Ukraine war latest: Putin's warning for Russian mothers; amount Moscow has spent on invasion revealed; Kremlin's troops 'killed in large numbers'

11/25/2022 8:47:00 PM

President Vladimir Putin has warned Russian mothers not to trust everything they see on the internet; the amount Moscow has spent on the invasion so far in Ukraine revealed.

'These are the most intense open battles since the war began' Defence and security analyst Professor Michael Clarke provides insight into the 'ferocious fighting' in the Donbas, why hundreds of men are dying daily and new warnings of a 'nuclear disaster'

President Vladimir Putin has warned Russian mothers not to trust everything they see on the internet; the amount Moscow has spent on the invasion so far in Ukraine revealed.

Live reporting by Bhvishya Patel.This pub in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv was lit by candles on Thursday By Jaroslav Lukiv BBC News Ukraine has said that as much as 50% of the country's electricity needs are currently not being met, after massive Russian missile strikes this week.You will be billed 65 € per month after the trial ends What is included in my trial? During your trial you will have complete digital access to FT.23 November, 2022 Mr Zelensky’s comments about the strikes were echoed by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, who tweeted: “Massive bombardments took place today against Ukraine, leaving a large part of the country without water or electricity.

Updates from Alex Rossi in Ukraine and Diana Magnay in Moscow 16:58:00 Ukraine will need to make 'far-sighted decisions' in order to secure peace, Pope says Ukrainian leaders will need to make"far-sighted decisions" in order to secure peace, Pope Francis has said.In an open letter to mark the nine-month anniversary of the Russian invasion today, the pontiff praised the strength of Ukrainians in the face of the onslaught.President Volodymyr Zelensky said "the most difficult situation" with power as well as water supply was in 15 regions, including the capital Kyiv."The world has recognised a bold and strong people, a people that suffers and prays, cries and struggles, resists and hopes: A noble and martyred people," he wrote.Premium Digital includes access to our premier business column, Lex, as well as 15 curated newsletters covering key business themes with original, in-depth reporting.The pope went on to suggest that leaders in Ukraine would have to make concessions to end the war with Russia.There are fears that people across the country could die of hypothermia."On them lies the duty to govern the country in tragic times and to make far-sighted decisions for peace and to develop the economy during the destruction of so much vital infrastructure," he added.If follows Russia’s sustained pounding of the power grid and other vital sites of energy infrastructure with missiles and exploding drones for weeks.

Last week, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Ukraine was ready for peace, but only on its terms that would restore all occupied territory.Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko told BBC Ukrainian he was not ruling out a "worst scenario" where the city would be without electricity, heat and water.What happens at the end of my trial? If you do nothing, you will be auto-enrolled in our premium digital monthly subscription plan and retain complete access for 65 € per month.16:34:06 Putin tells mothers of Russian soldiers he 'shares their pain' Further to reports we brought you earlier on Vladimir Putin's meeting with more than a dozen mothers of Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine, we now have a bit more about what was said during the meeting.During the televised meeting with 17 women at his Novo Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow, Mr Putin said he understood the anxiety and concern of the soldiers' mothers."Water is slowly running."I would like you to know that, that I personally, and the whole leadership of the country - we share your pain," he said.You may also opt to downgrade to Standard Digital, a robust journalistic offering that fulfils many user’s needs."We understand that nothing can replace the loss of a son - especially for a mother.Several hours later, he added: "Finally, they [the authorities] have provided electricity - after more than 24 hours.He added that France had not forgotten Moldova, which has also been affected by water and electricity cuts.

We share this pain." The mothers listened to what appeared to be Mr Putin's introductory remarks but their comments to him were not immediately shown."I now have water today, and a weak connection.When can I cancel?.During the meeting, Mr Putin also said he had no regrets about launching what he calls Russia's"special military operation".He also praised Russian soldiers for defending what he called Novorossiya, which translates as"new Russia".'Hold on for 120 days' The Ukrainian authorities say they have set up across the country more than 4,000 "points of invincibility" - makeshift heated tents where people can charge their phones and have tea or coffee.16:14:23 NATO will help Ukraine for 'as long as it takes' NATO is determined to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia for"as long as it takes", the alliance's secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg has said.

