Ukraine war latest: Putin drives Mercedes across damaged Crimea bridge; as Ukraine shoots down Russian missiles

12/5/2022 10:30:00 PM

Russian President Vladimir Putin drove a vehicle across a bridge to Crimea that was damaged by a truck bomb in October. Read more here 👉

Russian President Vladimir Putin drove a vehicle across a bridge to Crimea that was damaged by a truck bomb in October. Read more here 👉

Russian President Vladimir Putin has driven across a crucial bridge in Crimea which was damaged earlier this year; most Russian missiles were destroyed by Ukraine's air defences on Monday, President Zelenskyy says; listen to the latest episode of Ukraine War Diaries as you scroll.

Live updates by Faith Ridler.Ukraine has delivered another devastating blow to Vladimir Putin by shooting down a state-of-the-art Russian helicopter on the eastern front line.A Kremlin spokesperson says Europeans should brace for high prices as the price cap, implemented by the European Union and other Western countries, will"completely destabilise" global energy markets.By Politics news editor, HuffPost UK 04/12/2022 08:36am GMT.

Updates from Deborah Haynes in Ukraine and Diana Magnay in Moscow 19:21:04 Disney Channel to be replaced by 'Solntse' in Russia Disney Channel will soon be replaced in Russia by a new children's TV station called"Solntse", its parent company Media1 said on Monday.Solntse, which means"sun" in Russian, will start broadcasting at 6am on 14 December and air films, animations and "all-Russian" TV shows, it said..It comes as Disney Channel, Russia's second highest rated children's TV station, is set to stop broadcasting after more than 12 years.The move prompted a rejection from the Kremlin and criticism from President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine, whose government wants the cap to be half as high."The content on Solntse varies but it all has one thing in common: it provides a charge of positive energy and, most importantly, it will always be warm and fun on Solntse," Media1 said.READ MORE: Russia 'is not finished and we have tons more weapons to use,' says top Putin chief The helicopter burst into flames, with thick smoke billowing into the sky, then nosedived toward the ground."Now the sun will be available to Russian viewers 365 days a year, at least on our channel," Ruben Oganesyan, the channel's general producer said.

Disney said in March that it was pausing all business in Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, including content and product licensing.The humiliating blow to Russia's forces comes as the top US intelligence chief Avril Haines predicted a "reduced tempo" in fighting over the winter months.92) a barrel.18:55:13 A stark glimpse of life in southern Ukraine This photograph was taken in Odesa, in the south of Ukraine, tonight after a barrage of Russian strikes on infrastructure facilities across the country.Blackouts have been a reality for those in the region for months, after Moscow began to target energy and water facilities in October.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.18:24:00 Renewed strikes are 'reminder of Putin's brutality' - White House The latest round of strikes on Ukraine are a reminder of Russian President Vladimir Putin's brutality, the White House said today.More on Russia.Dozens of missiles rained down on Ukraine on Monday, an apparent attempt by Russia to cripple the Ukrainian energy sector as winter sets in John Kirby, the White House national security spokesperson, also told reporters that an oil price cap will not have any long-term impact on global oil prices.However, Nataliya Gumenyuk, a spokesman for Ukraine’s Southern Defence Forces, warned that Russia is getting ready for a “massive attack” on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure.

17:50:21 Envelopes containing animal eyes sent to Ukraine's embassy in Madrid Spanish police have intercepted three envelopes containing animal eyes addressed to Ukraine's embassy in Madrid and its consulates in Barcelona and Malaga on Monday.Last week, Ukraine said a series of"bloody packages" were sent to its missions across Europe, soon after a letter bomb detonated at Ukraine's embassy in Spain.READ NOW:.Police had also defused explosives sent to, among others, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.The postal service's security staff detected the new envelopes during screening on Monday morning and alerted police, sources said.Officers found no explosive or flammable substances inside.

The Ukrainian embassy in Madrid had already received a package with animal eyes on Friday that the interior ministry said carried a foreign stamp.Evidence from that package shared with the postal service helped its staff detect the latest one, police insiders added.On Saturday, a source familiar with the investigation told the Reuters news agency the six letter bombs appeared to have been posted from the northern city of Valladolid.Ukrainian foreign ministry spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko confirmed the latest interceptions - and said there were now 21 known cases in which such threats had been sent to diplomatic missions in 12 countries.17:35:01 Crater left in wake of Russian strikes in southeast Inspectors were on the streets in the south-eastern region of Zaporizhzhia tonight, after a huge crater was left in the middle of a road by Russian strikes.

Renewed bombardment in recent hours killed at least two people and injured several others, including a one-year-old child.17:18:21 'Three' killed in strikes on Russian air bases - Kremlin Moscow has claimed that three of its military personnel were killed in what it alleged were Ukrainian drone attacks on two Russian air bases.Two aircraft were lightly damaged, the defence ministry said in a statement.Four other people were wounded, it alleged.The defence ministry highlighted that it had launched a strike on Ukraine's military and energy infrastructure on Monday.

