Ukraine-Russia latest news: 'Terrifying' fireball strikes city; Russia 'will stop firing to allow humanitarian corridors'

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President Zelenskyy of Ukraine thanked neighbouring countries for helping to avoid a 'humanitarian crisis' and said he was hoping to welcome refugees home soon Latest updates: 📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube

, plus our teams in Poland and Moscow. Live reporting byThe Mariupol city council has warned that Russian forces are not adhering to an agreed ceasefire along the full route of the humanitarian corridor.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has confirmed the humanitarian corridors are in place to allow those in Mariupol and Volnovakha to flee.In an address, Mr Zelenskyy said:"We managed to get an agreement to provide assistance to those cities in Ukraine that are in the dire and worst situation, Mariupol and Volnovakha, to save children and women and older people. To provide medication and food to those who stay there in those places.

Mr Zelenskyy used his address to directly speak to the US, asking"what more is needed" to convince Joe Biden to implement a no-fly zone. He claimed 74% of Americans agree this is necessary. Additionally, he said others will leave by private car, and between 7,000 and 9,000 people could flee in total. Additionally, the team has ended its title sponsorship deal with Russian potash producer Uralkali, owned by Mazepin's father.

People are permitted to travel by car, but have been urged to carry extra passengers out of the city and stick to the outlined route.However, Mariupol city council said there will be"several stages" of evacuation over several days.The European Union has joined members of the Council of the Baltic Sea States in suspending Russia and Belarus from the Council's activities.


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If is

here is not fully translated his words! he said that if NATO does not give fighters or does not close the sky, Ukraine will consider NATO as helpers in the killings

By refusing to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine , NATO has betrayed you, Mr. President. May you not also be betrayed by some of your compatriots. Therefore, the coming days are crucial for a radical resolution of this conflict. May the Lord Jesus be you.

The UK Prime Minister said, 'Implementing a no fly zone over Ukraine will involve the shooting down of Russian Aircraft and that can be dangerous.'

NATO can’t put in a no fly zone. What would happen if something flew in the no fly zone? NATO would shoot it down then we would definitely be in WW3. Ukraine is not in NATO.

Formulate an alliance with Russia you will be well protected. N A T O is not for justice!

Beware this msn lies

He should be directing his attention to the UN!! NATO is for its members, like UN is for its members, or which Ukraine is apart... The UN has failed in keeping the peace here not NATO

The world is doing what it can without open hostility towards Russia it's not about history it's about the present and the future world war will make the matter worst think about that warmongers

More war? All-out war? Here's a better alternative:

Zelensky should stay off the white powder

Naturally he’s keen to pull NATO into the war so it’s members actively fight on his side. Who can blame him for expecting them to honour their promises. Unfortunately his naïveté is the undoing of his people.

Do you want world war 3 because that's what will happen.

He's right. The westerners think they are the only perfect people in the world. Just confusing the world with their hypocritic empty promises. And racists in disguise

No Fly zone? Then you to should stop causing the the trouble. You attract them but they must stand back while you try gather more country's to join EU?.. New world order of Satan.. you should be ashamed of yourself .. tell your people the truth about your pocket.. Rothschild..

Zelensky danced with the U.S. devil, and now the bill is due.

We don't want ww3 GOD will deal with Putin he may be clever today but is being watched by the almighty

Let Russia spread peace in Europe like America did in Muslim countries. Ameen.

God help and protect you and your country, no one else is!

At least he has come to his senses rather than being deceived by the so called NATO and US Democrats dirty politics .

He’s not wrong.

What an embarrassment for NATO and POTUS for not leading the fight against Terrorists Putin. There’s more to it that Biden is not willing to help. Is it because his slush fund got voted out when ZelenskyyUa became President. I’m guessing that it is IMO.

We don't know everything that is going on ....what is being discussed in private with leaders... All British people are being told to get out of Russia NOW! I can see both sides and pray to God the fighting stops. These poor and brave Ukraines have don't deserve it. 💔😢

He has just learned an important lesson. Don’t trust what white men tell you. They got all the Russian yachts, billions in the bank stolen and you really believed they would let you join NATO. Biden thought you were Iran. Then the racism? You lost the non whites. It’s politics.✝️

What did he think?


