Ukraine volunteer 'hanging out' with pretty translator after wife leaves him

7/6/2022 12:36:00 PM

Ukraine volunteer 'hanging out' with pretty translator after wife leaves him

Ukraine volunteer 'hanging out' with pretty translator after wife leaves him

Former US Army staff sergeant James Vasquez, 47, arrived in Ukraine in early April to volunteer and despite his wife Tina saying she supported this, she mysteriously left him weeks later

A US Army veteran has returned to Ukraine to take on Vladimir Putin with the help of a pretty blonde translator he is "hanging out with".Mona Hammond has died aged 91 (Picture: AP/Getty) Former EastEnders star Mona Hammond has died aged 91, reports claim.By Deputy Political Editor of HuffPost UK.Image caption, Alex Belfield is on trial at Nottingham Crown Court A former BBC radio presenter has gone on trial accused of stalking eight people, including TV and radio presenter Jeremy Vine.

Former US Army staff sergeant James Vasquez, 47, sold everything he owned and returned to the war-torn country after finding out his wife had left him.He originally arrived in Ukraine in early April to fight against Putin's invaders.The Jamaican-British actress, who was born Mavis Chin, played Blossom Jackson in the BBC soap and made her first appearance in Albert Square in 1994.READ MORE: US veteran who fought in Ukraine left by wife and vows to sell house and return to war Vasquez was vocal on Twitter throughout his time in Ukraine, and after he returned he often stated that he felt bad about leaving his unit on the frontline.Late last month Vasquez, who served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, revealed he would sell everything and return to the action, but after a personal loss.The character of Blossom marked her second stint on the programme, having previously appeared as Michelle Fowler’s midwife in 1986."I know I’ve been radio silent for a while, mostly because we have had big losses in the past week and I feel helpless being home.Opening the case at Nottingham Crown Court, John McGuinness QC said Mr Vine was so worried "he thought he ought to take security advice for the protection of himself and his family".

My home goes on the market this weekend and as soon as I close I’ll be back in Ukraine the next day.Hammond enjoyed a lengthy career on the small screen (Picture: BBC) Hammond pictured with the Duchess of Cornwall (Picture: PA) In 1999, she portrayed Nan in the children’s TV series Pig-Heart Boy, based on a novel by Malorie Blackman."My men that I’ve lost this week hurts my heart," he tweeted on June 16.At the end of May, he revealed he and his wife would be separating.Hammond also appeared in the Doctor Who episode Rise of the Cybermen in 2006."My wife and I are separating.I’m selling my house and everything I own.One year later, in 2006 she was presented with the Edric Connor Inspiration Award – the Screen Nation Film and Television Awards’ highest UK honour.He was at the station on a one-year fixed term contract which began in spring 2010, but jurors were told this was not renewed, and Mr Belfield was taken off air before the end of the contract.

I’m returning to Ukraine to fight the rest of the war.Then after I’m rebuilding Ukraine," he wrote on Twitter.Had such fun working with her back in 1991.Now, he's been forced to deny that he is in a romantic tryst with a pretty blonde Ukrainian translator he has been "hanging out" with.Rumours started swirling about a romance when he tweeted yesterday (Tuesday, July 5), alongside a picture of himself and 'Kate' beaming, saying: "I’ve been hanging out with Kate and her gigantic 11 month old Great Dane for the last couple of days.R."She has been instrumental as far as being a translator and an amazing person.'Could never escape' Giving evidence, Ms Breen said Mr Belfield sent at least 4,000 emails either to her or in relation to her, and tagged her in "demeaning" tweets.

I’m surrounded by great people.P.Pretty amazing considering I just wanted to do the right thing." One person called it a "risqué post", while another added: "Dude, aren’t you married? 6 wks ago you were.Do they know that? And, why the shade to your wife by not correcting them (she’s in a vulnerable spot I’d think) or if it’s meant in that way why the shade to your wife like that…extremely not cool either way." To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up for one of our free newsletters here.He would always be there in my inbox and on my social media.

After many comments of a similar ilk, Vasquez responded, saying: "She’s a friend not a rebound.I don’t owe anyone an explanation.My wife left me.I came back from combat to boxes packed."Keep your opinion to yourself."She became aware that Mr Belfield was posting tweets about her," Mr McGuinness said.

Walk a mile in my shoes and then you are entitled to an opinion." Vasquez is the father of four adult children, with two sons and two step-sons.In March, his wife Tina told that she supported his decision to join the fight from the very beginning.However, two months later she left him, according to Vasquez."There was a wave of abuse directed by Mr Belfield towards Mr Vine," said Mr McGuinness.


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