Ukraine news live: Erdogan tells NATO chief he won't support Sweden and Finland joining NATO without their support in fight against terrorism; Biden signs $40bn aid bill for Ukraine;

Defence and security analyst Professor Michael Clarke says Russia has now got a land bridge from the Donbas through to Crimea. Latest on Ukraine:

5/21/2022 8:30:00 PM

Defence and security analyst Professor Michael Clarke says Russia has now got a land bridge from the Donbas through to Crimea. Latest on Ukraine:

Ukraine latest as the US president signs a bill promising more aid; The UK MOD says Russia's high drone loss rate could compromise its effectiveness; Countries stage a walk out at APEC to protest against the war; and Russia stops its gas flowing to Finland.

Germany has set a date for when it expects to send tanks to Ukraine.Ukraine War Diaries - War toys, home invasions and crowd-funding a helicopterAnd Seva receives a letter of gratitude from the front line after using online crowd funding to secure vital military equipment.

Zelenskyy wants Ukraine to have EU candidate statusRussia's ambassador to the United Nations has claimed that Ukraine could be paying for Western weapons with supplies of grain.Erdogan tells NATO chief Turkey wants support to back bids from Sweden and Finland

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Lewis Hamilton says 'older voices' shouldn't be given a platform following Nelson Piquet's comments

The seven-time F1 champion was reacting to comments made last year by three-time champion Nelson Piquet referring to Hamilton by a racial term. Read more >>

Ukraine have been smashed Dragging it out now Send in the dogs

Russia blocks ALL energy going to Finland after it applied to NatoRussian energy giant Gazprom said it had 'completely stopped gas deliveries' as it had not received ruble payments from Finland's state-owned energy company Gasum Nah... like Poland and Bulgaria they refused to pay their bill. So all 3 have been cut off. Pay your bills simple No, it's after Finland refused to pay for the deliveries in rubles. No rubble no gas

Ukraine war: Moldova should be 'equipped to NATO standard' to guard against Russia, says Liz TrussThe UK's foreign secretary says the aim is to ensure Ukraine is 'permanently able to defend itself', and this also applies to other 'vulnerable states' such as Moldova, which is not a NATO member. Yeah, and brits should be free to go fight there. Right lizzy? She has a point due to Moldova location and size. If Putin troops reach Moldova and size it quickly,Putin would have another front to attack western Ukraine. But,might be better to keep equipping Ukraine to push Putin troops back to Russia.

Russia halts gas supplies to FinlandThe news comes after Finland said it would not pay for supplies in roubles amid an announcement from the country that it was applying for Nato membership

Russia-Ukraine war: Moscow declares victory in battle for Mariupol steel plant; Russia halts gas supplies to Finland – liveMoscow claims victory in months-long operation to capture Azovstal steelworks; Russia’s Gazprom halts gas exports to Finland Guys rate my nude photos) 👇🏼😇👇🏼 Good and good ,and people are saying russia is losing 😂😂👍

Russia-Ukraine latest news: Several dead after Russian missiles hit Chernihiv region\n\n🔴Several people have been killed in Ukraine's Chernihiv region, north of Kyiv, after the village of Desna was struck by Russian missiles on Thursday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Follow our live updates ⬇️ 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😭

Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 87 of the invasionLast group of Ukrainian soldiers in Azovstal steelworks surrendered, Russia’s defence ministry said late Friday The abridged version = The Russian Army is Wank US general POW in Ukraine... The NATO rats are out of their Mariupol tunnels.