I’m sure calling them names by a non NATO member is going to make all the difference.

What a 🤡

He sounds exactly like Trump. Is anyone going to condemn this?

ironically Russia also signed the 1994 agreement and Ukraine should sue the UK and USA for not protecting Ukraine and sue Russia for being the aggressive and also breaking the 1994 agreement 😡😡2/2

The UK and USA broke the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances agreement they signed on 5th December 1994 to protect Ukraine 🇺🇦 from any acts of aggression on Ukraine as long as🇺🇦 gave up their nukes. Unbelievable of 🇺🇲 and 🇬🇧 and totally wrong.1/2

If the lives of Ukrainians were important to you, you would never risk their lives. Now you have started provoking, why would a world war break out? To put other people's lives at risk? stop acting.

They lied to you? 😥

Sorry, but involve NATO and you trigger WW3. It’s right that NATO do not get involved even though that’s tragic.

After seizing all these weapons what else does he want from NATO?

If NATO implements a no-fly zone even the Ukrainians that have run to the NATO countries for safety will not be happy because then there will be no place to hide fro security. That's means war with Russia. It wise then to contain the fire in one place and try to sort it out.

Why Zelenskyy is still alive?

I would agree with President Zelenskyy that NATO and the US are giving a green light for Russia to continue bombing Ukraine. We're afraid of getting involved? Really? Is that really the reason? News flash! We are already involved!

He wants a WW3

🖕 Zelenskyy

Literally, his asking to end the World as we know it ? Thanks BUT no thanks !

He was tricked by NATO

How I wish I could fly to assist in quelling this unprovoked and senseless invasion of Ukraine. NATO must do something before innocent Ukraine is wiped out .

Zelenskyy’s frustration is understandable but, as unbelievable as it sounds, direct NATO engagement could end in an even worse outcome for Ukraine. Putin’s depravity knows no depth. Ukraine

Would be surprised if he enters an alliance with his invader


NATO = CowardlyCountriesUnited.

It's high he resign and surrender

Yes please

While I agree, a LOT hinges on wading in, humanity on a global scale under threat. Getting to Putin and ending him is the answer....isn’t it ?

He didn’t know that?🙆🏿‍♂️

He needs to watch whatever says to the people that are trying to help him. Sounds kind of like the person he is going against

The man has a point. How many Ukrainians need to die before we act? 1 million...5...10?

If their so weak why all this while he's been chirping about joining them.

this clown is really itching for a world war, it's bad enough his comrades are becoming cannon fodder while he sits in a bunk, if not already extracted out of the country on day 1, but he actually wants the Europeans and the Americans to join the meat grinder.

...Or refuse to stop buying there oil.

It will cost him nothing if he agreed to the terms and conditions from the Russian government and stop this war!!! More lives will be lost due to his arrogance!!

Won’t want to join such a weak and lost organisation then will you Mr Zelensky

Putin thinks NATO is weak , I think it’s time he was shown differently call his bluff…..

We all understand where he’s coming from but a no fly zone brings WW3 with Nuclear Weapons Just Can’t Happen Unless We All Want To DIE

Sorry, but you should realise that what you are demanding would result in World War 3. It would not just be Russia, but other nations sympathetic to Putin. All NATO nations are supporting your country with aid in several ways. So, please, dont 'bite the hand that feeds you'.

Go fck russia over

...When you elect comedian as a president.

But create the no fly zone yo self, are you not the president of Ukraine?

ZelenskyyUa You sir are a very selfish and ungrateful Ukrainian. As a British tax payer, propping up Ukraine, I find your words insulting.

This parrot is a danger

Oh,so he doesn't need a weak NATO then ?

One need to be wise enough to make some drastic decisions specially when you are running a country. Your people come first. He could have avoided the war and negotiated with Russia. Now he wants the rest of us jump in to fight his war, if it happened there will be no winner.

This week Ukraine, next its Sweden and Finland - will sanctions hurt Putin

Weak NATO indeed. Malcolm X once asked them for assistance when lynchings, murders, segregation and other atrocities were happening to “blacks” in America, they declined that as well. Who is NATO?

