Ukraine: More than 1,300 arrested after Putin's mobilisation announcement sparks protests across Russia

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Crowds took to the streets of the Russian capital after the Kremlin announced 300,000 reserves would be called up to continue its invasion of Ukraine

Russians have faced the prospect of being detained for attending an anti-government rally for years - but they have also been silenced by military censorship since the invasion began on 24 February.

Thousands joined ant-war protests at the start of the conflict - in spite of potential consequences, including losing their jobs and even being jailed - but now many are too fearful to speak out.Footage of the scuffles showed multiple uniformed officers surrounding individual protesters. One woman was seen being escorted away as she tried to stop police detaining another male demonstrator.Image:However, some among the older generations have been convinced mobilisation is necessary, Magnay said.

Mr Putin addressed the nation this morning for the first time since sending troops into battle in February, in what Russia has described as a"special military operation".


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The peoples will is against this throwback to the cold war protagonist

How long before trussliz does same in UK With r depleted armed forces?

I do hope they weren't too loud or likely to annoy. Oh, sorry, this is Russia and not the UK.

The life of a soldier is always difficult and the fear of dying is in us all. But to die with honor and dignity's s Blessing Dying with your body sick and ravaged by disease is a horrible way to depart. Kidney Failure is cruel and extremely painful. Nevertheless, many are dying.

Ukraine were about to force conscript women a couple of weeks ago... They pulled the law last minute (I think thank goodness, although many would say it's equality) Things are not as they appear on MSM.

There is always a saturation point that is reached with everything in life.

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