Ukraine news live: Putin 'sacks two senior commanders' over performance; Russia uses 'laser weapons'

The 43rd president of the United States says he spoke to Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently and calls him a 'cool little guy... the Churchill of the 21st century.' Latest on Ukraine:

5/19/2022 9:22:00 AM

The 43rd president of the United States says he spoke to Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently and calls him a 'cool little guy... the Churchill of the 21st century.' Latest on Ukraine:

Ukraine latest as more fighters are evacuated from Azovstal in Mariupol; UK intelligence suggests Vladimir Putin has sacked two commanders over their performance as Russia's military struggles with a 'cover-up' culture; fears over world food security amid plea for Putin to open ports.

It said an explosive device was detonated directly under a carriage transporting servicemen. Melitopol is a city that lies in the region of Zaporizhzhia and in a belt of southern Ukrainian land that was occupied by Russian forces after they invaded. 

Antonio Guterres was speaking at a meeting of world leaders that was held to discuss the escalating food security crisis.However, he added that he is in"intense contact" with Russia and other key countries in the hope of an agreement to allow the export of grain stored in Ukrainian ports and to give Russian food and fertiliser unrestricted access to world markets. 

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Mystery fire strikes Russia again fuelling claims Ukraine is sabotaging Putin at homeA MYSTERIOUS FIRE has broken out at a Russian chemical plant, fuelling speculation Ukraine is targeting infrastructure in Russia.

Ukraine news live: Putin warns of 'irreversible consequences' for Europe; 'surrendered' soldiers seen leaving steelworksUkraine latest as Sweden and Finland inch closer to NATO membership amid an apparent Kremlin climbdown; Ukrainian soldiers surrender after months of resistance at Mariupol steel plant; peace talks stalled as Russia says Ukraine has withdrawn from negotiations. As Russia has a weak military, the only way they will defend themselves is with nuclear war or threat of, this could happen from any country on there borders Why is Sky News giving the words of an International War Criminal time and space? We know all we need to know about Czar Vladdy, thnx. Watch us Vlad!😂

Is Putin involved in strategic battlefield decisions in Ukraine invasion?Analysis: western military planners believe Russian president is operating at ‘level of a colonel or brigadier’ amid push into Donbas His particular road to Hell awaits... Sure he is. Hitler was. He didn't know anything either. Why is Putin holding an American designed rifle in that picture?

Ukraine news live: Putin has 'resourcing problems'; Turkey vows to block Sweden NATO bidVeteran British Army tank commander Justin Crump talks through the surrender of Mariupol. He says the Russians have deployed a 'signature piece of equipment', called a BMPT, which is a tank support vehicle, and suggests they 'expect heavy fighting'. Very useful, remember all the American war movies of 80s and 90s portraying Vietnamese as the bad guys. We all love and admire you Mr Zelensky. Keep safe. Priorities I see

We were once pro-Russian ... but now we’ve switched sides to defend Ukraine against Vladimir PutinSergeant Igor Levistsky was 33 when he was killed by a Russian rocket last week, and his funeral in his home town of Slavyansk was attended by large numbers of locals and fellow soldiers RIP ♥️💔 Solidarity with Ukraine One of the greatest tragedies of this idiotic invasion is that Ukrainians will distrust and detest the nation of Russia for generations. And, they have to be neighbors. Absolute heroes! Ukraine will prevail! SlavaUkraini StopPutinNOW nexta_tv

Putin blasted for ‘weaponizing’ world food supplies amid Ukraine war - 'Deliberate policy'VLADIMIR PUTIN has been blasted by Western officials for 'weaponizing' world food supplies.