Sadly he’s right

Weak, woke leaders 🤦🏽‍♂️

Neo Nazi


MSM playing these PROPAGANDA vids by former comedian UNCHALLENGED Can we have a Russian one for BALANCE ?

Too many politicians got money from Russia. TIME TO RETURN THE FAVOR BY DOING NOTHING.

President Zelenskyy is a WEF NWO puppet.

Strange demands 🤔


Ukraine is not a member of NATO. Russia is a nuclear-armed enemy run by a madman. Not going to happen.

Let him fight his own war then and leave the rest of Europe out of it

It's totally a SETUP. Putin is slaughter Biden is accomplice NATO is coward

❤️ respekt to Zelenskyy 🇺🇦

Hell of a comedian

Someone get those people free plane rides outa there for the time being. I'm sure the rest of the world can make room for them. Were all humans like brother like sister like father like mother like family.

What's gonna be achieved by supplying large amounts of weaponry to Ukraine besides a bloodbath?

This man is an actor, thinks he's cool as hell nothing else

Grown man advocates for nuclear war

Same guy…..

I see a puppet on strings

He begged nato and the eu for help and now he’s saying they are weak? Are peopel still saying he’s a hero I wonder? Also all this prophganda of him being in the front lines how has he not got a mark on him?

Now we know Zelen is ready to betray all of us defeating us in his interest

Zelensky is a full that wants to spark world war three, he should admit that he is wrong from the start, you can't be allied to two parties at the same time

He's not seeing the bigger picture, of nuclear devastation.

Stay safe … you are a hero❤️❤️👹❤️

🏴‍☠️ NATO is currently busy stealing 🇷🇺 citizens' assets and wealth.

As much as I like him and fully stand behind Ukraine, he must know that a no-fly zone would mean that NATO has to respond when Russian fighter jets violate this no-fly zone. That means: NATO is aktively involved as a party in this war. And we all know what the consequences are...

He should’ve been stronger trying to get the Ukraine into NATO rather than worrying about what Putin thought about it. If NATO does as he is asking then NATO would be at war with Russia. That’s a big no no at this moment in time!

This is him finding out how politics in the west actually works, in the worst way possible too.

100% true - need to act now

To save lives (namely his own) he pushes for something that could kill millions of families in a flash or white light. CONTEXT

Putin winning on all sides, Zelensky blaming NATO for Ukrainian deaths must be music to his ears. WW3 must be avoided but Putin is laughing at the soft response from NATO counties..

He's right, Nato won't stand up to Putin. He invaded Crimea, nothing was done. He killed people in Britain with nerve agents, nothing was done. He violates airspace and waters, nothing gets done. Putin will do what he wants and Nato will not stand in his way.

This comedian wants WW3 for what? Really! He must just accept he lost make agreements with Russia.

It’s sad because Zelenskyy is so desperate for help from NATO which I totally get, but to do so would put us on a path to a very catastrophic WW3. I get Ukraine is burning but we can’t risk devastation for the whole of Europe for one country.

After all these death and displacement, you finally realise that NATO is weak? The media and the West have encouraged your bravery to continue in a war (onslaught) you were never going to win and now you're left naked in the cold. What then justifies the deaths and displacements?

Rate my boobs ☺️

I fear Ukraine will fall sooner rather than later.

This is a very big insults to westerners or NATO, this UKRAINE 🇺🇦 president do not no his limits and been insulting US and UN

Ukraine is not a NATO country! And that’s what’s started this in the first place…

Did he really think he will bring bombs of Alliances to the border of Russia and will get away with it? Bcoz of his ego Ukraine is burning he should have silently agreed to what putin offered/said

So why join nato? Tell Putin you got no ambition to join. Strike deal. End war. Save lives. Why call for more killing?!

Most countries would do the same in his position. Russia doing enough to ensure invasion but not crossing a line that warrants a retaliation...yet

to help with the evacuation of Ukraine, there are redundant Cruise ships in the Mediterranean that are fully equipped with medical facilities and kitchens. Odessa is big enough for them. 5000 people per ship ?

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