Speaking to reporters ahead of a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Romania next week, Mr Stoltenberg said the alliance would help Ukraine transform its armed forces into a modern army up to western standards."The only thing they can still do is terrorise.He went on to say the support would help Ukraine move toward joining the alliance one day."NATO will continue to stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes.Meanwhile, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk told the BBC's World Tonight programme: "Terrorist Russia has started an energy war against us, it's aim is to create a massive humanitarian crisis.We will not back down," he said."Allies are providing unprecedented military support and I expect foreign ministers will also agree to step up non-lethal support." "Our people have to hold on for 120 days, because those are the winter days, the winter months and that is what Russia is aiming for.

" Mr Stoltenberg said members of the 30-nation security organisation have been delivering fuel, generators, medical supplies, winter equipment and drone-jamming devices - but more will be needed as winter closes in, particularly as Russia attacks Ukraine's energy infrastructure."At our meeting in Bucharest, I will call for more," he said." Ms Vereshchuk said parts of Ukraine - like the southern city of Kherson - were still under daily bombardment, and that the Ukrainian government had already started voluntary evacuations.The November 29-30 meeting in Bucharest is being held almost 15 years after NATO promised Ukraine and Georgia would one day become members of the organisation - a pledge that deeply angered Russia.15:53:07 Ukrainians use phone flashlights inside barber shop Footage shared by security expert in Ukraine, Maria Avdeeva, shows customers using the flashlights on their phones inside a barber shop.Ukraine and its Western allies have repeatedly said that by targeting critical civilian infrastructure Russia is committing war crimes - an accusation denied by Moscow.Ukraine's power grid and other critical infrastructure has been pounded by Russian strikes, causing blackouts and leaving millions without heat, power or water as temperatures plummet.

Officials estimate that around 50% of Ukraine's energy facilities have been damaged in the recent strikes.Replying to this, Ukrainian presidential aide Mykhailo Podolyak : "Calling for peace while launching missiles at peaceful cities - the highest degree of personality disorder.Earlier today, French foreign minister Catherine Colonna said her country would be sending 100 high-powered generators to Ukraine to help people get through the coming months.She said Russia was"weaponising" winter and plunging Ukraine's civilian population into hardship.15:33:10 Russian strikes on critical infrastructure a sign of Putin's 'desperation', Wallace says Russian strikes on critical infrastructure in Ukraine are a sign of Vladimir Putin's"desperation", defence secretary Ben Wallace has said.Speaking during a visit to a shipyard in Glasgow today, Mr Wallace said Ukrainians must"press the momentum to keep pushing Russia back".

He said:"On the civil front, they've got to protect that national infrastructure that Putin is deliberately targeting in the hope that he wrecks their economy and it means they struggle very greatly during the winter." He noted the illegality of targeting civilian infrastructure under international law, adding that"we're not going to let that type of bullying and brutality be successful".He continued:"Part of this targeting does show he's got a sense of desperation that his army is not being successful." Mr Wallace pointed to Moscow's recent withdrawal from Ukraine's southern port city of Kherson and also said it was"interesting" that a slew of Russian commanders have been fired.He added:"So I think to mask that Putin has been just trying to blow up people's infrastructure.

" 15:11:42 'Russia will become an oasis of light': Russian pundits share their thoughts on Ukraine crisis Pundits on Russian state television have been sharing their thoughts on the crisis in Ukraine as it enters its tenth month.Footage, shared by BBC journalist Francis Scarr shows panellists discussing the ongoing war and their predictions for the future.One pundit states that"a kind of collapse of the West" will take place at the end of 2023 or in 2024.They go on to say:"Ukraine will no longer exist in the form that we've got used to in the last 30 years." Elsewhere, another pundit states:"What we're all undergoing, I mean humanity and our country in particular, is called 'spiritual growth'".

While another person adds:"In 2025, Russia will become an oasis of light.Everyone will be striving to get here, but not everyone will have the chance." 14:50:20 German lawmakers to declare 1930s Ukraine famine a genocide German lawmakers want to declare the death by starvation of millions of Ukrainians in the 1930s under Soviet leader Josef Stalin, a genocide.In November 1932, Stalin dispatched police to seize all grain and livestock from newly collectivised Ukrainian farms, including the seed needed to plant the next crop.Millions of Ukrainians starved to death in the man-made famine, which is known as Holodomor.

