Ukraine: Thousands continue to flee Russia to avoid fighting following mobilisation call-up

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The exodus from Russia in the wake of Vladimir Putin's call-up of 300,000 reservists continues, with people scrambling to escape to neighbouring countries

Russian couple Slava, 29, and Evgeniy, 35, left immediately after Mr Putin's declaration over the uncertainty they could be called to fight in the future."At the current stage we are not in demand - but we do not know what is going to happen tomorrow," Slava said.Relatives broke down in tears after the couple made the"difficult decision" to flee, leaving their dog behind with friends."On the other hand, life is essential.

Avoiding the draft is illegal in Russia. But conscripts can defer their service in some cases, including if they're medically unfit. The page has over 42,000 subscribers and was created over two years ago. However, it had posted just three times before today, all of them unrelated to the military. This could indicate that the channel may have recently been repurposed.

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Jesus, is that the best you can do? Seriously? BREAKING NEWS- SHOCK! HORROR!!! QUEUES REPORTED AT BORDER CROSSING!!!' Can you please try and do a bit of journalism again?

Cmon vlad sort the corrupt zelenski out💪

Looks like the lorry’s trying to get through Cala/Ireland due to Brexit

It seems the way they're all leaving Russia is better organized than Russian forces could ever be.🤔

As far as I am concerned, this could all be staged by the Russians themselves. Too many lies coming from that place.

This is the beginning of the end for Putin…

That looks like your average border crossing specially with all those semi's

Moms are angry

Iranians are sacrificing their children for the safety of the whole world. We will take down the most dangerous terrorist organization on Earth so we can live in a peaceful world. All citizens of the world join in to change the course of history together. IranProtests2022

Are all the lorry drivers being called up or what?

Honestly it looks more like a goods hold up at the border as vast majority are lorries.

FAKE NEWS, Like this from the 21st,

wasn't this nonsense debunked as fake news yesterday? Similar scenes at the Finnish border by your fav goto peeps the 'Official' fact checkers.

Putin’s a tit pass it on

Looks like Dover.

This video was taken 2 years ago during the pandemic 🤣😂

“On the road again; just can’t wait to get on the road again.”

They said….

'Oh what a lovely war'!

Zelensky has a alot of questions that need to be answered!! RussianArmy UkraineRussiaWar

Not gonna lie, it doesn't look like long lines, it looks like a single file average line to a border.

Did gullible SkyNews believers cry when they found out the GhostOfKiev wasn't real? FakeNews Propaganda

Don’t believe everything the western media brainwash u into thinking & seeing: it’s a con

Russians seem to be running now it's affected their lives. Typical

How many have joined SLY NEWS.

Why? Is Putin mobilising large trucks?

Bravo. Unfortunately the UK government will already be thinking of excuses not to let any of them seek sanctuary in Britain. Or perhaps they'll instigate a designed to fail system and client media will tell us how caring they are.

After the government’s success with rent-a-Ukrainian, should we not extend a safe haven to Russian women and children. Germany are thinking about it, and not just women and children


So many Russian families have huge trucks. Who knew!

12 million Ukrainians left Ukraine.

This must mean ordinary Russians do know what's going on but have decided to accept it until it affects them...

Are the draft dodgers stowed away in the back of the long haul trucks?

How many Ukrainian man escape from Ukrainian? How many Ukrainian run to England and live here for our money?

Still not as bad as London

The Democrats don't want us to see this because they started it with there weakness !

Huh, wonder what Canada would've thought if the rush to their border during the Vietnam War had been ... ANYWHERE near this extensive!? 🤔😉😃 Putin | Vietnam | Déjàvu | TimesTwo Russia | Ukraine | War

Stay and fight Putin instead of letting yr mothers endanger themselves protesting for their cowardly sons! This scenario just goes to show majority of Russians KNOW the UkraineRussiaWar is wrong but you failed to act until you were affected directly! Shame on Russian people!

The Russian people are against what putin is doing. So is this a personal war?

Humiliated in Ukraine now getting humiliated by his own people. The Kremlin’s probably a pretty shi*ty place to be at present.

I would open my home to Russians, it just shows how many of the Russian population are against this war, the people are not the problem

Radio Free Europe is not a reliable source. It's a propaganda pamphlet

It's a free and healthy purge for Russia. The scum is getting out voluntarily.

I note the cars in the queue are BMW , Mercs, Audi , Volvo - the upper middle class of Russia ! Where are the poorest Russians - clearly being left behind

Why don't Russians protest instead of just running away. Cowards.

Whoever are taking in Ukrainian refugees, perhaps they could put some Russian refugees in the other spare room. ?

Putin is mad and nobody in their right mind would support him.

Are they fleeing the fight or the war

Like rats scurrying away from a rotten sinking ship.

It's only reservists being called and most of them are turning up. This is Crimea There are videos like these all over the internet. From all over Russia. There are also interviews with ordinary citizens who say they are prepared to go to.

Sky, look: Odessa asks Russia for its release!! Russia defeated 35 fascist states. NATO in its entirety. 35 states! Propaganda! mercenaries, weapons, sanctions! Haha! The Russian strategy is amazing!!

I wouldn't send my kid to go kill someone..I'd hide way.

They are not so brave now... are they?...


Registered reservists ... Hmmm

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