more complicated, complex and commercial aspect of fly-tipping,” area team manager Chris Chamberlain explains.

On Monday, Ukraine's military says it had to pull out of Lysychansk, its last remaining stronghold in Luhansk, under intense Russian fire.The S&P 500 ended H1 2022 with a 20.It will show Putin that his attempts to destroy Ukraine have only produced a stronger, more prosperous and more united nation," she is expected to say.It says its troops are now strengthening fortifications to defend areas it holds in Donetsk, including Slovyansk.The BBC has not been able to verify details of the latest attacks.A combination of factors caused the slump, including surging COVID-19 cases driven by the Omicron variant at the beginning of the year, followed by Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February, decades-high inflation, and aggressive interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve.In other developments: In Russian-occupied southern Ukraine grain is being sent for export to the Middle East from the Zaporizhzhia region, Russian media report.Yevgeny Balitsky, a Moscow-appointed official, told Tass news agency that agreements had been reached with buyers in Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia.2% in the year-to-date and stands out as the only sector in the green so far in the year.“It’s about linking cases as well, rather than dealing with them individually.

He said a deal with Iran involved supplying 150,000 tonnes of Ukrainian grain A Turkish presidential adviser, Ilnur Cevik, told the BBC that Turkey may sell the grain carried in a Russian ship it detained over the weekend, and hand the proceeds to Kyiv, if proven to be Ukrainian.The Zhibek Zholy is carrying 7,000 tonnes of grain and had left Berdyansk, a Ukrainian port seized by Russia The foreign ministers of Finland and Sweden launched the process for their countries to join Nato, at Nato's Brussels headquarters.One such bull is J.But the parliaments of all 30 members first have to ratify their accession, and Turkey is demanding the handover of more than 70 opposition exiles living in the Nordic countries.They are on a Turkish list of suspects with alleged "terrorist" links The Russian parliament's lower house, the Duma, has backed a draft law allowing for "special measures" in industry to support the Russian military in Ukraine.Morgan Chase, climb to a"stratospheric" $380/bbl if G7 nations succeed in imposing caps on the price of Russian oil and prompt Vladimir Putin to inflict retaliatory production cuts.The state would be able to enforce longer working hours and impose contracts on certain enterprises linked to what Russia calls its "special operation" in Ukraine.“Certain marks on the vehicles as well.

Image source,.However, such a drastic reduction would be bad news for oil consumers as it would push Brent crude prices to $380/bbl.

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Sono i vostri meriti. State a casa vostra e smettetela di fomentare guerre. Why don’t you print this? The 'petal' mines.Massive amount of them were spread by Ukrainians before they left Lisichansk.They do not kill, they just tear a leg or an arm off.Children often mistaken them with a toy.Uks generously spread them in flower beds, pavement & in the yards

Unbelievable cynicism! On Tuesday Donetsk was bombed all day by Ukrainian Army and not one word about it. Somany casualties, dead and wounded, 10 years old girl was killed. In order to follow government’s narrative and safe their overpaid jobs BBC is broadcasting disinformation. Time for Western powers to act now and to move troops into Ukraine to defend the territory of the democratic country against fascist Putin's thugs. PutinWarCriminal UkraineRussiaWar

I imagine Zelinsky still receiving his $720,000 annual income, while sitting on his $600-million wealth!!!’ A market was targeted yesterday this is insane and horrible Seriously, at this point, targets in Russia are viable. This war must end, not be fuelled.

Oil And Gas Stocks Provide A Glimmer Of Light In A Dark Market | OilPrice.comThough the market is reeling, oil and gas stocks are booming thanks to the rise in commodity prices fueled by the Ukraine war

UK to pledge to 'do everything possible to ensure Ukraine wins war'Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will tell the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Switzerland that the UK will support Ukraine for the 'long haul' and resist Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion. it's hard At the expense of your economy crumbling and Ukrain is MOST CORRUPT country in the world. With the illegal sites of viruses and other pathogens to harm the world. Keep giving them money like joey Brandon throwing America under the bus. A country not even part of NATO Not with my money. Not with my vote. We have enough problems of our own. Time to look after the people who vote for you look after them.

Behind the scenes with the serious environmental crime unit tackling 'big, bad and nasty' fly-tippingJust a short walk out the back of a motorway service station and onto a quiet footpath flanked by trees and nature, an ugly sight is revealed.

Ukraine war: Australian PM visits Kyiv, pledges more military aidAnthony Albanese visited the devastated towns of Bucha and Irpin, describing what he saw as a 'war crime'. Am I the only person wondering how the president of Ukraine has time to meet with all the politicians and celebyflying to a war zone for a photo op? WW3 the great proxy war So we are borrowing money for this? In addition to what was allready given?

Britain will lead the world in rebuilding war-ravaged Ukraine, vows Liz TrussBRITAIN will play a key role in rebuilding war-ravaged Ukraine, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is to pledge. It will coordinate plans and help raise cash from around the world. Funds from a summit hos… Awe ffs she couldn't build a lego house or a fking jigsaw....this clown 🤡 show will come to an end soon...and they will reap what they have sown. and she added…. ‘and let ours go to ratshit’!! Wasn’t there any international or diplomatic alternative solution to evade the war in Ukraine instead of leading the world in rebuilding as you put it war-ravaged Ukraine, when its citizens have fled the and are now desperately in other countries almost all over the world 🌎 🌍?

Ukraine war pushes Uniper, one of Europe's biggest utility companies, to the brinkUniper, which is Germany's biggest buyer of Russian gas, issued a profits warning last week, withdrew its financial forecasts for the year and said it was in talks with the German government about a possible bail-out. Natos war on Ukraine has sparked a spike in oil and gas prices and threatens to tip a number of European economies heavily dependent on Russian gas into recession. You need to stop hanging noodles on your ears. The economy is on the brink because the country's leadership decided to make money on the war. And ordinary people are tormented by listening to beautiful slogans about 'Help and Salvation.'