A draft motion seen by Reuters describes the Soviet leadership's attempts to control and suppress farmers as well as Ukrainian culture and language through hunger and repression.It states that"from today's perspective" this"suggests a historical-political classification as genocide.The German Bundestag agrees with this classification".The draft will be debated and passed in the Bundestag lower house of parliament next week, according to German media reports.Romania, Ireland and Moldova are among the countries that have already declared the Holodomor to be a genocide.

14:28:39 Hospital patients being evacuated from Kherson, governor says We have been reporting today on the barrage of missiles that struck the recently liberated city of Kherson.The city was shelled 17 times before midday yesterday, and strikes continued into the evening, killing at least four people and injuring 10, according to Kherson's military administration.Scores of people were injured in the strikes that hit residential and commercial buildings, lighting some on fire, blowing ash into the air and littering the streets with shattered glass.The attacks wrought destruction on some residential neighbourhoods not previously hit in the war that has just entered its tenth month.Now, regional governor Yaroslav Yanushevych has said the authorities are"evacuating hospital patients from the area".

"Children undergoing treatment at the Kherson regional clinical hospital were transported to Mykolaiv.There, they will continue to receive all the necessary medical care," he wrote on Telegram.He also said patients at the Kherson regional psychiatric care facility were also being evacuated from the city.14:03:40 Kyiv resident uses generator at store to prepare food for child As Russian forces continue to target critical energy infrastructure in Ukraine, residents have been left facing power outages and a lack of water.Yesterday, Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko said about 70% of the Ukrainian capital was still without power.

In a Telegram statement he said that"power engineers are doing their best to get (electricity) back as soon as possible" and added that the water supply had been restored in about half of Kyiv on the left bank of the Dnipro River.The footage (below) shows one parent in Kyiv making use of a generator at a store in order to prepare food for his child.13:44:32 'Russians took the two most precious people from me': Woman loses both parents in Kherson attack Lilia Kristenko, 38, lost both her parents in yesterday's bombardment of Kherson.The couple had walked outside their home after drinking tea when the building was struck.Ms Kristenko's 62-year-old mother, Natalia, was killed instantly by a head injury.

Her father was clutching a wound to his stomach and screaming:"It hurts so much, I'm going to die." Their bereaved daughter described trying to call an ambulance but being unable to get phone network.Mr Kristenko was eventually taken by ambulance to hospital but died from internal bleeding during surgery."Russians took the two most precious people from me," Ms Kristenko said, clutching her cat inside her coat.Her mother's dead body had laid covered in a blanket in the doorway of her apartment for hours overnight as city workers were too overwhelmed to retrieve her.

Ms Kristenko watched as responders finally arrived to transport her mother to the morgue."They lived so well, they lived differently," she said."But they died in one day." In the aftermath of the attack, people sifted through the remains of destroyed houses and shops.Customers lined up outside a coffee shop where residents said four people had died in the attack.

"I don't even know what to say, it was unexpected," said Diana Samsonova, who works at the coffee shop, which remained open throughout Russia's occupation and has no plans to close despite the attacks.Due to your consent preferences, you’re not able to view this..

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If one off these reactors goes up Western Europe will no about it 😳

Ukraine war: Ukraine struggles to restore power after Russian strikesUkraine says 50% of the country's electricity needs are not being met, and water supplies are affected. Russian is evil because civilians are the biggest victims of those strikes. RT UkraineRussianWar sanctions are suicidal citizens for peace. media want more war BBCLondonNews CNN NATO and Zelensky profits of war FTXScam ftx NancyPelosi Не владу, а світло. У вас там з зором проблеми чи з головою?

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Ukraine hit by blackouts as fresh wave of Russian strikes target energy infrastructureMost of Ukraine was left in darkness, and some areas were without water, after a new barrage of Russian attacks

Zelenskyy vows Ukraine will withstand Russian attacks on power networks\n\t\t\tJournalists in 50+ countries follow the constant flow of money made and lost in oil & gas while\n\t\t\ttracking emerging trends and opportunities in the future of energy. Don’t miss our exclusive\n\t\t\tnewsletter, Energy Source.\n\t\t And we believe him😂😂😂 He sure is a clown 🤡

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