Ukraine news live: Kremlin troops have likely captured most of the town of Lyman in Donbas; Agreement with Russia cannot be trusted, Zelenskyy adviser says

'Russia's approach to this battle is brutal and medieval'. Retired Air Vice Marshal Sean Bell continues saying Russian troops are not using guided munitions and they're 'pounding their enemy to destruction'. 📺 Sky 501, Freeview 233 and YouTube

5/28/2022 12:43:00 PM

'Russia's approach to this battle is brutal and medieval'. Retired Air Vice Marshal Sean Bell continues saying Russian troops are not using guided munitions and they're 'pounding their enemy to destruction'. 📺 Sky 501, Freeview 233 and YouTube

Ukraine latest amid reports the US is preparing to send long-range missile systems despite fears of escalation; Kyiv warns a Russian victory would trigger a third world war; Putin's beleaguered army is reportedly being forced to take 50-year-old tanks out of deep storage.

Now, Russia's defence ministry has said that the Ukrainian town of Lyman has fallen under the full control of Russian and Russian-backed forces in eastern Ukraine. Ship enters Mariupol port for the first time since Russian forces captured region - reports

"Looting in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine continues," she wrote on the Telegram messaging app. 09:53:51Earlier today, the governor of Ukraine's Luhansk region, Serhiy Gaidai, said that there were some 10,000 Russian troops in the eastern region. 

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They are using guided munitions, it's nonsense to keep repeating that myth. They regularly take out specific targets on battlefields and all across Ukraine. That's war for you. We need to have a hard think about NATO as if we are serious about fighting Russia then we need to be willing to throw away soldiers as wilfully as Russia and slaughter civillians as easily as Russia does. Are we willing to do that or no?

What reescalation is he talking of ? There is nothing left to reescalate. The war is going on in full swing, so fight those ruzzian mongoloids to the end. Putin has to be busted like Bin Laden or Hitler. Nuke Russia period

Russia-Ukraine war latest: two Russian soldiers plead guilty to war crimes in eastern Ukraine – liveThe pair were involved in shelling that destroyed an educational establishment in the town of Derhachi, prosecutors said Putin No chance of Ukrainians being done for war crimes.

Russia-Ukraine latest news: Moscow pursues \u0027obvious policy of genocide\u0027 in Donbas\nVolodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, has accused Moscow of pursuing an 'obvious policy of genocide' in the Donbas, after failing to take the capital Kyiv. Follow the latest updates in our live blog 👇 They withdrew from Kiev, they didn't try to take it, and genocide 😅 the people of Donbas asked to be liberated! Zelenskyy, always the entertainer Ukraine instantly needs everything including long-range missiles and heavy weapons. Western coalitions, Nato, and Baltic nations pent up the war without spillover invasion. Unity is strength! For whom the bell tolls, let Crimean Bridge fall, and it goes down with sunset. Defeat!

Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 93 of the invasionFresh strikes in Kharkiv kill nine civilians as Ukrainian officials admit Russia has the ‘upper hand’ in fighting in the country’s east EU is funding genocide

Russia-Ukraine war: Donbas will stay Ukrainian, vows Zelenskiy, as fighting rages in east – live updatesUkrainian president says invaders have ‘concentrated maximum artillery’ on Donbas where Russian forces have almost encircled key city of Sievierodonetsk Guys rate my nude photos) Zelensky: China has chosen the policy of staying away from the Russian-Ukrainian war & Ukraine is currently satisfied with this policy. ( Davos May 25) is Zelenskiy still alive ? What a way of caring about Unkraine people,,,, shame on him

Russia readies SIXTY-YEAR-OLD tanks for possible use in Ukraine|The Land Forces of Ukraine estimate more than 1,300 of Russia's tanks have been destroyed or heavily damaged since the invasion began on February 24

Russia is guilty of inciting genocide in Ukraine, expert report concludesReport by 30 internationally recognised scholars finds ‘reasonable grounds to conclude’ Moscow in breach of Geneva Convention Experts who can’t read the definition of genocide obviously. Are Russian Army is murdered every single Ukrainian? Of course not. So they are not targeted as the group. No genocide. Next time find the real expert and not your mom. ' I actually think the propaganda surrounding the Ukraine crisis isn’t very sophisticated. It’s so blatantly crude & hamfisted that it couldn’t win the information war without ceaseless repetition and censoring Russian media' Josh. When did the guardian become the telegraph? Stop spouting shite