Ukraine war latest: Brothers ‘helped Moscow’ with cafe strike that killed 55; two dead in Russia after shelling

Ukrainian security officials have accused two brothers of helping guide a missile strike that killed dozens of people in a village in Kharkiv. Meanwhile, a husband and wife have been killed in a Russian border region.

Germany’s refusal to certify the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and buy Russian gas does not make economic sense, Vladimir Putin has said.The Russian leader, who has been speaking at an energy conference in Moscow today, said he could not understand why Germany was still ready to buy Russian gas pumped via Ukraine but not to buy gas piped via Nord Stream 2.’It’s some kind of nonsense,’ he said.The Russian leader also claimed blasts that damaged the Nord Stream gas pipeline connecting Russia and Europe last year could not have been carried out without the backing of some government.During the conference, Mr Putin also hit out at the US and accused it of inflaming the Middle East by sending an aircraft carrier group to the region.He said: ‘I don’t really understand the point. Are they going to bomb Lebanon or what? Or have they decided to try to scare someone? ‘There are people there who are no longer afraid of anything. This is not the way to solve the problem. ‘Compromise solutions need to be looked for. Of course, such actions are inflaming the situation.’For context: The pipeline runs through the Baltic Sea, beginning near Narva Bay in the Ust-Luga area of the Kingisepp district in Russia’s Leningrad region.It makes landfall at Lubmin, a German town on the northern coast near Greifswald.It was completed in September 2021, but was never put into operation after Berlin shelved certification just days before Moscow sent its troops into Ukraine.In September last year, explosions made holes in both Nord Stream 1 pipelines and one of the Nord Stream 2 pipelines.Russia has previously blamed the US and Britain for the blasts but both countries have denied involvement.

Source: SkyNews