Russia said this was"despite the attempts of the Kyiv regime to disrupt the combat work of Russian Long-Range Aviation with a terrorist act." Ukraine claims it shot down the majority of Russian missiles launched at towns and cities on Monday, another potential attempt to cripple power supplies as winter begins.However, Ukrainian authorities have claimed that the country's nationwide power system remains intact.It was added that energy facilities in three Ukrainian regions - Kyiv, Vinnytsia and Odesa - were hit and that some regions faced"emergency shutdowns" to"balance the system".17:10:34 Ukraine War Diaries: 'I didn't have electricity for 33 hours' After weeks of missile attacks on their power network, Kyiv residents have been forced to become ever more resourceful with their electricity and water supplies as winter hits.

Resident Ilyas Verdiev told the Ukraine War Diaries podcast that he didn't have electricity for over 33 hours."I can put my things outside and they get frozen at any time...This is the 21st century here in a European capital.

This is the winter we have to come through," he said.For more on Ilyas's story, tune into our latest episode of the Ukraine War Diaries - a weekly podcast following those living on Europe's new frontline, and those who have escaped it.16:55:01 Debris of Russian missile shot down in Kyiv region The remains of a Russian cruise missile which was shot down by the Ukrainian Air Defence Forces have been pictured.A police officer stands next to a part of the missile in the Kyiv region.Ukraine's air force command said it shot down over 60 of more than 70 missiles launched by Russia on Monday.

Ukrainian officials reported strikes across the country, including in Zaporizhzhia, the Kyiv region and Odesa.16:42:01 How winter conditions are impacting soldiers on the ground Retired Air Vice-Marshal Sean Bell provides military analysis on the impact of winter on frontline troops in Ukraine.Mr Bell said:"It's -20C in Ukraine and it's likely getting worse.That's pretty significant, two examples of how that impacts fighting on the ground.One is foliage, which is very obvious but the trees shed their leaves and bushes and so all of a sudden the cover that the trees provide is not there.

"The other challenge of course is clothing, -20C most of us have never experienced it other than when you're on winter operations, but it's really difficult just to survive."The West is providing a load of equipment to the Ukrainians but the Russian conscripts almost certainly don't have anything like that." "Winter is not stopping and the fighting is likely to get even more dangerous in the coming months," he said.16:19:01 'Every air raid siren brings anger', Ukrainian MP says A Ukrainian MP has described every air raid siren as"sickening" and said it brings her anger.Lesia Vasylenko tweeted: Every air raid brings anger.

Sickening and suffocating feelings.And determination to fight on." Air raid sirens were set off around Ukraine today as Russia launched a new wave of missile strikes.Kyiv residents were pictured underground in the city's metro station as officials urged civilians to take shelter.Due to your consent preferences, you’re not able to view this.


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Putin suffers fresh blow as Russian helicopter explodes mid-air in UkraineThe state-of-the-art Russian attack helicopter burst into flames and then nosedived towards the ground after being struck by a Ukrainian missile on the eastern front line

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Western countries implement Russian oil price cap as pressure over Ukraine mounts for President PutinA Kremlin spokesperson says Europeans should brace for high prices as the price cap, implemented by the European Union and other Western countries, will 'completely destabilise' global energy markets. Oooooh, that'll learn him! 🤡 Good. Something useful at last Translated. The stupid EU has just put the price of oil, petrol, ect up with another crazy decision. Living in complete fantasy world.

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Russian Support For Ukraine War 'Falling Significantly', Says British IntelligenceMinistry of Defence says data shows only 25% claim to support continuing the conflict.

Ukraine war: Two generations share bed after Russian strikesSofia lives in cramped conditions with her boyfriend and his mother after strikes destroyed their home. Such a shame my heart goes out to them.They do not deserve this at all. Thought it was all part of the nazi inbreeding program Postal? Teacher? Rail strikes?

Ukraine war: Oil prices rise as cap on Russian crude kicks inThe G7 nations and its allies have agreed to limit the price of Russian oil to $60 a barrel. Shouldn't our government be putting price caps on our fuel and food bills here instead? Sanctions & price caps on Russia increases costs for the British people as it's a strategy which allows Western companies to raise their prices as they now have a near monopoly? Shooting our selves in the foot

“Nobody really knows how Vladimir Putin will respond”—the risks of price-capping Russian oilToday on “The Intelligence”: a dicey move to cap Russian oil prices, a look inside Senegal’s football-training machine, and why deodorant is locked up in America P&I means Protection & Indemnity not Property & Indemnity Only the West doesn't know how Putin will respond. He's clearly said he won't sell to price cap countries. Bone headed. In 1999, NATO, with the support of the 'world community', carried out airstrikes on power plants in Serbia, which led to a blackout in the whole country for several weeks. This was proudly reported by Western media, including CNN and The Washington post.